Something happened this episode right? – Arrow S05 E03 Review

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


I really don’t know what to say about this episode of Arrow because nothing that good or interesting happened. This will probably end up being a very short review of a very lackluster episode.

If I can think of some, let’s go through some of the major points from the episode.

Diggle in jail:

After last weeks episode where Diggle was thrown into prison, this week we get to see a little bit of what prison life is like for him. We get a great cameo from Deadshot in this episode, who is seemingly sharing a cell with Diggle but we learn that that is John hallucinating, probably because of his guilt. Towards the end of the episode Diggle tells his wife that he isn’t going to fight the false charges against him because he deserves to be in there for killing his brother. However, Lyla takes things into her own hands and goes to Oliver to request him to break Diggle out of jail. Now that I look forward to, sounds awesome.

Look, there is nothing else I can think of that I want to write more than two sentences about. I’m sorry but this episode was just nothing.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • All of the recruits lack identity and character. They are all so generic and a little bit pathetic.
  • Felicity and Oliver should just hook up again. Geesh.
  • Quentin being deputy mayor is pretty cool, I like that.

Forgive me if i forgot but where had Malcolm Merlyn gone? Did he die last season? I dont think he did? I miss him.

Overall, this episode was boring and I found the only reason I was watching it was because I like the characters, well some of them.

Sorry If I ripped into it a little hard.

Episode rating: 4.5/10

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What Are DC Movies Doing Wrong?

First three DCEU movies gross income.

Man of Steel Gross income: $668,045,518

Batman V Superman gross income: $873,260,194

Suicide Squad gross income: $742,845,679
Compare this to the first three MCU movies.

Iron Man gross income: $585,174,22

The Incredible Hulk gross income: $263,427,551

Iron Man 2 gross income: $623,933,331


So why are people wanting another DC reboot when the first three movies in their universe have made a lot more money than the first three Marvel movies.

You can’t exactly say that the first three MCU movies are any better because The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 suck.

So what  is going wrong with this DCEU?

Lets take a look through some of the major points.

The movies are too dark:

Critics and people in general are bashing these DCEU movies for being too dark and not for families anymore. This is probably true, one of my friends made me realise that most of Man of Steel is grey and lacking in light. BvS has the same problem, almost the entire movie is during the night which gives the movie a very dull tone. Suicide Squad is better with the lightness but again, most of the movie is set at night. How can DC expect kids to keep buying their actions figures and comics if their movies are so dark, unfunny and kind of boring.

Comparatively, the MCU movies are largely set in the daytime and have lots of comedy with interesting and vibrant characters.

When people are watching a movie, specifically a superhero movie, people need to be constantly engaged with what’s happening on screen and having lots of colours keep things interesting.

The movies aren’t funny:

I’m sat here trying to remember a moment I found funny from Man of Steel but I can’t. The movie is fine but it isn’t funny in any way and isn’t supposed to be. BvS has a couple of amusing moments but that movie is a mess which is unforgivable. Suicide Squad is very funny in parts but sometimes I think it tries too hard to differ from it’s predecessors. If you’re going to pick a tone DC, stick to it!

The MCU movies have found the perfect balance between comedy and action. Therefore, it’s not surprising at all that critics love them and so do every day people.

Superhero movies are a bit silly and you need to embrace that and that’s what Marvel do. DC try and go against superhero tropes all time and it looks like that doesn’t work.


Warner Bros and DC messed this up right at the start by saying the DCEU movies are going to be ‘darker and grittier than the Marvel movies’. Why? Why wouldn’t you take influence from a universe that’s massively successful?

I’m not a Marvel fanboy, well I am but I also love DC. Just look at my page, I review mainly DC stuff. I really want these DCEU movies to be amazing and they have to smash one and hit one billion dollars soon enough. I can’t see that being Wonder Woman because I don’t the filming for that started around BvS time so they wouldn’t have learnt from their mistakes because they didn’t exist yet. After seeing the Justice League trailer, I think that could be it. It looks funny, action packed and interesting. If the movie is even somewhat decent it will hit one billion dollars, I guarantee that.

Thanks guys and remember that this is just my opinion,

you don’t have to agree,



40 minutes of lectures – Arrow S5 E2 Review

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


We are in to week two of Season five now and after last weeks good showing, we’re hoping it keeps up to the same standard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Lets go through some of the better moments from the episode.

Training the recruits:

Oliver is focused on training Mr Terrific, New Black Canary and Wild Dog. However, his brutal ways are pushing them further and further away from helping him. The ever so relevant flashbacks tell us that Oliver went through these same regimes in Russia. After several lectures from Felicity (At least three, maybe fifty. I don’t know) Oliver decides to try and trust his new team some more. He reveals to the recruits that he is indeed Oliver Queen and then they all join. Simple as that. Simple. Fun. I think it’s fun? It isn’t, it’s dumb.

Some weird mummy looking fella:

Throughout this episode there was a guy in bandages going round and strangling people that were involved in the genesis project from last season. He has these weird, unexplained rags that he can somehow control and use to strangle people to death. (Please explain) After a strange bromance on top of a roof, Oliver also recruits this guy as part of their new look team. This guy seems so powerful though? Is he trustworthy? It seemed really out of character for Oliver to recruit him so quickly.

