What Are DC Movies Doing Wrong?

First three DCEU movies gross income.

Man of Steel Gross income: $668,045,518

Batman V Superman gross income: $873,260,194

Suicide Squad gross income: $742,845,679
Compare this to the first three MCU movies.

Iron Man gross income: $585,174,22

The Incredible Hulk gross income: $263,427,551

Iron Man 2 gross income: $623,933,331


So why are people wanting another DC reboot when the first three movies in their universe have made a lot more money than the first three Marvel movies.

You can’t exactly say that the first three MCU movies are any better because The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 suck.

So what  is going wrong with this DCEU?

Lets take a look through some of the major points.

The movies are too dark:

Critics and people in general are bashing these DCEU movies for being too dark and not for families anymore. This is probably true, one of my friends made me realise that most of Man of Steel is grey and lacking in light. BvS has the same problem, almost the entire movie is during the night which gives the movie a very dull tone. Suicide Squad is better with the lightness but again, most of the movie is set at night. How can DC expect kids to keep buying their actions figures and comics if their movies are so dark, unfunny and kind of boring.

Comparatively, the MCU movies are largely set in the daytime and have lots of comedy with interesting and vibrant characters.

When people are watching a movie, specifically a superhero movie, people need to be constantly engaged with what’s happening on screen and having lots of colours keep things interesting.

The movies aren’t funny:

I’m sat here trying to remember a moment I found funny from Man of Steel but I can’t. The movie is fine but it isn’t funny in any way and isn’t supposed to be. BvS has a couple of amusing moments but that movie is a mess which is unforgivable. Suicide Squad is very funny in parts but sometimes I think it tries too hard to differ from it’s predecessors. If you’re going to pick a tone DC, stick to it!

The MCU movies have found the perfect balance between comedy and action. Therefore, it’s not surprising at all that critics love them and so do every day people.

Superhero movies are a bit silly and you need to embrace that and that’s what Marvel do. DC try and go against superhero tropes all time and it looks like that doesn’t work.


Warner Bros and DC messed this up right at the start by saying the DCEU movies are going to be ‘darker and grittier than the Marvel movies’. Why? Why wouldn’t you take influence from a universe that’s massively successful?

I’m not a Marvel fanboy, well I am but I also love DC. Just look at my page, I review mainly DC stuff. I really want these DCEU movies to be amazing and they have to smash one and hit one billion dollars soon enough. I can’t see that being Wonder Woman because I don’t the filming for that started around BvS time so they wouldn’t have learnt from their mistakes because they didn’t exist yet. After seeing the Justice League trailer, I think that could be it. It looks funny, action packed and interesting. If the movie is even somewhat decent it will hit one billion dollars, I guarantee that.

Thanks guys and remember that this is just my opinion,

you don’t have to agree,



Best Movies of 2016 So Far.

(There may be spoilers in this post, maybe? probably? Sure, there will be spoilers)

I’m sure we can all agree that 2016 has been a great year for movies so far, we are now in to the eighth month of the year and I could pick about ten amazing movies from this year so far. However, we’re going to cut it down to my top three favourites. Obviously these will be the definitive best movies of 2016 so far, no one elses opinion matters, this is 100% legitimately the top three movies of this year. (Don’t take me too seriously, I just talk crap mainly)



Lots of people were very sceptical about Deadpool making his big screen debut in February this year, however Fox proved everyone wrong by making an absolutely sublime movie. There is no superhero movie out there quite like Deadpool, it’s funny, romantic, action packed and has a great story. How many superhero movies can boast having all of those things? Certainly not you, yeah you, Batman Vs Superman. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool and Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds, all you have to do is follow Reynolds on Twitter to see that. The movie is so well cast and I honestly can’t fault it.

I may be bias because I’m a big Deadpool fan but that doesn’t change the fact that Deadpool has the 2nd highest profit percentage of any movie this year, it’s quite incredible that the foul mouthed mercenary has become a hit on the big screen.



We can always rely on Disney to make a classic kids film and they certainly did it again with Zootopia (Zootropolis if you’re in the UK like me). What Zootopia does well is appeal to both adults and children, obviously the characters are very playful and child like but there are some very adult undertones. The references towards other Disney films such as Frozen are absolutely fantastic and a great little Easter egg but the best reference is to Breaking Bad, it’s just a great nod to all the adults out there. It’s really hard to find something bad in Zootopia because everything from the animation to the storyline is awesome and a lot fun. Highly recommended.

