(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


Season three of The Flash has started pretty quickly (puns are great) and things are getting very interesting and continue to do so this episode.

Lets go through some moments and stuff. Things. Cool.

Wells and Jesse return:

A breach opens towards the start of the episode and we quickly (I’m going to keep doing that) see that Harrison Wells is back and he has a problem; his daughter Jesse is also a speedster now. If you’ve seen all The Flash you’ll remember Jesse and Wally getting hit by dark matter and that combined with a near death incident, procked Jesse’s powers. Originally, Wells needs the help of team Flash to get them to quickly (that’s three) persuade Jesse to not become a superhero. However, after many of their standard father daughter arguments, Wells decides that he has to let her be who she wants to be and he has to support her down that path. These two have a great on-screen chemistry but I wish they wouldn’t make them argue all the time just for some soap style drama.


The villain of this week is someone called Magenta who we learn existed in Flashpoint and Dr. Alchemy has given her back her powers from that timeline. Team Flash have to quickly (is this annoying? But that’s four) work out what’s going on and they figure out that Magenta is another personality of a foster girl called Frankie. The last fight ends with Barry just giving her a sixty second talking to and Frankie basically forces Magenta out of her mind. Mind you, that big flying boat thing looked pretty good. TV cgi is getting a lot better. Anyway, the character was fine but it just felt a little generic.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • Can Wally quickly (this one is forced but it’s very funny right? RIGHT?!) stop being an idiot about not having powers and just grow up. Idiot.
  • Julian Albert is now my favourite character, the accent, the burns on Barry, everything he does is great.
  • Is it just me or is Barry just openly using he speed a lot of the time? Like, in front of people. I know he’s done it before but it’s more obvious this year. Especially when he saves Julian from Magenta. I’m not a fan of that.

Overall, this episode was okay. A lot of it was generic but I still think this show is great.

Episode rating: 7/10

Thanks for reading this quickly guys (total of six),


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