The Top 5 best performers on Game of Thrones.

(Possible spoilers for all of Game of Thrones)


5: Rory Mccann as The Hound

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Playing a role where your character is full of such hatred for people and life in general can be hard, but for Mccann it seems playing Sandor Clegane comes naturally. His mannerisms are absolutely spot on and he even manages to make the character funny, which in the books is something a bit less prominent. People on the internet have gone crazy with love for this guy and his character, he is fully believable and portrayed amazingly. The Hound is one of my favourite characters from the show and I’m glad he is now one of the most memorable people on the show for everyone.

4: Aidan Gillen as Petyr Baelish

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Since season one, Baelish has been a guy to be feared because he is a very clever man. He is also one of the most slimy and nasty individuals in the whole of Westeros. Personally, I think it takes a lot of skill to pull of Baelish’s tw*t beard and not look like a total idiot. Gillen has the exact look the books describe for Baelish  which is great. The voice Gillen uses for the character is amazing, it gives Petyr a defining and memorable characteristic.Everyone knows about this horrible man and that’s all because of some amazing performances.

3: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Jaime Lannister

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When I first started watching Game of Thrones, Jaime always stood out as a guy with a lot of hidden emotion and I found that really interesting. The way he plays Jaime makes you really question whether or not this guy is bad and you really want him to thrive and stay loyal to his good tendencies. The bath scene in season three with Brienne is one of my personal standout performances throughout the whole of the show so far, you can see and believe that he is hurting and he doesn’t deserve the hatred he receives. Waldau has really got me invested in his character and his well-being, which means he must be doing something right.

2: Gwendoline Christie as Brienne

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In the books, Brienne has her own chapters and everything but I never found her as a person that interesting, I just liked the situations she always found herself in. However, Christie’s portrayal of the character is amazing, she has given Brienne a brutal strength and power that no other female character on the show can say they share. You can see how conflicted the character is emotionally because she doesn’t trust anyone anymore and I love that about her on the show. Finding an actress who looks the part and is capable of playing this role is absolutely fantastic and Christie’s performances have given her character a huge fanbase on the show.

1: Pedro Pascal as Oberyn Martell

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The only character on this list to no longer be alive, yet Pascal’s performance as Oberyn Martell throughout season four is one of the most iconic performances in television. He brought a whole new flair to the show, someone that openly didn’t give a f*ck what the Lannisters said which was fantastic. Most of season four basically relied on people liking Oberyn and people did, the internet went nuts for this guy. Even after his shocking death people are still talking about Pascal and his amazing performance.

Look, I know I have mentioned Tyrion, Jon, Dany, Cersei, Sansa or Arya but these guys are the forefront of the show and in many ways the ‘main characters’. All of them are amazing in their roles but this was just my list with my own opinions.

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The best shows to binge watch whilst Game of Thrones is off air.

(There may be some spoilers….I don’t know, I haven’t wrote it yet)

If you’re crazy about Game of Thrones like I am, then you’re probably already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Well I want you guys to get through it the same way I am, which is by filling my life with other great TV shows in the meantime.

I’m just going to go through a list of what I think are some of the most binge worthy shows right now and I may even give a brief description on them, who knows? I don’t.



Out of all the shows that will be on this list, Vikings Is probably the most similar to Game of Thrones, I mean it’s a medieval setting with dudes fighting and there is a weird unexplained magical element, basically the same thing right?

This show follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrook and his rise to power and fame across the world. There aren’t many shows I can think of where the main character is also my favourite character; Ragnar has so many emotional layers, he’s incredibly smart, open to all cultures and is a great warrior. He’s everything you’d want in a king, is that a spoiler? Probably.

If you love Game of Thrones you will love Vikings with its strong female characters, amazing fight sequences, glorious scenery and all of this matches the captivating story.

My rating for Vikings: 8.4/10





When season 12 starts (Yeah, season 12. What an accomplishment) of Supernatural, I will be reviewing the episodes week by week because this show is amazing and everyone needs to watch it.

