A Mirror Problem – The Flash S3 E05 Review.

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


I’ve been a big fan of The Flash so far this season, so many interesting turns and twists. I’m very excited to see what happens with the big bad but for now, lets focus on this weeks episode.

As per, I’ll go through some points and stuff.

Barry gets stuck in a mirror:

This weeks villain was Mirror Master, he has the ability to travel through anything with a reflective surface. Pretty cool if you as me. In there first encounter, Mirror Master throws Barry in to a mirror and he gets stuck. I enjoyed the little novelty where in these mirror worlds people talk backwards so they needed this recording advice that they just had on hand. It was a pretty cool effect and didn’t tear you out of the episode. To get him out though, they had to make the glass really cold so Barry could faze out, however, there machine didn’t make the glass cold enough. Until….

Caitlin gets frosty:

 When everyone leaves the room, Caitlin stands behind the mirror and uses her ice powers to freeze over the mirror and Barry is able to faze out. Nobody knew it was her but Harry and Cisco have their suspicions. Also, at the end of the episode Caitlin is in the shower and everything freezes over around her, maybe she is loosing control of her powers a little bit? In the next two episodes everybody will know about Caitlin and unless she goes bad, nobody will really care.I also wonder if this is Dr. Alchemy’s doing? Maybe she’s getting these powers because of him.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • The relationship stuff between Barry, Iris and Joe was quite funny, I enjoyed the awkwardness a lot.
  • The Wally and Jesse moment was a bit odd, he was scared to kiss her because she’s leaving and then they hook up, and she still leaves. what?
  • I’m sad to see Harry and Jesse leave and go back to Earth 2 but we have our new Harrison Wells, who looks absolutely hilarious.

Overall, a solid episode really.

Episode rating: 7.5/10

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Run Jesse, Run – The Flash S03 E03 Review.

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


Season three of The Flash has started pretty quickly (puns are great) and things are getting very interesting and continue to do so this episode.

Lets go through some moments and stuff. Things. Cool.

Wells and Jesse return:

A breach opens towards the start of the episode and we quickly (I’m going to keep doing that) see that Harrison Wells is back and he has a problem; his daughter Jesse is also a speedster now. If you’ve seen all The Flash you’ll remember Jesse and Wally getting hit by dark matter and that combined with a near death incident, procked Jesse’s powers. Originally, Wells needs the help of team Flash to get them to quickly (that’s three) persuade Jesse to not become a superhero. However, after many of their standard father daughter arguments, Wells decides that he has to let her be who she wants to be and he has to support her down that path. These two have a great on-screen chemistry but I wish they wouldn’t make them argue all the time just for some soap style drama.


The villain of this week is someone called Magenta who we learn existed in Flashpoint and Dr. Alchemy has given her back her powers from that timeline. Team Flash have to quickly (is this annoying? But that’s four) work out what’s going on and they figure out that Magenta is another personality of a foster girl called Frankie. The last fight ends with Barry just giving her a sixty second talking to and Frankie basically forces Magenta out of her mind. Mind you, that big flying boat thing looked pretty good. TV cgi is getting a lot better. Anyway, the character was fine but it just felt a little generic.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • Can Wally quickly (this one is forced but it’s very funny right? RIGHT?!) stop being an idiot about not having powers and just grow up. Idiot.
  • Julian Albert is now my favourite character, the accent, the burns on Barry, everything he does is great.
  • Is it just me or is Barry just openly using he speed a lot of the time? Like, in front of people. I know he’s done it before but it’s more obvious this year. Especially when he saves Julian from Magenta. I’m not a fan of that.

Overall, this episode was okay. A lot of it was generic but I still think this show is great.

Episode rating: 7/10

Thanks for reading this quickly guys (total of six),


What Are DC Movies Doing Wrong?

First three DCEU movies gross income.

Man of Steel Gross income: $668,045,518

Batman V Superman gross income: $873,260,194

Suicide Squad gross income: $742,845,679
Compare this to the first three MCU movies.

Iron Man gross income: $585,174,22

The Incredible Hulk gross income: $263,427,551

Iron Man 2 gross income: $623,933,331


So why are people wanting another DC reboot when the first three movies in their universe have made a lot more money than the first three Marvel movies.

You can’t exactly say that the first three MCU movies are any better because The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 suck.

So what  is going wrong with this DCEU?

Lets take a look through some of the major points.

