The best shows to binge watch whilst Game of Thrones is off air.

(There may be some spoilers….I don’t know, I haven’t wrote it yet)

If you’re crazy about Game of Thrones like I am, then you’re probably already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Well I want you guys to get through it the same way I am, which is by filling my life with other great TV shows in the meantime.

I’m just going to go through a list of what I think are some of the most binge worthy shows right now and I may even give a brief description on them, who knows? I don’t.



Out of all the shows that will be on this list, Vikings Is probably the most similar to Game of Thrones, I mean it’s a medieval setting with dudes fighting and there is a weird unexplained magical element, basically the same thing right?

This show follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrook and his rise to power and fame across the world. There aren’t many shows I can think of where the main character is also my favourite character; Ragnar has so many emotional layers, he’s incredibly smart, open to all cultures and is a great warrior. He’s everything you’d want in a king, is that a spoiler? Probably.

If you love Game of Thrones you will love Vikings with its strong female characters, amazing fight sequences, glorious scenery and all of this matches the captivating story.

My rating for Vikings: 8.4/10





When season 12 starts (Yeah, season 12. What an accomplishment) of Supernatural, I will be reviewing the episodes week by week because this show is amazing and everyone needs to watch it.

If you don’t know, Supernatural follows the story of two brothers named Dean and Sam and these brothers are hunters but not your casual everyday deer stalker, no, these guys take down everything from Vampires to Shapeshifters. Without wanting to spoil too much, early on in the first season the brothers have to reunite to find their dad whilst killing all evil that’s in their way.

It’s hard to rate this show overall because so much has happened over the course of almost 250 episodes but I’ll give it a go.

My rating for Supernatural seasons 1 through 6: 9/10

My rating for Supernatural seasons 7 through 11: 8/10


Sons of Anarchy:

images (2).jpg

Unlike with most great shows, I was a bit late to the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon and by a bit late I mean I started watching as the show ended. However, the glories of Netflix took away my social life for about a month (wait, I don’t have a social life, oh) as I smashed through all seven seasons.

The show is about a biker gang and all the sh*t they have to deal with to keep their club running, the main character on the show is a young fella named Jax Teller (rhymes bro) and we learn that he has a pretty dark past and we get to watch an even darker future unveil. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I cried a lot watching this show as everything feels so real and visceral. The lengths people go to to protect the ones they love are astounding even in a fictional world like this.

All of the characters are engaging and the acting is flawless making the Sons of Anarchy one of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.

My Sons of Anarchy rating: 9.5/10




Even though Preacher only started this year, I feel as if it’s already sold me and I want to continue watching it for years to come. I don’t know if my opinion will change in the future but for right now I think that Preacher is the best show currently on air.

It’s going to be hard to describe Preacher because it’s about to be the finale of season 1 and I still don’t know exactly what the hell is going on but that’s what makes it great in my opinion. Let’s give this a go. So, Preacher is about a preacher, I know right?! Crazy! Anyway, this preacher is hit by some weird energy thing called Genesis that gives preacher the ability to control people with his voice. However, these mysterious men come to get this thing out of preacher because they want it back because it’s dangerous. There’s also a vampire and some weird murderous cowboy dude but that isn’t important, at least it’s not right now.

If you like things that are a bit weird but also have great characters, amazing effects and an intriguing plot then Preacher is definitely the show for you.

My Preacher rating: 9/10


I could keep doing this all day because I watch far too much TV but honestly these shows that I’ve mentioned are all amazing in their own ways and completely binge worthy.

However, if you really are missing Game of Thrones then just rewatch it! I do that all the time because it’s a great way to see things that you didn’t notice first time round. Even better yet, read the books because they are phenomenal.

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The Return of Daredevil. The Arrival of The Punisher.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

So, I wake up on a beautiful March 18th, I rub my eyes and lazily get out of bed. I go through my usual morning routine and as I brush my teeth I look in the mirror and my jaw drops, somehow, I forgot that it was Daredevil season 2 day. I rush to my room and put on Netflix, kickback and watch the first episode in the second season of Daredevil.

I tell you what, the season starts with a bang. Literally, the first episode was named ‘bang’. This episode was to introduce the much awaited character, The Punisher (Jon Bernthal) ;the first time we as an audience see his actions it’s him mowing down a group of about twenty I.R.A. members. And props to Netflix as they did what they have started doing very well with their shows, they didn’t hold back on the blood and gore; faces were torn apart and hands cut off, I loved it. However, clearly against The Punisher’s plans, a member escapes and this sets up the plot for the first few episodes of the second season.