What does Prometheus want?:

At the end of the episode Prometheus takes down Tobias Church and warns him not to kill the Green Arrow, that the Arrow is his to kill. The rag thing over his face, instantly makes me think it could be the rag dude from earlier but that could be a sweet misdirect. I WANT ANSWERS! GIMME!

Overall, this episode was pretty lame, it just felt like everyone was telling Oliver off like they always do. The fighting and Arrow stuff is what kept me interesting, it’s really very good.

Episode rating: 6.5/10

Lectures: 100000000

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Arrow S5 E1 Review.

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)

Arrow is back. I think we are all hoping that this season is stronger than the last seeing as last year had the least amount of views than any season before it and was critically smashed down at times.

Lets take a look at a few of the bigger moments from the episode.

Meet Tobias Church:

In the comics, Tobias Church is a small time mob boss and it looks like he will follow a similar path in this season of Arrow. He is definitely a man of many talents, showing how easy it easy for him to get into people’s organisations and break them down from the inside, by getting them to kill their leader.He’s also a complete savage, he has silver knuckle dusters he uses to torture innocents or just beat the crap out of someone that answers back to him. I really enjoyed the performance from the actor, he just looks like he’s having a lot of fun playing a complete d*ck.

The Green Arrow is killing again:

After the death of Laurel last season, Oliver has decided the best way to complete his missions and keep innocents safe is to kill the bad guys; a thing he hasn’t done for a few seasons now. Honestly, I liked it alot. It gives the Arrow a different edge and it actually gets the audience engaged and thinking about whether or not Oliver is the good guy in this story.

A New Team:

Throughout the episode Felicity was nagging Oliver to create a new team because the old one is never coming back. She’s right, the old team will never be getting back together and by the end of the episode Oliver accepts that. The new team members will be Wild Dog, Mr Terrific and the new Black Canary. Personally, the trailers showed this is being ridiculously cheesy, however I really enjoyed how it all came about. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the new team react to the Arrows killing ways.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • The fighting choreography this episode was absolutely fantastic, they must have hired a new person or something because it was fast, brutal and just really cool to watch.
  • Felicity has a new boyfriend. Please no love triangle. PLEASE DON’T. But to be honest he’s probably a bad guy.
  • The introduction of Prometheus was good but I don’t want him to just be another imposter, we’ve been through that too many times now.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It was a very strong premiere.

Episode rating: 8/10

Kill rating: 10/10

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Arrow Season 4 finale review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Let’s take a look at some of the best moments from this week’s Arrow finale.


The Arrow kills Damien Darhk:

In a scenario in which Oliver has to kill Damien Darhk or watch the world be blown up, Oliver decides that he has to defeat Darhk, once and for all. For the beginning parts of the fights, Darhk is just toying with Oliver because he knows that he is so much stronger than him and to be honest it’s one of those finales where the bad guy should have probably won. However, in an act of pure cheese, members of the city team up and help try to get rid of Darhk, not only is this dumb because these are just normal people up against someone powered with magic; but it’s dumb because the ordinary civilians genuinely beat Darhk’s men! They beat up a load of trained soldiers, with their firsts and the soldiers had guns! This really bugged me because it’s just lazy and silly. All these people rising up to help the Arrow take down Darhk, consequently gives Oliver the magic power he needs to stop Darhk and then kill him! The Arrow doesn’t beat Darhk because he is a superhero; he beats him because a group of fifty people believe in him? What? Please. I liked the actual fighting between Darhk and the Arrow but the rest of the scene was beyond dumb and was a pitiful demise for a pretty cool villain.

Oliver becomes the Mayor of Star City:

With the city and the world saved, the leaders of Star City decide that it’s a good idea to put Oliver Queen in charge of the city for a while. Simply because people liked him when he first ran for Mayor and the city really could use a leader that inspires hope. I’m actually okay with Oliver becoming Mayor, it happens in the comics and hopefully they can do some good story arcs with it, it seems like we’re going to get to see a lot more Oliver Queen next season which will be cool. I’m totally down for forgetting about this season and moving on.

Other moments:

  • Everyone leaves Team Arrow except for Oliver and Felicity, its fine though; they’ll all be back by the end of episode one next season.
  • The flashbacks are taking Oliver to Russia, hopefully that throws up something interesting.


Arrow Season 4 finale rating: 6.5

Arrow Season 4 rating: 6

Damien Darhk rating: 7.5


I’m ready to forget about this season and move on to the next.


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Arrow Episode 21 review.

This review is DARHK and full of spoilers. (Don’t read on if you don’t understand that) 


Arrow season four has been rather disappointing if I’m honest, however, last week I finally liked an episode.

Lets see if Arrow can keep up the momentum.

Here are some of the best moments.