The movies are too dark:

Critics and people in general are bashing these DCEU movies for being too dark and not for families anymore. This is probably true, one of my friends made me realise that most of Man of Steel is grey and lacking in light. BvS has the same problem, almost the entire movie is during the night which gives the movie a very dull tone. Suicide Squad is better with the lightness but again, most of the movie is set at night. How can DC expect kids to keep buying their actions figures and comics if their movies are so dark, unfunny and kind of boring.

Comparatively, the MCU movies are largely set in the daytime and have lots of comedy with interesting and vibrant characters.

When people are watching a movie, specifically a superhero movie, people need to be constantly engaged with what’s happening on screen and having lots of colours keep things interesting.

The movies aren’t funny:

I’m sat here trying to remember a moment I found funny from Man of Steel but I can’t. The movie is fine but it isn’t funny in any way and isn’t supposed to be. BvS has a couple of amusing moments but that movie is a mess which is unforgivable. Suicide Squad is very funny in parts but sometimes I think it tries too hard to differ from it’s predecessors. If you’re going to pick a tone DC, stick to it!

The MCU movies have found the perfect balance between comedy and action. Therefore, it’s not surprising at all that critics love them and so do every day people.

Superhero movies are a bit silly and you need to embrace that and that’s what Marvel do. DC try and go against superhero tropes all time and it looks like that doesn’t work.


Warner Bros and DC messed this up right at the start by saying the DCEU movies are going to be ‘darker and grittier than the Marvel movies’. Why? Why wouldn’t you take influence from a universe that’s massively successful?

I’m not a Marvel fanboy, well I am but I also love DC. Just look at my page, I review mainly DC stuff. I really want these DCEU movies to be amazing and they have to smash one and hit one billion dollars soon enough. I can’t see that being Wonder Woman because I don’t the filming for that started around BvS time so they wouldn’t have learnt from their mistakes because they didn’t exist yet. After seeing the Justice League trailer, I think that could be it. It looks funny, action packed and interesting. If the movie is even somewhat decent it will hit one billion dollars, I guarantee that.

Thanks guys and remember that this is just my opinion,

you don’t have to agree,



Just like pudding – The Flash S3 E2 Review.

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


What an amazing episode of the Flash that was. This season has began with high form, I’m really enjoying it.

Lets go through a few of the best moments from the episode.

Barry goes to Felicity for help:

After realising that more has changed than he thought, Barry runs to Star City to see if everything is okay there. He meets Felicity and tells her about everything, from Iris and Joe not talking, to Cisco hating Barry and then he finds out that Diggle’s baby has changed gender(okaaaaayyyyyy). I’ve always loved these little crossover moments because it ties everything together; also the on screen chemistry between Felicity and Barry is great, they work well together.

The new ‘roomy’ Julian Albert:

Another change in this timeline is that Barry is now sharing his lab with a guy called Julian Albert who is being played by Tom Felton, better known as Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter  universe. He played it amazingly and his character is very funny in the most brutal of ways. Over the course of the episode we see that Julian really doesn’t like Barry and that’s because he doesn’t trust him, he doesn’t believe Barry’s ‘good guy’ act. He’ll either learn that Barry is The Flash and then join the team or he’ll end up helping the big bad….speaking of…..

Meet Dr. Alchemy:

I don’t know too much about Dr. Alchemy to be honest, he’s fairly new to me and he seems quite badass. He shows Edward Clariss he’s other timeline and then is able to shape him in to The Rival in this timeline. I don’t know how he did it but he just gave someone the speed force? whaaaaaaaat? His plan is to prepare the earth by giving the people powers specific to the ones they had in Barry’s Flashpoint timeline. He’s a very different villain to what we have seen before on the Flash and i’m very excited to see where it goes. (Is it too obvious to think that Julian Albert is Dr. Alchemy? hmmmm)

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • I loved seeing Cisco use his powers in a way we haven’t really seen before. He seems quite relaxed with them.
  • Caitlyn is ‘Killer Frost’ in this timeline. Barry thinks she hasn’t changed but she has, completely. That’s going to be quite fun.
  • Barry deciding not to tell Wally that he will probably be given speed force powers is a big mistake. Just tell him Barry! Don’t be a d*ck.

Overall, this episode was just like pudding and everybody loves pudding!

Episode rating: 9/10

Thanks for reading guys,


The Flash S3 E1 Review.

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


After a long wait, The Flash is back for it’s third season. Hopefully, it’s back to give us some god damn answers about why Barry is an absolute idiot.

As per usual, I’ll be going through the main few things from the episode and moments I liked and others that didn’t quite hit the spot.