If you don’t know, Supernatural follows the story of two brothers named Dean and Sam and these brothers are hunters but not your casual everyday deer stalker, no, these guys take down everything from Vampires to Shapeshifters. Without wanting to spoil too much, early on in the first season the brothers have to reunite to find their dad whilst killing all evil that’s in their way.

It’s hard to rate this show overall because so much has happened over the course of almost 250 episodes but I’ll give it a go.

My rating for Supernatural seasons 1 through 6: 9/10

My rating for Supernatural seasons 7 through 11: 8/10


Sons of Anarchy:

images (2).jpg

Unlike with most great shows, I was a bit late to the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon and by a bit late I mean I started watching as the show ended. However, the glories of Netflix took away my social life for about a month (wait, I don’t have a social life, oh) as I smashed through all seven seasons.

The show is about a biker gang and all the sh*t they have to deal with to keep their club running, the main character on the show is a young fella named Jax Teller (rhymes bro) and we learn that he has a pretty dark past and we get to watch an even darker future unveil. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I cried a lot watching this show as everything feels so real and visceral. The lengths people go to to protect the ones they love are astounding even in a fictional world like this.

All of the characters are engaging and the acting is flawless making the Sons of Anarchy one of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.

My Sons of Anarchy rating: 9.5/10




Even though Preacher only started this year, I feel as if it’s already sold me and I want to continue watching it for years to come. I don’t know if my opinion will change in the future but for right now I think that Preacher is the best show currently on air.

It’s going to be hard to describe Preacher because it’s about to be the finale of season 1 and I still don’t know exactly what the hell is going on but that’s what makes it great in my opinion. Let’s give this a go. So, Preacher is about a preacher, I know right?! Crazy! Anyway, this preacher is hit by some weird energy thing called Genesis that gives preacher the ability to control people with his voice. However, these mysterious men come to get this thing out of preacher because they want it back because it’s dangerous. There’s also a vampire and some weird murderous cowboy dude but that isn’t important, at least it’s not right now.

If you like things that are a bit weird but also have great characters, amazing effects and an intriguing plot then Preacher is definitely the show for you.

My Preacher rating: 9/10


I could keep doing this all day because I watch far too much TV but honestly these shows that I’ve mentioned are all amazing in their own ways and completely binge worthy.

However, if you really are missing Game of Thrones then just rewatch it! I do that all the time because it’s a great way to see things that you didn’t notice first time round. Even better yet, read the books because they are phenomenal.

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Game of Thrones S6 Episode 8 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

The producers of the show definitely had a lot of fun shooting down fan theories this week; such as Cleganebowl, Lady Stoneheart and there being more to the Arya and the Waif storyline.

As we go through some of the best moments from the episode I’ll briefly mention these theories, lets dive straight in.

The Hound and the Brotherhood:

As last week foreshadowed, the first time we see the Hound he’s after the members of the Brotherhood without banners that killed everyone in his settlement. Sandor finds them and in typical Game of Thrones fashion he slices a couple of guys heads off and then slams his axe in to another guys crotch (The sound effect of his bits falling on the floor made me want to cry). However, the one the Hound really wanted wore a yellow cloak so he chased him down next. Just having Lem Lemoncloak in the show is a huge shoutout to Lady Stoneheart because he is one of her main followers in the books, but when we see him he has a noose tied around his neck along with a couple of his men. We then get a huge reveal, Beric and Thoros are back! I genuinely smiled when we see these characters again because they are so interesting and bring me back to the gold old days of seasons two and three. Also, they both look like they’ve seen some sh*t since we last saw them, they look like they are extremely tired but they can’t stop following their mission. Beric and Thoros give The Hound a decision to make, he can join them for a much greater purpose, which I’m guessing is heading North to deal with the Whitewalkers or he can be nobody. I think we all known Sandor is going to join them which completely shuts down the Cleganebowl theory, at least for this season. I was one of the people that was betting on it and was really excited for it but truth be told I’m just glad The Hound’s back because he is my favourite character on the show, he’s not only an interesting guy but he’s laugh out loud funny.