Captain America Civil War:


After the disappointing run for Batman Vs Superman (If you think it’s good, great but you’re wrong. If you like the story, great but you’re wrong) there was a lot of pressure on Civil War to be a great movie and it didn’t let anyone down. Marvel carried on with there great track record by making the best superhero movie of all time. The arcs of both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are intriguing and epic. We’ve seen these guys in the cinema for a while now but Civil War feels so fresh and different and that’s a credit to the actors taking their characters to another level. The inclusion of Spiderman in the movie just made it that bit more special, welcoming the webslinger back to Marvel.

Obviously we still have four months left to receive some great movies and I have very high hopes for Suicide Squad, I haven’t been so excited for a movie since Deadpool. The movie industry keeps bettering itself every year and lets hope that continues.

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Why I’m excited for Doctor Strange

Later this year we’re going to be getting the next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and obviously, I’m very excited.

I think that this Doctor Strange movie will be extremely different to anything we’ve seen from Marvel so far and that’s why it will be awesome.

Lets go through some of my reasons for being so excited about Doctor Strange.

Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Steven Strange:

I’m a huge fan of Sherlock and I think Cumberbatch is absolutely sensational in it, it’s precisely what drew me to him and since then I’ve seen him in films such as War Horse, The Imitation Game and Black Mass. He’s one of those people that has become a big start over the last five years and now he looks set to take over the MCU. The role of Doctor Strange is going to be perfect for Cumberbatch because he can use some of his cockiness from Sherlock to portray the role. In many ways Steven Strange is similar to Tony Stark (they have the same facial hair, it’s weird) and this could potentially mean that in the coming years Marvel want Cumberbatch to be the face of their movies just like Robert Downey Jr is in many ways now. I don’t think anybody can complain with the casting because he truly is an awesome actor that can play many different roles and I’m beyond excited to see his take on Doctor Strange and where he takes it.

Introducing magic to the MCU:

We’ve always had small hints towards magic in the Marvel movies but never full on, mind blowing magic and that’s what we’re going to get with Doctor Strange. He doesn’t have an iron suit, he doesn’t have a hammer and he doesn’t turn green when gets mad (probably more of a soft red kind of colour….RED HULK CONFIRMED), what Doctor Strange does have is the ability to manipulate dimensions and physics all around him. It’s going to have to take some crazy CGI to make it look good but we all know that Marvel can do it and that’s another reason why I’m so excited; Marvel have the ability to make something that isn’t real look sensational. I’ve not read too many Doctor Strange comics but I do know that no one truly knows the extent of his magic and what he can do, he almost has an infinite source of energy to use when he pleases. Magic is going to be a big part of what’s to come in the MCU, leading in to my next point…

Doctor Strange will be crucial in Infinity War:

If the movies make Doctor Strange as powerful as he can be in the comics then Thanos is in for a treat because Strange’s magic has the potential to stop a being such as him. Obviously Steven Strange couldn’t save the world solo but having him there is going to boost the Avengers massively and he could be the difference between saving the world and losing it to Thanos.

As you can see, I’m very exited for this movie but I’m also already excited to see Doctor Strange in future movies because that’s how cool the character is and I think people are going to love him.

Thanks for reading guys.



Captain America Civil War review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


It feels like months since we last had a movie from the MCU. Finally, we have one, Captain America: Civil war; arguably one of the greatest Marvel comics of all time. We have to accept the differences between the comic and the movie but I genuinely feel like this movie did the story justice, the characters and characterisation are exceptional. The main plot for the movie is not only gripping but very well thought out.

I would be sitting here for hours if I were to review the whole film, the best parts and the characters, quite frankly may fingers might drop off if I attempt that.

Although the story has many different plots, the main theme of the film is that the government want to collect all the superheroes and only use them when the government deem it necessary. Obviously, this causes a divide between The Avengers and leads to the ‘Civil War’.

So, let’s take a look at some the main characters (Mainly just Captain America, Iron Man and Spiderman because they are awesome) and talk about their best moments. I’m not really going to talk about the ‘villain’ of the movie Zeemo because he wasn’t integral or interesting really.

Captain America:

Once again Chris Evans as Captain America is a joy to watch, he clearly enjoys portraying such a multi-faceted character (Must also be fun to play a badass).  When the team are dealt with their ultimatum of either being a government led programme or going rouge, Captain America decides that he can’t sign the agreement because he believes in freedom and the right to choose. All of a sudden, Cap’s story intertwines with the Winter Solider/Bucky who seems to have blown up a building with several members of the UN inside, Including the King of Wakanda who dies in the explosion. Similarly to in the second Captain America movie, Steve Rogers lets his feelings for Bucky take over the situation and goes looking for him, only to find out that it wasn’t actually the Winter Soldier who blew up the building but someone else. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Captain America’s because he always seems to think he is a greater person than everyone else but in this movie he grew on me.