Wally West Vs The Rival:

Flashpoint is a confusing concept isn’t it? In this new world that’s very difficult to successfully explain, Barry Allen is not the Flash but it is actually Wally West. We also learn that Wally is up against a new speedster known as The Rival. I just have to say, the costumes on both these dudes are top notch, great work. Anyway, Barry teams up with Iris and the original team to take down the Rival. (Oh god I’m confused). I really enjoyed the Rival stuff because he doesn’t seem to be anything like Zoom or the Reverse Flash, he’s very charismatic and just believes he’s the best, it all seems like a bit of fun to him. Wally was a very cool Flash, he acts just like you’d expect a teenager with super-speed to act, like a moron, but I liked it.

Barry needs the Reverse Flash:

With Barry realising that this wasn’t the right move and that he can’t possibly stay in this timeline, he asks the Reverse Flash to take him back to the night his mother died. The Reverse Flash was probably more villainous than ever when he said “What do you need me to do? I want to hear you say it”, that really hit me in the feels. The scenes between those two were quite fantastic really, the acting was superb.

Barry makes it ‘home’:

Barry thinks he’s made it back to his timeline and everything is okay again. Only to find out that something is very wrong. Iris isn’t around and she doesn’t talk to her father. This is exciting because it means we could be seeing another parallel universe or it could mean that Barry has well and truly effed up.

Other good and bad moments:

  • All the Cisco stuff was amazing, very funny. That guy has great comedic timing,
  • I wasn’t too keen on how quickly everything was happening, Flashpoint is such a big deal and it does kind of feel like they are brushing over it very quickly.
  • The Dr Alchemy teaser at the end is great, it opens up so many questions and possibilities.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode of The Flash.

Episode rating: 7/10

Flashpoint rating: 8/10

Something else: 10/10

Thanks for reading guys,



The Flash Season Two Finale Review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


It has been a fantastic year for superhero films and TV shows but honestly, The Flash takes the biscuit with just how good the last ten episodes of the season were.

Lets take a look at some of the best moments from the season two finale of The Flash.

Zoom challenges Barry to a race:

After Zoom kills Henry Allen, Barry goes on a revenge craze and rightly so, any person with superpowers who had just lost their father would go mad with revenge. After his dad’s funeral, Barry meets Zoom and is challenged to a race, if Barry wins then Zoom will go, would sound good to Barry right? However, Team Flash are right when they decide that Barry needs to be locked up because if he tries to race Zoom with revenge as his goal, he will lose. The team also work out that Zoom wants to use the speed force of The Flash and himself to amplify the magneter and destroy the infinite earths that are out there, thus creating a ‘crisis on infinite Earths’.

After Team Flash lock Barry up, they come up with a plan to throw Zoom back to Earth Two and close the breaches forever. They succeed in sending Zoom back, however he takes Joe with him and even though they made a deal to close the breach no matter what, someone wasn’t going to let that happen. One of the only things I’ve liked seeing Wally do this season is after he finds out Joe is gone, he goes and releases Barry (Thank you Wally, you did good). Barry goes and tells everyone that the only way to stop Zoom and save Joe is to race the man that killed his father, and that’s exactly what he does.

During Zoom and Barry’s race, the energy powers the magneter and Flash has to stop Zoom before it destroys infinite earths. Barry uses something he saw Zoom do earlier to win this race, he creates a time remnant of himself and whilst one goes and saves Joe, the other has to fight Zoom. Whilst the real Barry is fighting Zoom, his time remnant uses all of its energy to destroy the magneter and saves all the Earths, consequently killing himself in the process. Furthermore, because Barry created this remnant the time wraiths come to his location but they decide that Zoom is the one they want and not Barry, because Zoom has affected the timeline the most. They drag Zoom to wherever they go and that is that, Zoom is gone. He’s not dead, he’s gone.

I have to say I have really enjoyed Zoom as the villain this season, not only does he look absolutely fantastic but his motives aren’t questionable, simply because he’s a psycho. He definitely helped in making this season fantastic.

The Man in the Iron Mask revealed: 

Since Barry and Cisco went to Earth Two for the first time, everyone has always wondered who the man in iron mask was. There were many theories, such as that it was another version of Hunter Zolomon, or that it was Barry and there was even a theory that it was Barry’s dead from Earth Two. Well, finally it is revealed that the man in the iron mask is in fact the real Jay Garrick from Earth Three and is also The Flash from the 90’s TV show. Not only is this fantastic writing but it’s a nod to the fans who have strongly followed the Flash throughout the years, it’s also really satisfying because we will get to see John Wesley Shipp again from a different Earth, so really we’re not losing the actor. There were many fans this year who were annoyed because the show was making Jay Garrick look like a bad guy, even though in the comics he is a hero, well now everyone can be happy because the real Jay Garrick is The Flash

This reveal was absolutely fantastic and I can’t complain one bit, It’s even better because it’s a bit confusing and ambiguous.

