(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


I’ve been a big fan of The Flash so far this season, so many interesting turns and twists. I’m very excited to see what happens with the big bad but for now, lets focus on this weeks episode.

As per, I’ll go through some points and stuff.

Barry gets stuck in a mirror:

This weeks villain was Mirror Master, he has the ability to travel through anything with a reflective surface. Pretty cool if you as me. In there first encounter, Mirror Master throws Barry in to a mirror and he gets stuck. I enjoyed the little novelty where in these mirror worlds people talk backwards so they needed this recording advice that they just had on hand. It was a pretty cool effect and didn’t tear you out of the episode. To get him out though, they had to make the glass really cold so Barry could faze out, however, there machine didn’t make the glass cold enough. Until….

Caitlin gets frosty:

 When everyone leaves the room, Caitlin stands behind the mirror and uses her ice powers to freeze over the mirror and Barry is able to faze out. Nobody knew it was her but Harry and Cisco have their suspicions. Also, at the end of the episode Caitlin is in the shower and everything freezes over around her, maybe she is loosing control of her powers a little bit? In the next two episodes everybody will know about Caitlin and unless she goes bad, nobody will really care.I also wonder if this is Dr. Alchemy’s doing? Maybe she’s getting these powers because of him.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • The relationship stuff between Barry, Iris and Joe was quite funny, I enjoyed the awkwardness a lot.
  • The Wally and Jesse moment was a bit odd, he was scared to kiss her because she’s leaving and then they hook up, and she still leaves. what?
  • I’m sad to see Harry and Jesse leave and go back to Earth 2 but we have our new Harrison Wells, who looks absolutely hilarious.

Overall, a solid episode really.

Episode rating: 7.5/10

Thanks for reading guys,


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