We’re going to skip a few parts of the film and head straight towards the big ‘Civil War’ fight between all of our Avengers. Cap’s involvement in the fight isn’t major as he is just throwing punches at Iron Man until he fights Spiderman (Yes you read that correctly, Captain America fights Spiderman and it’s one of the coolest things ever). Without going to deep in to the fight, Spiderman is kicking ass until Cap is just like ‘Yeah that’s enough kid’ and throws him under a lorry. I really enjoy Cap’s boxing like fighting style and seeing him go one on one with Spiderman was truly fantastic.

Towards the very end of the movie, it is revealed that Bucky killed Tony Starks’ parents (don’t worry Tony, The North Remembers) and all this time Captain America knew about it.  This causes the final fight, Iron Man VS The Winter Soldier and Captain America; let me tell you this, what a fight it was. The confrontation wasn’t just Iron Man flying around and zapping people it was mainly hand to hand combat which was fricking awesome, watching Bucky and Cap continuously throw the shield to one another and beat down Iron Man was shocking and entertaining at the same time. The fight ends with cap smashing his shield in to Irons Man’s chest and breaking his suit, this finishes with a backdrop of them both just lying on the floor seemingly lifeless.

This is a Captain America movie and Chris Evans owned it, he stepped up yet again and proved why Cap is a worthy member of The Avengers. I really look forward to seeing how everything plays out and eventually seeing him in Infinity War.

Iron Man:

As you would expect, Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr is absolutely sensational in this film, in my opinion this is his best portrayal of the character so far. This movie seemed to give Tony some more humility and people could definitely relate to him a lot more from the start, for example, at the beginning of the movie someone comes up to him blaming him for their child’s death. In other Iron Man specific films this wouldn’t have bothered him but this one seems to really hurt, and this convinces him of his decision to sign the contract and become a government programme. He says how the team need to be “put in check” and he isn’t wrong, as shown by statistics our heroes are doing a lot of damage to public property and causing the deaths of many innocent civilians. It was very interesting to see this side of Tony Stark, one which cares for people and understands all the damage he has caused (after all most of the bad things that have happened have been mainly his fault).

During the big ‘Civil War’ in the middle of the film we start to see a bit more of that funny, egotistical d*ck we all know and love. Before the fight even starts, Iron Man introduces Spiderman to centre stage in great fashion but then has to back track by telling the kid to “calm down you’re doing great”, it was beyond funny to see Iron Man as this almost parental like figure to this new young Spiderman. Most of the time Iron Man is fighting Captain America but then he has to deal with the fact that Ant Man goes really small and turns off his weapon systems, this was hysterical as Iron man had no idea what was going on and could just hear a small voice throughout his suit. There wasn’t a lot of Iron Man action in this fight but he definitely added to the comedy that was flooded in this scene, most movie industries would have failed to make a fight scene shocking, interesting and funny all at the same time but credit to Marvel Studios because they did a fantastic job.

When Tony finds out that it was The Winter Soldier that killed his parents, his reaction is spine tingling due to the incredible acting of Mr Downey Jr once more. We see his face go from shock, to sadness and finally to anger all in a twenty-second clip, it was truly gripping. He goes straight for the kill on Bucky but Captain America tries to protect him. Iron Man is actually winning the fight for the most part but I was completely shocked when you see him laser off Bucky’s metal arm, not only was this shocking but it was also gruesome in the most awesome way. You see a small opportunity where Iron Man could easily kill Captain America but deep down he can’t do it, deep down they are still friends. In the strangest way, this will makes their friendship stronger in the long run.

Robert Downey Jr was excellent in this movie and so was Iron Man’s story, I think fans will now be back on board if Marvel decided to do a fourth Iron Man movie. I certainly am.

What I thought of Spiderman:

After much anticipation we are finally introduced to the new Spiderman, played marvellously by Tom Holland. In my opinion, the half hour that Spiderman is in this movie gives him enough time to steal the show, some of his lines were hilarious; for example, he is trying to capture The Winter Soldier and Falcon and says “You have the right to remain silent”, in such an intense moment this was particularly funny. He also comments on Bucky’s metal arm by saying “Dude you have a metal arm that’s so cool!” which was also just not in the moment and very amusing.

