(This post is dark and full of spoilers)


After a long wait, The Flash is back for it’s third season. Hopefully, it’s back to give us some god damn answers about why Barry is an absolute idiot.

As per usual, I’ll be going through the main few things from the episode and moments I liked and others that didn’t quite hit the spot.

Wally West Vs The Rival:

Flashpoint is a confusing concept isn’t it? In this new world that’s very difficult to successfully explain, Barry Allen is not the Flash but it is actually Wally West. We also learn that Wally is up against a new speedster known as The Rival. I just have to say, the costumes on both these dudes are top notch, great work. Anyway, Barry teams up with Iris and the original team to take down the Rival. (Oh god I’m confused). I really enjoyed the Rival stuff because he doesn’t seem to be anything like Zoom or the Reverse Flash, he’s very charismatic and just believes he’s the best, it all seems like a bit of fun to him. Wally was a very cool Flash, he acts just like you’d expect a teenager with super-speed to act, like a moron, but I liked it.

Barry needs the Reverse Flash:

With Barry realising that this wasn’t the right move and that he can’t possibly stay in this timeline, he asks the Reverse Flash to take him back to the night his mother died. The Reverse Flash was probably more villainous than ever when he said “What do you need me to do? I want to hear you say it”, that really hit me in the feels. The scenes between those two were quite fantastic really, the acting was superb.

Barry makes it ‘home’:

Barry thinks he’s made it back to his timeline and everything is okay again. Only to find out that something is very wrong. Iris isn’t around and she doesn’t talk to her father. This is exciting because it means we could be seeing another parallel universe or it could mean that Barry has well and truly effed up.

Other good and bad moments:

  • All the Cisco stuff was amazing, very funny. That guy has great comedic timing,
  • I wasn’t too keen on how quickly everything was happening, Flashpoint is such a big deal and it does kind of feel like they are brushing over it very quickly.
  • The Dr Alchemy teaser at the end is great, it opens up so many questions and possibilities.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode of The Flash.

Episode rating: 7/10

Flashpoint rating: 8/10

Something else: 10/10

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