(This post is dark and full of spoilers)

Telltale games have produced some great stories over the years such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us and many many more. When it was announced that they were working on a Batman game, the hype was real and after they released the first episode, it’s pretty safe to say this game will be amazing.

During the first episode we got a lot more of Bruce Wayne than I thought we would which is actually pretty awesome. Bruce is sponsoring Harvey Dent’s application to become the Mayor of Gotham City. However, some news is released that Bruce’s parents were in business with notorious crime boss Carmine Falcone, the family that was once the pride of Gotham was having their name dragged through the dirt. Bruce doesn’t believe it for one second and uses Batman to get some answers. Not only is this storyline shocking because we’ve always believed the Wayne’s to be good people but it’s also very interesting. If this is all true then Bruce has become Batman for nothing, his name means nothing, everything he has done means nothing. So far this game has done Bruce Wayne a lot of justice, it really has humanised him and strongly shows his motivations for becoming Batman. 3102953-wayne_manor_1920x1080.jpg

On the Batman side of things, the combat is flawless and looks amazing. The fact that you have the ability to plan your fight pattern and then the game shows you that is really f***ing cool and gives the player a real sense of actually playing as Batman. The game also lets you link evidence together at a crime scene to create the story which visually is really cool and is a great way of keeping you engaged. I don’t want to get to spoilery but this is in the big picture so I can talk about it; the inclusion of Catwoman is pure genius because it shows Batmans lighter side because he secretly admires her skills.


Overall, I think the first episode is amazing and really excites me for what they can bring in the coming episodes. If you like comics and you like video games then this is a must play. Even if you don’t like video games you could still like this because it’s mainly story and quicktime events like most Telltale games.

If any of you have played it, what do you think?

Let me know if you guys want me to write about video games some more on this page.

Thanks for reading guys,


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