After watching The Punisher brutally murder a bunch of people at the end of episode one, I was craving the second. The plot really doesn’t start to slow down here, the escaped I.R.A member is chased down by Punisher and this is when our new villain meets our already established Hero, Daredevil (Charlie Cox). To Peoples surprise (especially mine) the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen loses this fight. What? I thought this dude was only good with guns?  Well, Matt Murdock (Daredevil) finds himself being shot in the head and falling off a building; if it wasn’t for his best friend Foggy (Elden Henson) finding him and taking him home, he probably would have died in the second episode of season 2!

The third episode is a bit of a mind blank as it is mainly Foggy and Karen Paige (Deborah Ann Woll) doing law stuff and no really cares about that. Do they? 

However, the beginning to episode four we learn that The Punisher has taken Daredevil hostage after a small confrontation in the climax of the third. In this episode we learn a fair bit more about Punisher, including his name, Frank. We learn that he was a marine and toured in Iraq and Afghanistan, this is completely confirmed and made believable by the fantastic acting by Jon Bernthal. The way he holds himself in his scenes screams out soldier soldier! Furthermore, we learn that Frank had a family, specifically, a wife a son and daughter. Later we find out that his family was murdered in ‘a deal gone bad’ and this is when he took up his crusade of making every person that was there that day pay, with their lives.

Episode five is a big one for the plot of the season. After the I.R.A morn the losses of their dead members, they go looking for The Punisher to find him and kill him. Well, it takes a group of thirty people to take him in but the Irish get him and take him to their (uhhhh base? secret area? Batcave? Lets just say base) base. The Irish torture Frank for information and him being the badass that he is, he doesn’t yield anything. Conforming to his character, Daredevil appears on the scene to try to save Frank’s life; Punisher sees this as an opportunity and pretty much just shoots everyone’s faces off with a shotgun he conveniently found on the table, this scene ends with Daredevil helping a severely injured Punisher escape. Before the police come to collect Frank, he tells Matt the story of how his daughter died in his arms, he sits there remembering the story he used to read her and starts crying at the way her face was all torn up before she died. You can’t help but feel sorry for him at this point, I did. Episode five ends with the arrest of The Punisher.

Episodes six-ten are all a bit of a blur really. Some weird ex-girlfriend of Matt Murdock’s turns up named Elektra. oh and surprise surprise she is some sort of weird vigilante to. And she has some plan to collect Matt for the war coming to Hell’s Kitchen. But I’m reviewing Daredevil and The Punisher so if you want to know about that, go watch the show, highly recommended.

Episode ten The Punisher escapes prison at the will of season ones villain, Kingpin. He escapes with the newly found information that his family were in the middle of a deal held by someone under the name The Black Smith. What kind of name is that? Someone who builds and repairs stuff with Iron….scary stuff right? Obviously, it’s Frank’s mission to take down this person as they are the main reason for his family’s tragic demise. Coincidently, due to this Elektra woman, it’s also Daredevil’s mission to rid the city of The Black Smith to.

Episode eleven both Frank and Matt make the mistake of thinking The Black Smith is on this boat at a pier somewhere in Hells’ Kitchen. When they work out that it’s a trap, The Punisher saves Daredevil’s life by pushing him off the boat just before it explodes with Punisher seemingly left to die on the boat. I tell you now, if he died It would have been a compete shock and disappointment.

In the penultimate episode of the season, Frank finds out that the infamous Black  Smith was his Commanding Officer in Afghanistan. Bet you can’t guess what he does? yeah, you guessed it, he straight up drags him to a shed in the woods, ties him up, looks at some tools then shoots him in the head. You got that right? This seems to wrap up The Punisher storyline as he (in his eyes) has got his redemption for him and his family.

The next and last time you see The Punisher is him saving Daredevil’s life in the season finale. This chick Elektra gets Daredevil in another sticky situation, this time with Ninjas. Frickin’ Ninjas! Well just like in Indiana Jones, the best way to beat a ninja is just to shoot them. Punisher does this, puts down his gun and says “See you round,  Red”. We also get a glimpse of his symbol from the comics which is very awesome.

All in all, I was very impressed by Jon Bernthal’s portrayal of The Punisher; he perfected the dark cold nature of the character but also understood his deep emotional chaos. The on-screen chemistry between The Punisher and Daredevil was a different class, together they made every scene intense and enjoyable. For me personally, this sets up a  Punisher series perfectly and potentially a solo movie in the marvel cinematic universe.

The Punisher gets a 9/10 rating.

Daredevil season 2 gets a 7/10

Now I know this review was me focusing on The Punisher and his relationship with Daredevil but that’s what I found most interesting and what I wanted to write about. If you want to see more about the second instalment in the Daredevil series, just go watch it. It’s worth the watch even if you haven’t seen the first season.

I hope you enjoyed reading my first review and analysis, I certainly enjoyed writing it.