Hunting is what our family do – Supernatural S12 E02 Review

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)

This week we’re going to talk about another great episode of Supernatural. I don’t know what it is about this season so far but it feels so fresh and new.

Lets take a look through some of the best moments from the episode.

Hunting Lucifer:

Crowley is after Lucifer to try and send him back to the cage so he can take his role back as king of hell. He demands the help of his mother Rowena and together they find out where Lucifer is and create a plan to take him down. Can I just say casting Rick Springfield  as Lucifer is an amazing decision, he will be fantastic. As per usual, Crowley’s plan to send Lucifer back to his cage fails and he runs away, leaving Rowena to become a prisoner of Lucifer’s.

Saving Sam:

Last week we left Sam being tortured by Antonia Bevell, an employee of the British Men of Letters. Dean, Mary and Cas work out where Sam is and they go in to help in. I really enjoy that Dean got himself captured and he relied on his mother to come in and save his dumb ass. Also, we learn that Antonia has been going about her mission in the wrong way according to another BROL agent called Micky. Apparently, she was supposed to come to America to gain the hunters trust and make the country monster-proof. Jared Padalecki has been amazing the past couple of episodes, his acting has been some of the best on TV this year. His speech with his mother towards the end of the episode was so heart felt and emotional. Great stuff.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • I’m really enjoying Cas so far this season, he’s back to old school Castiel and he’s very funny.
  • We haven’t seen Dean eat a pie like that in a long time, it reminded me of like season four. That was a nice call back.
  • Is this storyline of the BMOL signalling the end of Supernatural? Them getting rid of all the monsters is either set up for next season or everything is coming to a close in a nice happy ending, which I definitely do not want. Happy endings usually suck.

Overall, this was a great episode with some amazing emotional moments.

Episode rating: 8.5/10

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Mary is back – Supernatural S12 E01 review

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)

This is a first for me on this page, reviewing one of my favourite shows of all time, Supernatural. I’m beyond excited to see what this season holds, let’s get to it.

As always, we’ll go through some of the bigger moments from the episode.

Dean and his mum meet again:

At the end of last season, The Darkness brought back the thing Dean wanted most in the world, his mother Mary. It was a really heart aching moment when they met each other again as Mary didn’t know or recognise Dean until he explained it all. I think a big part of this season will be seeing how Sam and Dean react to their mum (I’m not American, it’s mum over here!) being back and it’ll be interesting to note if their ambitions and relationships change. I’m also guessing that Mary and Castiel will have a pretty fun relationship, I can’t work out whether or not Cas thinks this is a good thing as of yet but there may definitely be some jealousy going on which is kind of funny. Mary’s face when Castiel hugs Dean was fantastic, it was a bit of a wink and a nod to the Destiel fans out there.

Sam and the British Men of Letters:

Season Eleven ended with Sam being shot by a woman claiming to be part of the British Men of Letters. Well, turns out that is true and she is kidnapping Sam to attempt to get locations of hierarchy’s out of him so they can make America safe from monsters. As it so happens, there hasn’t been a single monster related death in Britain since 1965 because they plan for monsters, instead of reacting to them like Sam and Dean do. Well, this lady missed a trick because she took Sam thinking that Dean was dead, but he isn’t and he’s coming after her to kill her and save his brother. I’m sort of expecting a big team up here but I do believe we have many more people from the BMOE (I can’t be bothered to keep typing that out) to meet and see whether or not these guys are arrogant d*cks.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • Watching Crowley follow Lucifer’s tracks is fun. Mark Sheppard plays the role so well and his comedic timing is spot on.
  • Seeing the way Mary reacted to killing that other british women was interesting. Maybe she will want a life apart from Sam and Dean?
  • Castiel is being very brutal, I think this will be a lot of his arch this season. He’s done taking peoples sh*t.

Overall, it was a good start to season twelve and I’m very excited for next week.

Episode rating: 7.5/10

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The best shows to binge watch whilst Game of Thrones is off air.

(There may be some spoilers….I don’t know, I haven’t wrote it yet)

If you’re crazy about Game of Thrones like I am, then you’re probably already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Well I want you guys to get through it the same way I am, which is by filling my life with other great TV shows in the meantime.

I’m just going to go through a list of what I think are some of the most binge worthy shows right now and I may even give a brief description on them, who knows? I don’t.



Out of all the shows that will be on this list, Vikings Is probably the most similar to Game of Thrones, I mean it’s a medieval setting with dudes fighting and there is a weird unexplained magical element, basically the same thing right?

This show follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrook and his rise to power and fame across the world. There aren’t many shows I can think of where the main character is also my favourite character; Ragnar has so many emotional layers, he’s incredibly smart, open to all cultures and is a great warrior. He’s everything you’d want in a king, is that a spoiler? Probably.

If you love Game of Thrones you will love Vikings with its strong female characters, amazing fight sequences, glorious scenery and all of this matches the captivating story.

My rating for Vikings: 8.4/10





When season 12 starts (Yeah, season 12. What an accomplishment) of Supernatural, I will be reviewing the episodes week by week because this show is amazing and everyone needs to watch it.

If you don’t know, Supernatural follows the story of two brothers named Dean and Sam and these brothers are hunters but not your casual everyday deer stalker, no, these guys take down everything from Vampires to Shapeshifters. Without wanting to spoil too much, early on in the first season the brothers have to reunite to find their dad whilst killing all evil that’s in their way.

It’s hard to rate this show overall because so much has happened over the course of almost 250 episodes but I’ll give it a go.

My rating for Supernatural seasons 1 through 6: 9/10

My rating for Supernatural seasons 7 through 11: 8/10


Sons of Anarchy:

images (2).jpg

Unlike with most great shows, I was a bit late to the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon and by a bit late I mean I started watching as the show ended. However, the glories of Netflix took away my social life for about a month (wait, I don’t have a social life, oh) as I smashed through all seven seasons.

The show is about a biker gang and all the sh*t they have to deal with to keep their club running, the main character on the show is a young fella named Jax Teller (rhymes bro) and we learn that he has a pretty dark past and we get to watch an even darker future unveil. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I cried a lot watching this show as everything feels so real and visceral. The lengths people go to to protect the ones they love are astounding even in a fictional world like this.

All of the characters are engaging and the acting is flawless making the Sons of Anarchy one of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.

My Sons of Anarchy rating: 9.5/10




Even though Preacher only started this year, I feel as if it’s already sold me and I want to continue watching it for years to come. I don’t know if my opinion will change in the future but for right now I think that Preacher is the best show currently on air.

It’s going to be hard to describe Preacher because it’s about to be the finale of season 1 and I still don’t know exactly what the hell is going on but that’s what makes it great in my opinion. Let’s give this a go. So, Preacher is about a preacher, I know right?! Crazy! Anyway, this preacher is hit by some weird energy thing called Genesis that gives preacher the ability to control people with his voice. However, these mysterious men come to get this thing out of preacher because they want it back because it’s dangerous. There’s also a vampire and some weird murderous cowboy dude but that isn’t important, at least it’s not right now.

If you like things that are a bit weird but also have great characters, amazing effects and an intriguing plot then Preacher is definitely the show for you.

My Preacher rating: 9/10


I could keep doing this all day because I watch far too much TV but honestly these shows that I’ve mentioned are all amazing in their own ways and completely binge worthy.

However, if you really are missing Game of Thrones then just rewatch it! I do that all the time because it’s a great way to see things that you didn’t notice first time round. Even better yet, read the books because they are phenomenal.

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