(This post is dark and full of spoilers)

Arrow is back. I think we are all hoping that this season is stronger than the last seeing as last year had the least amount of views than any season before it and was critically smashed down at times.

Lets take a look at a few of the bigger moments from the episode.

Meet Tobias Church:

In the comics, Tobias Church is a small time mob boss and it looks like he will follow a similar path in this season of Arrow. He is definitely a man of many talents, showing how easy it easy for him to get into people’s organisations and break them down from the inside, by getting them to kill their leader.He’s also a complete savage, he has silver knuckle dusters he uses to torture innocents or just beat the crap out of someone that answers back to him. I really enjoyed the performance from the actor, he just looks like he’s having a lot of fun playing a complete d*ck.

The Green Arrow is killing again:

After the death of Laurel last season, Oliver has decided the best way to complete his missions and keep innocents safe is to kill the bad guys; a thing he hasn’t done for a few seasons now. Honestly, I liked it alot. It gives the Arrow a different edge and it actually gets the audience engaged and thinking about whether or not Oliver is the good guy in this story.

A New Team:

Throughout the episode Felicity was nagging Oliver to create a new team because the old one is never coming back. She’s right, the old team will never be getting back together and by the end of the episode Oliver accepts that. The new team members will be Wild Dog, Mr Terrific and the new Black Canary. Personally, the trailers showed this is being ridiculously cheesy, however I really enjoyed how it all came about. It’s going to be really interesting to see how the new team react to the Arrows killing ways.

Other moments I did or didn’t enjoy:

  • The fighting choreography this episode was absolutely fantastic, they must have hired a new person or something because it was fast, brutal and just really cool to watch.
  • Felicity has a new boyfriend. Please no love triangle. PLEASE DON’T. But to be honest he’s probably a bad guy.
  • The introduction of Prometheus was good but I don’t want him to just be another imposter, we’ve been through that too many times now.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. It was a very strong premiere.

Episode rating: 8/10

Kill rating: 10/10

Thanks for reading guys,



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