Arya kills the Waif:

After Arya’s escape last week, so many different theories popped up and I’ll be honest, all of them were wrong. There was a couple things people got correct but overall we were all wrong. Fan theories are always cooler than the way things actually turn out anyway. So, we see that Arya is hiding out with the actress that plays Cersie. Honestly, I really liked her because it was genuinely some of the first mother like moments Arya has had with someone since season one. However, the Waif finds them and completely mangles up the actress, to be honest it was really nasty, she looked like her body was completely folded around a chair. Anyway, we get a few scenes of the Waif chasing Arya throughout Bravos, back to where Arya was hanging out a few episodes ago. The Waif gives her ‘what are your last words’ speech but then Arya picks up needle and blows out the candle because she’s learnt to fight blind, so how could the Waif beat her in the dark? The next scene we see Jaqen following a blood trail through the Hall of Many Faces only to find the Waif’s face on the wall with her eyes stabbed out of her sockets. Arya confronts Jaqen about sending the Waif to kill her, Jaqen says how she is finally no one but Arya isn’t having any of that and says she is ‘Arya Stark of Winterfell’ and that she is going home. Jaqen smile when she says this shows that there is still some of humanity left inside of him and that a part of him was rooting for this outcome all along. Where will Arya turn up next? I think it will be a case of her turning up wearing someone elses face and then revealing it to be her.I’m glad all this Bravos stuff is all over now, lets get Arya home and part of the greater story.

Other Important Moments:

  • Tommen announcing that Trial By Combat will no longer be allowed is another huge slap in the face to the Cleganebowl theory. Tommen isn’t stupid, he knows how much his mother is going to get torn apart in her trail and having the Mountain fight someone was her ace in the sleeve. Will Cersie go all mad queen and burn the red keep or the sept of Baelor to the ground? I hope so.
  • The Great Masters have come back to Mereen to lay siege on the city after all Tyrion did to make a deal with them. Daenerys turns up on Drogon and walks in with a ‘Really? I live for five minutes and there’s a war on’ look on her face. I just want to see Dany do something! Come on! Go fight!
  • Varys has left Mereen on a secret mission to gain friends in Kings Landing. This definitely has some meaning so I’m intrigued to see where he goes and who he tries to recruit.

Now, I’m going to complain a little bit, I’m sorry. Some of the writing this season has been a little squiffy and there has been so many inconsistencies, especially with Arya’s storyline in the last couple of episodes. The writers keep saying how they can finish Game of Thrones in thirteen more episodes but if it’s at this pace I don’t want them to. Seeing people teleport across the land during a sixty minute episode is confusing and just doesn’t look good. The way I can tell that the writing this season is a little off is because it doesn’t feel like there is a huge battle next week. There has been so little build up to it because of all the skipping that it’s difficult to be excited for the episode next week, the only reason I am excited is because it’s Game of Thrones. All I can say is these last two episodes better be worth it, they have been hyped up so much so they better be worth the time this season.

Episode rating: 8.5

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Game of Thrones S6 Episode seven review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


After last weeks ‘slower’ episode, this time round we get lots of returns and awesome scenes. Lets take a look at some of the best moments from the episode.

The return of the Hound:

The Hound is definitely up there for one of my favourite characters from the book or the show, he seems to have a battle with his conscience all the time and lets be honest, he’s just hilarious. Well, after two seasons, the rumours have been satisfied because we see Sandor Clegane with a group of people that seem very relaxed and quiet. At first it was kind of weird to see Sandor in this setting, wearing this clothes and with these kind of people, Ian McShane’s characters Ray picks up on this and discusses with  Sandor that there is another way of doing things. Ray is wearing a necklace with a seven pointed star on it, showing that he’s a septon but he isn’t a normal septon because it seems like he doesn’t know what he believes in but he uses the Gods as a focal point to grab peoples attention. At the end of the episode, we see the Hound again and he hears some cries and rushes back to his group which have been killed by the Brotherhood without banners. Sandor looks at Ray’s dead body and you can see that he is sad because he had deep respect for him and kind of admired him, he then turns to go pick up an axe and walks off.

I’m one hundred percent down to watch the Hound go round slicing and dicing people with an axe. It seems like the Hound will head in the direction I predicted, he will still kill people but he will do it for the right reasons. Maybe this will make Sandor more of a ‘man of God’ and therefore lead him to Kings Landing to fight his brother in a trial by combat. I’d love to see that.

Jaime and the Blackfish:

In some scenes ripped exactly from book four of the series, Jamie Lannister arrives at  Riverrun with eight thousand and tries to get the Blackfish to surrender. We get a cameo from Bronn, it was nice to see him but I just don’t feel the chemistry is there between him and Jaime, I feel it’s a bit forced and trying to be funny too much. Anyway, Jaime asks for an in person meeting with the Blackfish to discuss his surrender. They meet and the Blackfish just ruins him, Jaime thought he could walk all over him but Blackfish just says how he has all the provisions, he doesn’t care if Edmure is hanged and that he is disappointed in Jaime, that he expected more. Jaime’s face after this confrontation was fantastic, he knew that he just got f*cked up and that it isn’t going to be a simple task to take be this castle and get back to Cersie.

I really hope that when Brienne turns up at Riverrun next week that Jaime starts to go on a bit of a redemptive arc, just like he does in the books at this point. I don’t like Jaime being portrayed as villain because he has a lot of great qualities and is a really interesting person overall.

The Waif stabs Arya:

Toward the end of the episode, we see Arya securing passage back to Westeros, we don’t know where she intends to go but we do know she is definitely going back. It seems like it’s a very nice scene for Arya as she looks out at the Titan of Bravos for one of the last times; however an old lady comes over to her and then out of nowhere slices his stomach and stabs Arya repeatedly. I really didn’t expect that to happen that quickly and I don’t quite know how Arya is up and walking after it. I was shocked to see her stabbed a lot but it was obvious that it was the Waif coming to kill her. There is a really interesting theory that the Waif is actually the part of Arya’s conscience that wants to become no one and she is trying to drag her back, this is supported by the fact that the only people to ever see the Waif have been Arya and Jaqen. Even a few episodes ago when the Waif was beating up Arya in the streets, it was strange to see no one help a poor blind girl, maybe no one else can see her? It’s a very cool theory and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

By the end of the season I really want Arya to be at least on her way back to Westeros. She has been in Bravos for two seasons and now it’s time to bring her back in to the big picture. Hopefully she gets rid of this Waif quickly.

Other Important moments:

  • Margery is pretending to be a completely changed woman and it seems like everyone is falling for it, including the High Sparrow. I have no idea what Margery plans to do but I’m pretty sure it’ll involve destroying the Faith Militant.
  • We learn that Yara and Theon are going to head towards Mereen and try to make a deal with Daenerys. If Tyrion doesn’t make a joke about Theon and Varys both not having a d*ck I’ll be disappointed.

Episode rating: 8.5

The Hound’s return rating: 100

I can’t believe we are down to the last three episodes of the season already, it’s gone by so fast and I’m definitely going to need to re-watch it after the finale. Things are going to go crazy in the next few episodes and I’m excited to see some blood, shocks and highly intensive moments.

Thanks for reading guys.







Game of Thrones S6 Episode 5 review.

This review is Stark and full of spoilers (Okay, I’ll stop trying to make jokes)


This weeks episode ‘The Door’ is full of plot set ups and emotional scenes. Lets take a look at what some of the characters got up to.

Jon and Sansa leave Castle Black:

Last week it was decided that Jon and Sansa were going to try and rally the North to try and take down the Bolton’s that are occupying Winterfell. It was really cool to see lots of different northern houses mentioned that haven’t been in the show so far, however I do doubt that we will get to see all of them but it’s still a nice name drop. It’s a really interesting dynamic between Sansa and Jon because the latter will be leading the entire army and is the reason about two thousand of the troops are fighting but with his current name he can’t hold Winterfell. So basically, Jon is a soldier for Sansa right now until it is decided that he different heritage and can in fact claim Winterfell as his own. I’m not too happy with how little the show is giving Melisandre to say or do, I mean she just brought Jon back to life three episodes ago! She deserves more screen time! I genuinely think she is one of the most interesting characters on the show and I would love to see more of her. I’m going to guess that by episode eight the Battle of the Bastards will be ready to go and honestly I cannot wait to see another huge fight.


Although the Kingsmoot in the show was portrayed very differently to how it’s done in the books, I loved it and full credit to Pilou Asbæk as Euron Greyjoy because his performance in this scene was phenomenal. It’s one of those moments where you truly believe that the most well known people will succeed, in this case it’s Theon and Yara. However, Euron just comes on in humiliating Theon for his lack of penis and just speaking the truth, that there has never been a Queen of the Iron Islands. As good of an actor as Alfie Allen (Theon) is I just think that Euron really stole this scene. Even though in the books Euron sends his brother to go and tame the dragon Queen, in the show they are just simplifying it and giving all the storyline to Euron, which I’m not opposed to at all because I really like the actors portrayal of the character. Seeing Euron become king forces Theon and Yara to run away and I’m really interested to see where they run to, it’s not something that’s easy to predict because eventually by the end of this season everyone will be ready for the war against the White Walkers or they will be on there way for it.

Hold the door:

Without the permission of the Three-eyed Raven, Bran joins him in his vision and sees all of the White Walkers, and because Bran doesn’t know enough yet and isn’t patient, he gets grabbed by The Night’s King which leaves a mark on his body in real time, this allows the White Walkers to enter the cave and try and kill them. It’s not one hundred percent obvious why they would want to kill the Three-eyed Raven but maybe he was more of a threat than what we thought he was.

When the Night’s King and his followers are entering the cave Bran and his teacher are in the past, back in Winterfell. However, because in real time Meera is screaming for Bran to wake up and warg in to Hodor and Bran hears her from back in time. (It’s all very timey whimey and confusing here but bare with me) Bran successfully wargs in to Hodor whilst staying in the past and uses him to try and escape the thousands of Whites that are chasing them. They get out of the door and Meera screams “Hold the door” at Hodor and then the Hodor in the past goes in to fit shouting “Hold the door” over and over again which eventually moulds in to Hodor. This was so emotional because we were seeing the origin of Hodor whilst Hodor himself was actually dying and we see that it’s all Bran’s fault. I can honestly say that I have never cried watching Game of Thrones, not of sadness anyway. But watching this scene sent shivers up my spine and I couldn’t stop myself from crying, Hodor is the only genuine character on the show and his entire life has been the way it is because his best friend made a mistake. I hated watching Hodor die, I hate Game of Thrones. You would think that after all these shocks and hurtful moments that It would not bother me so much anymore but it did, it hurt like crazy.

On the other hand, It’s really interesting to know that Bran can warg in to someone in real time whilst being in the past and he can still effect the past. He is truly the most powerful being on the show and now he has all the knowledge of the Three-eyed Raven.

Other important moments or moments I enjoyed:

  • Daenerys and the Khalasar are on there way back to Mereen. I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they see the Dothraki role up, it’s going to be awesome.
  • Tyrion recruiting a red priestess is really interesting because it now means that the two most notable characters on the show, Jon and Daenerys will both have The Red God by their side.
  • We got the origin of the Night’s King in the show, it turns out that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers to help them with their fight against men and they lost control of them. It’s very poetic that the one thing that looks set to destroy mankind was created because mankind were destroying people.
  • I don’t know if I’m reading in to this too much but I have a theory that all the Gods are actually the same God. The way the new Red Woman was saying things that matched up with things Jaqen H’gar was saying to Arya about the Many Faced God. And the fact that it is named ‘The Many Faced God’ just makes me feel that it’s all the God’s combined, including the Red God. Maybe everything is coming in to one line and one moment, that battle against the White Walkers.
  • Speaking of Arya, she has been told to kill a women that is an actress who plays Cersie Lannister, could this mean that after she does this Jaqen will tell her to kill the Queen mother or that eventually Arya will cross her name off her list. I’m really excited for some epic face changing moments from Arya in the rest of this season, perhaps she will show up as a character, kill someone important and then take her face off, now that would be epic.