He has many amazing lines in the film so I won’t spoil them all but I can honestly say that his inclusion in this movie has really excited me for his solo film and maybe, finally we are going to get a good Spiderman trilogy.

Other things and moments I liked:

  • Although Vision wasn’t in the movie a great deal, he is very different to the other characters and has some funny moments. It’s also very interesting to see how he can’t deal with all his emotions and maybe we will see him hook up with Scarlet Witch soon?
  • Scarlet Witch had some very cool moments and we got to see how she has become a lot more powerful since Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, she was neutralised pretty early on which was a bit disappointing but she was still great nonetheless.
  • I thought that Black Widow was the poorest part of this film, again she just seems to be being used as a pretty face (and everything else, if you know what I mean) and we don’t ever get to see her do what she wants and just kill people. Hopefully by the time we get to Infinity War, we can see some epic Black Widow moments that make us actually care for the character.
  • Ant Man was used as a comical ploy in this film which I really enjoyed. He himself knows his a bit weird and different and they definitely played on that which gave it all a lighter tone which was nice. Seeing Ant Man grow to about a hundred feet tall was absolutely epic and not expected, I never thought they would do it in the films but they did and I’m certainly not complaining.
  • Falcon again was comical but really I would like to see him more for being a friend to Captain America than anything, I don’t find him interesting as a superhero really.
  • Seeing Hawkeye after Age of Ultron was really nice, I’m glad that they are trying to give him this ability to have a family and still be a hero. It’s very relatable and interesting.
  • The Winter soldier was very cool again, but honestly I’m quite done with his storyline now. By the end of the movie he has locked himself away but he will come back, when he does I hope that this evil side to him is gone because I’ve kind of got bored with it.
  • I think that at the end of the movie War Machine being basically paralysed was supposed to really hurt us as an audience, but ever since he was recast I haven’t really cared that much. Maybe they should have hurt somebody we really cared about to see how we’d react, maybe they should have killed Captain America like in the comics.

Overall, this movie is by far the greatest Marvel movie yet and maybe is up there for the best movie of all time. Everyone was flawless in the film and the directing was spot on. I try to pick out big faults with movies and TV shows but with this I really can’t, well done Marvel, you stumped me.

I highly recommend you go and see this if you haven’t (well if you haven’t and you read this then you’re a numpty).

Movie rating for Captain America Civil War: 9.9

Captain America rating: 8

Iron Man rating: 10

Spiderman rating: 9


Thanks for reading this guys. Also thanks for all the support I’m getting. It really motivates me to keep doing something that I’m really enjoying.


What I want from the Deadpool sequel.

Deadpool was a massive success when it was released in February. It has the title of being the highest grossing R rated movie of all time, and rightly so, the film was exactly what the fans wanted. Certain scenes ripped exactly from the comics were a joy to see, finally a superhero movie that was honest to its source. 

Finally, as of a few days ago, Ryan Reynolds announced that he is officaly on board with the Deadpool sequel that is set to be released at some point next year. These are a few things that I want from the much anticipated sequel. 

Hugh Jackman Cameo :

Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies, was at the expense of many of the best jokes in Deadpool’s movie. The only thing the movie was actually missing was the man himself; either him cameoing as Wolverine or Hugh jackman, if he were to turn up it would be absolutely fantastic. Seeing Wolverine in a Deadpool movie would be particularly amazing because the relationship between the two in the comics is extremely entertaining. However, seeing Deadpool take the piss out of Hugh Jackman in person would be one of the best moments in Superhero movie history. 

More realistic Deadpool movement :

There were some moments in the first film, where Deadpool looks a bit like rubber when he was doing all he flips in fights. Sometimes I thought it was a bit unnecessary for him to be doing so many acrobatic movements during combat scenes; if they kept it more simplistic it could have been more realstic. There will definitely be a bigger budget for the next movie, hopefully this means that they can work on the look of Deadpool more. I look forward to seeing what they can do with all the money they made in February.    

Even better marketing scheme :

Deadpool probably had the best marketing scheme for a movie of all time. The marketing team was easily fifty percent of the reason the film made so much money, it grabbed everyones attention. The billboards and adverts set up the theme for the movie and were some of the funniest parts of the entire Deadpool build up. I’m not sure how they can improve there marketing but it has at least got to be as good as it was this year, if they fail to do this then I can’t see the movie doing as well as it did the first time round. Again, I really look forward to what the team can create and give us to excite everyone for the sequel. 
Thanks for reading this shorter piece today guys.