Other moments from the finale I enjoyed:

  • Even though I didn’t actually enjoy it, I’m glad Barry and Iris’s kiss is out the way.
  • I’m sad to see Harrison and Jessie go back to Earth Two because I really like them both, but I’m sure they’ll be back.
  • I guess I should mention that finale scene? Probably. BARRY GOES BACK IN TIME AND SAVES HIS MOTHER. WHAT. BARRY. DUDE. WHAT. ARE YOU DUMB? I really didn’t expect this to be the cliffhanger for this season and again it’s some great writing that’s done it. This opens up so many possibilities for Season three, I can’t begin to predict what the consequences of this act will be. BARRY YOU’RE MAD. HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY END WELL? BRO.

The Flash Season Two Finale rating: 8.4

The Flash Season Two Finale Cliffhanger rating: 9.5

Zoom rating: 9

The Flash Season Two rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys! The Flash will be back in October, expect more Flash related stuff around then.


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The Flash Episode 21 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Last week Barry dispersed in to what looked like pure energy, this week we get the continuation of that story along with some other cool stuff.

Lets take a look at some of the best moments.

Barry meets the speed force:

In the comics, the speed force is explained in a very complicated and convoluted manor; therefore it would be really difficult to do the explanation justice on the show. Consequently, the show went for a more mystical approach on the speed force and it was really cool. At first we see Barry in his house and he sees Joe West but this thing reveals that it isn’t actually Joe and is the speed force just talking to Barry as something they thought would make Barry more comfortable. I was thinking at the time ‘boy this is really trippy’ and then Barry himself said “this is really trippy ” which was fantastic but this speed force inside of Joe’s body said that in order for Barry to get back to his friends he needs to catch this shadow looking thing.

When we see Barry again, the speed force is using Iris to try and get to Barry and the speed force inside Iris reveals that they are doing this to Barry because he hasn’t accepted the death of his mother yet. We learn that he has never visited his mother’s grave which means at points Barry thinks he can just go back and save her, it must be tempting. ‘Iris’ gives Barry a choice, he can either go back to his friends without his powers or he can catch this shadow and return with his speed. I find it really cool that the speed force can just decide to give and take away Barry’s speed like this but it leads me to question, why haven’t they taken Zooms?

Towards the end of the episode the speed force takes up the form of Barry’s mother before she tragically died. There was some great acting from Grant Gustin here as you could see the pain it was putting Barry through but at the same time it was easy to tell how satisfying it was for Barry to see her again. It took his mum (Mom for you Americans, of course I acknowledge my audience. But please just say mum) reading his favourite childhood book for Barry to truly accept his mothers death and that there isn’t really anything he can do about it and after he accepts this it’s easy for him to catch this shadow. Predictably, the shadow was just the speed force version of Barry and all they needed to do was reconnect and  Barry would get his speed.

I really enjoyed how mystical this all was, I personally found it really cool that they didn’t explain much and just gave us these ‘beings’ as the speed force. I hope we get to see the speed force again at some point soon, maybe it could be a way for them to defeat Zoom? Maybe they could find a way to put Zoom in there?

Zoom’s army:

The very last seconds of the episode show Zoom giving a speech about how they can take this earth and control it to there will, but we didn’t see who ‘they’ were until his speech concluded. Then the camera pans out and we see about fifty different bad guys ready to help Zoom destroy everything, I’m assuming that all these aren’t just from Earth Two and in fact some villains from Earth One have also joined Zoom.

We also got a glimpse of Earth Two Black Canary which was awesome! Can’t wait to see how badass she’s going to be.

Obviously, there are going to be a lot of villains we haven’t met yet and the team won’t know what they can do, it’s going to be really interesting to see how they deal with all these bad guys at the same time.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Barry waking up Jesse with some of his lightning was very interesting, perhaps he was giving him some of his speed force momentarily like in the comics?
  • We see Cisco vibe in to a different dimension which was so cool, hopefully season three focuses a little more on Cisco and how powerful he can really be.
  • Barry and Iris finally show their feelings to one another. I’m not a fan of the relationship on the show but I’m glad it’s all out there now.
  • Henry Allen is going to stay in Central City. This is nice because Barry will have his father around but it does make me think, are they going to kill off Henry this finale? They couldn’t do that right? That would be cruel.

I really enjoyed this episode!

Episode rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys!