The Flash S3 E1 Review.

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


After a long wait, The Flash is back for it’s third season. Hopefully, it’s back to give us some god damn answers about why Barry is an absolute idiot.

As per usual, I’ll be going through the main few things from the episode and moments I liked and others that didn’t quite hit the spot.

Wally West Vs The Rival:

Flashpoint is a confusing concept isn’t it? In this new world that’s very difficult to successfully explain, Barry Allen is not the Flash but it is actually Wally West. We also learn that Wally is up against a new speedster known as The Rival. I just have to say, the costumes on both these dudes are top notch, great work. Anyway, Barry teams up with Iris and the original team to take down the Rival. (Oh god I’m confused). I really enjoyed the Rival stuff because he doesn’t seem to be anything like Zoom or the Reverse Flash, he’s very charismatic and just believes he’s the best, it all seems like a bit of fun to him. Wally was a very cool Flash, he acts just like you’d expect a teenager with super-speed to act, like a moron, but I liked it.

Barry needs the Reverse Flash:

With Barry realising that this wasn’t the right move and that he can’t possibly stay in this timeline, he asks the Reverse Flash to take him back to the night his mother died. The Reverse Flash was probably more villainous than ever when he said “What do you need me to do? I want to hear you say it”, that really hit me in the feels. The scenes between those two were quite fantastic really, the acting was superb.

Barry makes it ‘home’:

Barry thinks he’s made it back to his timeline and everything is okay again. Only to find out that something is very wrong. Iris isn’t around and she doesn’t talk to her father. This is exciting because it means we could be seeing another parallel universe or it could mean that Barry has well and truly effed up.

Other good and bad moments:

  • All the Cisco stuff was amazing, very funny. That guy has great comedic timing,
  • I wasn’t too keen on how quickly everything was happening, Flashpoint is such a big deal and it does kind of feel like they are brushing over it very quickly.
  • The Dr Alchemy teaser at the end is great, it opens up so many questions and possibilities.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode of The Flash.

Episode rating: 7/10

Flashpoint rating: 8/10

Something else: 10/10

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My thoughts on the Telltale Batman game, Episode One.

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)

Telltale games have produced some great stories over the years such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us and many many more. When it was announced that they were working on a Batman game, the hype was real and after they released the first episode, it’s pretty safe to say this game will be amazing.

During the first episode we got a lot more of Bruce Wayne than I thought we would which is actually pretty awesome. Bruce is sponsoring Harvey Dent’s application to become the Mayor of Gotham City. However, some news is released that Bruce’s parents were in business with notorious crime boss Carmine Falcone, the family that was once the pride of Gotham was having their name dragged through the dirt. Bruce doesn’t believe it for one second and uses Batman to get some answers. Not only is this storyline shocking because we’ve always believed the Wayne’s to be good people but it’s also very interesting. If this is all true then Bruce has become Batman for nothing, his name means nothing, everything he has done means nothing. So far this game has done Bruce Wayne a lot of justice, it really has humanised him and strongly shows his motivations for becoming Batman. 3102953-wayne_manor_1920x1080.jpg

On the Batman side of things, the combat is flawless and looks amazing. The fact that you have the ability to plan your fight pattern and then the game shows you that is really f***ing cool and gives the player a real sense of actually playing as Batman. The game also lets you link evidence together at a crime scene to create the story which visually is really cool and is a great way of keeping you engaged. I don’t want to get to spoilery but this is in the big picture so I can talk about it; the inclusion of Catwoman is pure genius because it shows Batmans lighter side because he secretly admires her skills.


Overall, I think the first episode is amazing and really excites me for what they can bring in the coming episodes. If you like comics and you like video games then this is a must play. Even if you don’t like video games you could still like this because it’s mainly story and quicktime events like most Telltale games.

If any of you have played it, what do you think?

Let me know if you guys want me to write about video games some more on this page.

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The best shows to binge watch whilst Game of Thrones is off air.

(There may be some spoilers….I don’t know, I haven’t wrote it yet)

If you’re crazy about Game of Thrones like I am, then you’re probably already suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Well I want you guys to get through it the same way I am, which is by filling my life with other great TV shows in the meantime.

I’m just going to go through a list of what I think are some of the most binge worthy shows right now and I may even give a brief description on them, who knows? I don’t.



Out of all the shows that will be on this list, Vikings Is probably the most similar to Game of Thrones, I mean it’s a medieval setting with dudes fighting and there is a weird unexplained magical element, basically the same thing right?

This show follows the story of Ragnar Lothbrook and his rise to power and fame across the world. There aren’t many shows I can think of where the main character is also my favourite character; Ragnar has so many emotional layers, he’s incredibly smart, open to all cultures and is a great warrior. He’s everything you’d want in a king, is that a spoiler? Probably.

If you love Game of Thrones you will love Vikings with its strong female characters, amazing fight sequences, glorious scenery and all of this matches the captivating story.

My rating for Vikings: 8.4/10





When season 12 starts (Yeah, season 12. What an accomplishment) of Supernatural, I will be reviewing the episodes week by week because this show is amazing and everyone needs to watch it.

If you don’t know, Supernatural follows the story of two brothers named Dean and Sam and these brothers are hunters but not your casual everyday deer stalker, no, these guys take down everything from Vampires to Shapeshifters. Without wanting to spoil too much, early on in the first season the brothers have to reunite to find their dad whilst killing all evil that’s in their way.

It’s hard to rate this show overall because so much has happened over the course of almost 250 episodes but I’ll give it a go.

My rating for Supernatural seasons 1 through 6: 9/10

My rating for Supernatural seasons 7 through 11: 8/10


Sons of Anarchy:

images (2).jpg

Unlike with most great shows, I was a bit late to the Sons of Anarchy bandwagon and by a bit late I mean I started watching as the show ended. However, the glories of Netflix took away my social life for about a month (wait, I don’t have a social life, oh) as I smashed through all seven seasons.

The show is about a biker gang and all the sh*t they have to deal with to keep their club running, the main character on the show is a young fella named Jax Teller (rhymes bro) and we learn that he has a pretty dark past and we get to watch an even darker future unveil. I’m going to be honest with you guys, I cried a lot watching this show as everything feels so real and visceral. The lengths people go to to protect the ones they love are astounding even in a fictional world like this.

All of the characters are engaging and the acting is flawless making the Sons of Anarchy one of the best shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of viewing.

My Sons of Anarchy rating: 9.5/10




Even though Preacher only started this year, I feel as if it’s already sold me and I want to continue watching it for years to come. I don’t know if my opinion will change in the future but for right now I think that Preacher is the best show currently on air.

It’s going to be hard to describe Preacher because it’s about to be the finale of season 1 and I still don’t know exactly what the hell is going on but that’s what makes it great in my opinion. Let’s give this a go. So, Preacher is about a preacher, I know right?! Crazy! Anyway, this preacher is hit by some weird energy thing called Genesis that gives preacher the ability to control people with his voice. However, these mysterious men come to get this thing out of preacher because they want it back because it’s dangerous. There’s also a vampire and some weird murderous cowboy dude but that isn’t important, at least it’s not right now.

If you like things that are a bit weird but also have great characters, amazing effects and an intriguing plot then Preacher is definitely the show for you.

My Preacher rating: 9/10


I could keep doing this all day because I watch far too much TV but honestly these shows that I’ve mentioned are all amazing in their own ways and completely binge worthy.

However, if you really are missing Game of Thrones then just rewatch it! I do that all the time because it’s a great way to see things that you didn’t notice first time round. Even better yet, read the books because they are phenomenal.

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Why I’m excited for Suicide Squad.

It’s only a couple of months now until the release of the highly anticipated Suicide Squad movie. After the disappointing display of Batman Vs Superman, DC (and me to be honest) are hopeful that this next movie can kick start the entire universe and get people excited for what’s to come.

I’m just going to do a short list of the things I’m looking forward to the most in the Suicide Squad movie.

Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn: 

After the release of the first trailer, lots of hardcore Harley Quinn fans were unhappy because of the lack of ‘Harley’ voice. Honestly, this is just people not being able to accept change, this movie is NOT based on the Arkham games and there are several portrayals where Harley doesn’t have her her pitched accent. Personally, I think that the voice Margot Robbie is putting on is pretty awesome and it puts her own kind of stamp on the character which is always a good thing to do. Clearly the writers at DC think Robbie is doing a great job as it’s already in the works to do a Harley Quinn spin-off movie (Not that I really trust the writers at DC to make decisions). The costume that they have put together for Harley in this movie looks very cool, Margot definitely rocks the hair style and the trashy make up (Yet somehow she still looks insanely attractive?). I’m a big fan of the outfit in general, it captures the craziness of Harley Quinn and also the mild sexiness that comes with her character.

I really think Margot Robbie is going to do a fantastic job as Harley Quinn, I hope that we’ll get to see more of the character if all goes well. DC definitely need to expand there universe and also make it a bit more fun.

Jared Leto as the Joker:

I won’t lie, at the start I wasn’t all that impressed with the new Joker look, all his tattoos looked dumb and his hair was just weird. However, after seeing him in the trailers my opinion has completely changed, I think he looks fantastic and similar to what Margot is doing with Harley, he’s putting his own stamp on the character. Jared Leto’s joker looks so different to the late Heath Ledger’s but that could be a good thing, we don’t need the same Joker that was in the Dark Knight series, this is a new universe and we need something different. If this Joker is cool then everyone will completely overlook the way he looks because that’s what people do. I really do think that people need to stop already trying to compare this Joker to previous ones, just let him be his own thing! It’ll be great, I’m confident in that.

Jared Leto’s role as the joker will definitely be analysed the most out of all the characters in the movie but hopefully he coasts through everyone’s criticisms and creates a new and amazing Joker.

The PG-13 rating:

Yesterday it was announced that the Suicide Squad movie will have a PG-13 rating. At first I was a little disappointed to here that because I was hoping for it to be a lot more violent and full on given the characters on display. However, after giving it some thought, I actually think it’s a good idea to give this movie a lighter tone purely because it’s going to kick-start this universe and they can’t do that with audience of just adults. Children are such a big audience that bring in so much money so in order to keep these movies flowing (even if they’re bad) the studio will need to earn a lot of money. I know Deadpool made crazy money and that was R-rated but Deadpool is completely different, his fan base is crazy and has never received a true interpretation of the character (X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE DID NOT HAVE DEADPOOL AS A CHARACTER! THAT WASN’T DEADPOOL!). 

I’m cool with the PG-13 rating now, it’ll give everyone a chance to enjoy a new movie with a lot of characters that are loved by people old and young.

Other things I’m excited for in the Suicide Squad:

  • I’m sceptical about Will Smith’s interpretation of Deadshot, it hasn’t won me over yet. However, I’m hopeful that by the end of the movie I’ll like his portrayal of the character.
  • I am so excited to see Batman in the film. Batman was probably the best part of the Dawn of Justice movie and I really look forward to seeing how this new Joker and Batman interact and what there on-screen chemistry is like.
  • I’m also quite excited to see Killer Croc in the film, in the trailers he looks kind of strange and quiet but I’m sure that on the big screen he will look fantastic.

My hype levels for this movie are over nine thousand and I need August to hurry up.

Thanks for reading this guys, I had a lot of fun writing this one.




Batman VS Superman. Knight of Terror, Mourning of Superman.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

Batman VS Superman was by far the most anticipated D.C Movie of all time; this is obvious seeing as the movie had the most successful opening Thursday of all time and made 170 million dollars on its debut. However, with the astronomical fall in viewership during the films second week and the movies largely mixed reviews, it’s hard to determine whether or not the biggest D.C cinematic of all time is a success.

We’re going to take a look at the main characters in this film and decide if they made a good impression or a bad one, more importantly, if they collectively make me want to see them in another movie together.

Lex Luthor :

Jesse Eisenberg joins the D.C universe in this movie, playing Superman’s infamous enemy, Lex Luthor. Honestly, it took me two viewings of the film to really decide if I liked him or just simply despised him; his acting truly grew on me even though it was less Lex like and more Joker/Riddler. During the first act of this movie, it’s hard to determine his motives, however that could be due to the fact that the first hour overall is just confusing and fragmented. It becomes somewhat clear that Lex wants both Batman and Superman dead, as he doesn’t believe in any sort of power that isn’t God. (Still find it kind of weird that someone like Lex believes in God but who am I to judge him) The way Eisenberg plays Lex gives him a crazy nature, this is gripping to watch as you just don’t know what he is going to do next, he’s psychotic. This psychotic persona is amplified when he uses Superman’s mother as a bribe to get Superman to kill Batman, he makes the God falls to his knees and even says “now God bends to my will”. I really enjoyed this Jokeresc portrayal of Lex and I found it rather entertaining, even though at some points he was more humorous than terrifying which sometimes ruined the tone of the movie.

Overall, I would like to see Jesse Eisenberg reprise his role as Lex Luthor in the future. Whether that’s because he was an excellent character or I was just intrigued by him is undecided.

Batman :

When it was announced that Ben Affleck would be taking over the role of Batman people were sceptical to say the least. It’s safe to say that I wasn’t particularly excited to see him play this older, grittier Batman. However, I was pleasantly surprised to see what is now probably my favourite Batman of all time, he was truly invested in his role as the Dark Knight and I found it not just exciting, but mesmerising to see on the screen. The on-screen chemistry between Batman and Alfred (Jeremy Ions) was fantastic and very funny, Alfred had possibly some of the best lines in the entire movie (Which was bloody long by the way). During the third act of the film, I saw what could be the best action scene in any superhero cinematic ever. Batman has to save Superman’s mother from a building filled with roughly twenty armed men, and in true Arkham game style, he goes through and beats down every single one of them. The use of his grappling hook and Batarangs was refreshing to see and also awesome to watch them shredding people apart. By far the best part of that scene was when Batman punches a guy in the head and he 180 degree flips and lands on his neck, it’s not just fantastic choreography but brutal awesomeness. If I was to pick out something I didn’t like about this new Batman, it’s the fact that he just kills people with no remorse, I understand that this is an older, less caring Dark Knight but It’s just strange to watch him killing people without flinching.

Overall, Affleck was almost perfect in this role and I am extremely excited to see him in the Suicide Squad movie in August.


(I sit here staring at my screen not sure what to write about Superman. Okay, I’ve got it.) Superman sucked. I am fed up of watching Henry Cavill play a mopy, boring and weak Superman. In this film I just feel like they didn’t know where to take the character and how to make him as cool as Batman. If they tried to develop him as a character and make him more interesting, they failed. However, I don’t think this is the fault of Cavill, honestly, the director (Zack Snyder) is in the wrong here for clearly not understanding what Superman is supposed to be. Superman is all-powerful, smart and somewhat smug in the comics but in this movie he doesn’t think and is fairly underpowered; this is shown by the fact that Batman straight up wins the confrontation between the pair. (I sit here again staring at my screen not sure how to find a thing I liked about Superman in this film. Okay, I’ve got it.) When Superman dies, I liked that. That would have been a lot better if they had just left him dead, however at the end of the movie we see that he in fact survived.

Overall, I believe that the directors failed to do Superman any justice in this movie and I can quite honestly say that I’m not interested or excited to see him in the Justice League movie.

In conclusion, I think that this movie deserves a bit more credit; the action was solid, the acting was great and the C.G.I was flawless. Some of the character development let this movie down and the first hour , which was supposed to be character development, was pointless and boring. Although this movie will make over a billion dollars and there will be a Justice League movie, I think that D.C need to have a big rethink on whether or not Zack Snyder is the best person to take this series forward.

Finally, to answer my queeries from earlier, yes I would like to see these character reprise their roles in another movie together.

Lex Luthor Rating : 7.5

Batman Rating : 9.8

Superman Rating : 3

Batman VS superman, Dawn of Justice rating : 7


Thanks for reading this one guys, definitely my favourite one to write so far.