This was a fantastic episode. Can’t believe I cried at the episode and it shows that this show never really loses its quality, it’s amazing television. Can’t wait for next week as we move in to the last few episodes of the season!

Episode rating: 9

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Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

Last week Jon Snow came back to life and this week we got some more things that all fans wanted (Yeah, it’s f*ck Olly).

As always, lets take a look at some of the best moments from the episode.

Jon Snow’s watch has ended:

Before we get in to the details can I just say that Kit Harrington’s acting as Jon Snow this episode was absolutely fantastic, really impressive.

The start of the episode gives us more Jon Snow straight away, naked and confused (Damn that dude is ripped). As expected, Jon’s body goes in to shock very quickly and he has to be comforted and help up by Ser Davos, the lack of actual talking in this scene was great because it created a really tense atmosphere. When Melisandre comes in to the room to see that she succeeded in bring Jon back she is shocked and excited at the same time, she asks him what he saw but he says he saw nothing. I think this is going to be what drives Jon to make his decisions in life, knowing that after death there is the literal definition of nothing would scare anyone. Perhaps that Jon will make decisions with less thought now, maybe he will try and live his life to the absolute fullest.

Something has definitely changed in Jon though, I can’t quite put my finger on it but he is different. He still has the traits of the Jon Snow we love but he is definitely going to take less sh*t from people.

The end of the episode gives the fans something we have wanted since last year; Jon has the people that killed him on the plate ready to be hanged. I’ve always wanted to hate Ser Alliser but I just can’t, even before his inevitable death he takes it like a champ, he says he would make the same choice again and that he understands Jon has to kill him this time. You have to have some respect for Throne here because he is just a guy that is stuck in his ways and it’s almost impossible to go against your nature, even for your Lord Commander.Then Jon looks at Olly, he doesn’t even need to say anything to the boy because Olly just looks at Jon with pure hatred, this kind of annoyed me because Olly did feel guilty about killing Jon and they were good friends. Honestly though, I didn’t care after Jon cut the rope (not the video game) and let them all fall to their deaths and then we got a good ol’ close up of Olly’s dead face. I’m glad Jon did what he had to do, maybe the old Jon would have kept Olly alive.

As we probably would have guessed, after Jon hangs his murderers he gives his cloak Dolorous Edd, walks and away and proclaims “My watch has ended”. This was so badass really, finally we see Jon get a reason to leave the Watch behind. I guess now that he has left the Night’s Watch he will just hang out with the Wildlings for a while until Sansa eventually turns up.

Bran and the Tower of Joy:

I honestly can’t believe we were teased so badly with the Tower of Joy this episode. We see a group of soldiers confronting two Targaryen soldiers and Bran very kindly lets us know that one of the Targaryen’s is Ser Arthur Dayne and one of the people opposing him is Eddard Stark, Bran’s father. In the books Arthur Dayne wields a sword that was forged from a fallen meteorite, however they have changed it for the show and just made him a really good dual wielder. At first I was a little disappointed we didn’t got to see his sword from the books but when we see him take out Eddard’s whole team in a one vs five I was satisfied by how awesome he was. We also learn that  Eddard never actually beat Arthur Dayne in single combat but in fact Eddard’s friend Howland Reed stabbed Dayne in the back and let Eddard have the finishing blow. I guess Eddard isn’t as honourable as we all thought? The Three Eyed Raven being a tease says that Bran has to go before he sees what’s in the tower, Bran refuses and follows Eddard and shouts “Father”, Eddard turns around like he heard what Bran said, but that’s impossible right? There is no way Bran can talk to people that are dead right? (Wrong, of course he can he’s a badass).

I’m really enjoying the Bran stuff so far this season, I find it really intriguing. Hopefully in the next few episodes we get to see the remainder of the Tower of Joy scene.

Ramsay receives a gift:

I think this was something no one really expected coming in to Season six but we finally get to see Rickon Stark again. Smalljon Umber arrives at Winterfell letting Lord Ramsay Bolton know that he is on the side of the Bolton’s but he also has a gift to prove his words are true. His gift is the wilding Osha and Rickon Stark, seeing as Ramsay has just lost a Stark this could be massive points in his favour. Just wait, the next part is even more shocking and sad. Ramsay asks for proof that it is actually Rickon Stark, so Smalljon brings in the head of his Direwolf, Shaggydog! I can’t believe that another wolf is dead, and again in such a brutal way, at first I thought that it might not be Shaggydog but Rickon’s reaction tells the story. Ramsay’s eyes glow in the psychopathic manor and you have this sinking feeling that Ramsay may do horrible things to both Osha and Rickon.

Personally, I don’t think Ramsay will torture Rickon badly, if at all, I think that he has learnt from his mistake with Sansa. Also, Osha is very smart, I hope that she can work her way around Ramsay and perhaps try and manipulate him.

It was a great reveal and after so long a highly anticipated one. It just makes me even more excited for next week!

Other important moments or moments I enjoyed:

  • Getting to see Varys work his magic on people was very cool. We finally got an insight on how Varys persuades people and shapes them to his will. I really enjoyed that.
  • I look forward to seeing how Tyrion deals with all the masters of Slavers Bay now that he knows they are the ones funding the Harpies rebellion. I really want some more epic dragon moments.
  • I really haven’t focused on Daenerys once so far in my reviews because it’s all just kind of slow and predictable. I think that next week Jorah and Daario will find out where Dany is and attempt to save her. So maybe next week I’ll have some stuff to write about in terms of  Daenerys.
  • It took us three episodes to catch up with Samwell Tarly and it really was just a catch up. However, it’s going to be really cool to see Sam’s family especially his father who his supposed to be a d*ck and hates Sam. I hope it isn’t very long till we get to see some of that.
  • I can’t tell what Cersie and Jamie are trying to do, it looks like they are just warning everyone that if they don’t all team up then they will get the Mountain to murder them all. From the trailer we know that Jaime ends up in Riverrun at some point this season so I’m most looking forward to the circumstances that send him that way.
  • The High Sparrow is going to manipulate King Tommen against his mother and Tommen is very easily manipulated. Once the Sparrow has Tommen wrapped around his finger then he might as well call himself the most powerful person in Kings Landing. I wonder what The High Sparrow is going to get Tommen to do or say.


Obviously this episode was a little slower than last weeks, however I still really enjoyed it and I liked seeing characters we hadn’t seen so far.

Episode rating: 8.8

New Jon Snow rating: 9

Shaggydog rating: dead (Too soon? sorry)

Thanks for reading guys!

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Game of Thrones S6 Episode 2 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers. (That’s if you managed to avoid them anyway)

After last weeks slower paced episode, I was curious to see when Game of Thrones would turn the engine on and go full throttle. Well, it certainly did that in episode two, arguably last nights episode was the one of the best episodes of all time.

I have lots to say on certain topics, so let’s just go through the best and most shocking moments from episode two of season six.

Bran goes back to Winterfell:

After almost two years real world time, we finally get to see Bran stark again. Obviously, since we last saw him he’s been practising and honing his skills and we got straight in tot the action with that. We see Bran walking through Winterfell for the first time since season two. However, he is with the three-eyed raven watching a young Eddark Stark spar with his brother Benjen; this was a little mind numbing at first but after I thought about it it was really cool to see a flashback through Bran’s eyes. I guess we’re going to get a lot of that now though, the show runners have said they hate flashbacks but not it isn’t technically a flashback so they get away with it. Furthermore, it was awesome to see a young Hodor who in the show is actually called Willis and can talk! (Even though I knew he could talk when he was young it was still interesting to see it happen on the show). Next week we get to see the much anticipated Tower of Joy scene through Bran and I am beyond excited for that.

