(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


We are in to week two of Season five now and after last weeks good showing, we’re hoping it keeps up to the same standard. Unfortunately, it doesn’t.

Lets go through some of the better moments from the episode.

Training the recruits:

Oliver is focused on training Mr Terrific, New Black Canary and Wild Dog. However, his brutal ways are pushing them further and further away from helping him. The ever so relevant flashbacks tell us that Oliver went through these same regimes in Russia. After several lectures from Felicity (At least three, maybe fifty. I don’t know) Oliver decides to try and trust his new team some more. He reveals to the recruits that he is indeed Oliver Queen and then they all join. Simple as that. Simple. Fun. I think it’s fun? It isn’t, it’s dumb.

Some weird mummy looking fella:

Throughout this episode there was a guy in bandages going round and strangling people that were involved in the genesis project from last season. He has these weird, unexplained rags that he can somehow control and use to strangle people to death. (Please explain) After a strange bromance on top of a roof, Oliver also recruits this guy as part of their new look team. This guy seems so powerful though? Is he trustworthy? It seemed really out of character for Oliver to recruit him so quickly.

What does Prometheus want?:

At the end of the episode Prometheus takes down Tobias Church and warns him not to kill the Green Arrow, that the Arrow is his to kill. The rag thing over his face, instantly makes me think it could be the rag dude from earlier but that could be a sweet misdirect. I WANT ANSWERS! GIMME!

Overall, this episode was pretty lame, it just felt like everyone was telling Oliver off like they always do. The fighting and Arrow stuff is what kept me interesting, it’s really very good.

Episode rating: 6.5/10

Lectures: 100000000

Thanks for reading guys,


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