Darhk absorbs thousands of souls:

So last week Damien Darhk got access to most of the worlds nuclear codes and intends to use them to blow basically everyone up, not only does this give Hive their ‘new beginning’ but it also gives Darhk billions of souls to absorb making him unstoppable. The goal for Hive this episode was just that, they tried setting off nuclear missiles and it was up to Felicity and her father to try and stop that from happening. However, it was extremely unlikely that they could stop them all and honestly I would have been a little disappointed if they had but unfortunately (I guess fortunately for my sick mind) they failed in their attempts to stop all the missiles. One warhead was deployed and headed towards Monument Point where millions of people would have died  but Felicity Felicity could only manage to reroute it towards the smaller town of Havenrock where tens of thousands of people were wiped from existence. It’s going to be really quite interesting to see how hard Felicity takes this, obviously she saved a lot of people but she couldn’t save everyone an I think this is really going to bother her.

Whilst Felicity was dealing with the missiles, Oliver and Diggle worked out where Darhk was hiding and also knew he would be in something called a ‘nexus chamber’. When they arrive at Darhk’s lair we see him absorbing the tens of thousands of souls that died due to the explosion and because Darhk’s power feeds off death it’s going to make him truly formidable.

For the first time this season, I’m really excited to see what happens next week on Arrow and I just hope we see more of Damien Darhk because truth be told he’s been the only good part of this season so far.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Thea has to fight Anarchy because he is after Damien Darhk to get revenge on him. I really liked seeing Anarchy again but in terms of Thea, I love her on screen relationship with Malcolm Merlin and I’ve been a little disappointed with the lack of it this season .
  • I enjoyed seeing the calculator again, he’s a cool character and it gives Felicity some depth which is always good.
  • Diggle really looks like he is about to go off the deep end sometimes, everyone goes dark (Not Darhk) on Arrow at some point so it might just be Diggle’s turn.
  • Can the writers please stop giving Quentin so much screen time with Donna because no one cares about their relationship. Donna is annoying dude. Just stop.

I actually enjoyed this episode of Arrow, they were still some dumb moments but that is to be expected really. Looking forward to the last two episodes.

Episode rating: 7

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Arrow S4 Episode 20 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Finally, Arrow is starting to heat up and get interesting. This weeks episode was huge in terms of storyline and setting up the finale.

Let’s take a look at some of the best moments:

Oliver gets told he can’t use magic:

To beat Darhk, Oliver realises that he has to match him in terms of magic. At least, Oliver needs to be able to absorb some of Darhk’s magic. Felicity and Oliver take a trip to Hub City to go meet a shaman who’s supposed to teach Oliver how to use magic and battle against Darke, the most important thing here is that Olly’s lighter side has to outweigh the darkness inside him. At first, this doesn’t work because Oliver has seen and done some bad sh*t in his life, obviously he’s going to have to be some kind of saint for his lightness to outweigh his darkness. At the end of the episode, Oliver has to fight Darke to save Lyla Diggle; this fight ends with Oliver successfully stopping Damien Darhk from using his powers. It was pretty cool seeing this because Oliver’s eyes went yellow which was awesome! (yellow eyed demon from Supernatural anyone?) However, Oliver saying he used his friends voices to harness the powers was the most cliché thing ever. It personally ruined it all for me, this show is just get cheesier and cheesier the longer it goes on.

John kills Andy:

Similarly to last week, Diggle (John Diggle not Andy, oh god this is going to be confusing) goes off the rails in his hunt for Andy; clearly walking in to a trap to try and capture his brother. After Andy captures Diggle (Yes, John Diggle), it’s pretty obvious that  Dig has some sort of tracker in him otherwise they wouldn’t of let him go. Next, that son of a b*itch Andy goes after Diggle (Still John!), his wife Lyla and his daughter Sarah with a rocket launcher! Dude! Why do you have to use a rocket launcher to kill your family!? Why do you have to kill your family?! Anyway, the attack fails as Diggle (Seriously? It’s still John!) escapes with  Sarah but not for long. Andy finds them and is about to kill them but Felicity runs them over with a van, that was pretty great. Diggle (John) chases down Andy and kills him; not straight away but after much taunting from Andy saying he’ll never stop going after his family, Diggle is forced to kill his baby brother. This is probably going to send John off the edge by the end of the season, he will become a bit more like Season one and two Oliver, killing people with no remorse and not thinking rationally. I’m quite excited to see where this darker version of Diggle goes, hopefully somewhere interesting!

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Seeing Deathstroke in a Oliver vision was probably my favourite part of the episode. Please please please can they bring back Deathstroke for season five or six! Easily the best Arrow villain so far.
  • Thea is trapped in the Truman Show. Clearly she has been drugged and taken to the secret city underneath Star City for a reason. We’ll see next week.
  • Finally, we know what Genesis is! Genesis is a dome under the ground that’s going to be used to save the people that Hive want to save. The reason they need to save people is because Hive and Damien Darhk plan to nuke the entire planet and start a ‘New World’. It’s a pretty cool concept plot wise.

Overall, this episode was much better than the Arrow episodes we’ve had in the past few weeks. I hope it stays at this level for the rest of the season.

Episode rating: 7.75

Deathstroke Cameo rating: 100000000000000000000

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