Meet Euron Greyjoy:

It’s been a while sine we have been to Pyke in the show but we are back and back with a ban. We see that Balon Greyjoy is still obsessed with just capturing strongholds on the main land and isn’t to interested in actual wars or sea fights, even family. A scene taken directly from the books sees Balon being thrown from a bridge by Euron, I didn’t expect this to happen as fast as it did but I’m very glad it did. Euron kind of looks like a badass Obi Wan Kenobi and he really didn’t disappoint with his play to become the leader of the IronBorn. That’s really all we got of Euron but it has definitely excited me and many others to see a new antagonist come to light and I can’t wait to see what happens at the Kingsmoot.

Ramsay kills his family:

It’s announced by the Bolton’s maester that Lady Bolton has given birth to a baby boy. Immediately we can tell that Ramsay sees the child as a threat and goes on to do some of the most unexpected things I’ve seen on Game of Thrones. He goes in to hug his father and congratulate him and out of nowhere stabs him in the stomach, killing him (I was watching this with my mother at the time and we both just looked at each other like ‘what the f*ck’). A couple weeks ago I predicted that Roose Bolton would die but I would never of guessed that Ramsay would be the one killing him, I suppose it makes sense because we’ve been seeing that Ramsay is obsessed with Theon and Sansa so he’ll do anything to get them back. But wait, it gets worse and I never thought Ramsay could get any worse but just you wait. He requests the presence of his new mother and brother and leads them to the kennels, yes this is really happening, once they are all in with the dogs Ramsay says “I prefer being an only child” and releases the hounds to kill them both. I knew he would kill them but not in such a brutal way and did he really need to watch? He is a complete psychopath. All of this was a big WTF and perfectly sets up the fight between the Boltons and most of the North which we know is coming. Honestly, it’s going to be epic when the Bolton army falls and Sansa gives Ramsay some of his own medicine. Oh and maybe someone else will help her with this war? Maybe a certain, Jon Snow?


It’s felt like ages for Show watchers and even longer for Book reader but finally the debate is over. Melisandre brought Jon Snow back to life. No more theories on how it will happen, no more badgering cast members for clues and no more people saying it wont happen; Jon Snow was finally resurrected last night. Ser Davos goes to Melisandre basically begging her to at least try and bring Jon back to life, hoping to try and make up for her mistakes, the Red Woman agrees and begins her ritual.It was very interesting to see the ritual in full form, first she cleans the wounds, then she cuts his hair and burns it (Finally Jon gets a hair cut, he needed one. Not saying I don’t love his curly locks). Melisandre’s chants added to the atmosphere of the scene which felt like it went on forever, clearly Tormund didn’t believe in it in the first place as he is the first to leave when it seemingly doesn’t work. Edd swiftly follows, he’s probably about done with looking at Jon’s corpse all the time. There was some great acting by Carice Van Houten as you could see how broken Melisandre was after she believes her efforts to bring Jon back have failed. Davos is last to leave but this entire time Ghost was sleeping on the floor next to Jon. This was when I knew he was coming back, Ghost was so relaxed and as soon as he wakes up and looks at Jon you knew what was coming. The Camera zooms down to Jon’s face and his eyes burst open as he gasps for air and that was that. Boom. End of the episode. (Just saying, screw you show runners for ending it on that you horrible people) Was it just me or did Jon’s eyes look different when he suddenly came back? Beric Dondarion back in Season three said that every time he came back to life he lost a part of himself, perhaps we’re about to see a much darker version of Jon Snow now? Personally, I hope he just walks to the jail cells to see Ser Alliser Thorne’s face and then I hope he slices and dices that d*ck.

Next week can;t come soon enough really and I am so happy that the Jon Snow debate is over. Jon is back and I hope he goes on a revenge mission; firstly dealing with the traitors in the Night’s  Watch and then going down to take out the Bolton’s and help Sansa get revenge on Ramsay. It would be really cool if by the end of the season Sansa or Jon were in Winterfell preparing for the fight for the dawn, as we know, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

Truly, this was a fantastic episode that has somehow excited me even more for the remainder of the season.

Episode rating: 9.5

Jon Snow resurrection rating: 10

Ramsay Psychopath metre: off the scale.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you enjoyed reading this one.