A level Results Day-Good Luck Everyone.

Thousands upon thousands of young people (including myself) will be recieving their results today. We have all worked extremely hard to get to this point and I’m proud of all of us. At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter what your piece of paper says because you can go and do anything you want to, become anything. This is the start of our futures, lets make them great.

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My thoughts on the Telltale Batman game, Episode One.

(This post is dark and full of spoilers)

Telltale games have produced some great stories over the years such as The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, The Wolf Among Us and many many more. When it was announced that they were working on a Batman game, the hype was real and after they released the first episode, it’s pretty safe to say this game will be amazing.

During the first episode we got a lot more of Bruce Wayne than I thought we would which is actually pretty awesome. Bruce is sponsoring Harvey Dent’s application to become the Mayor of Gotham City. However, some news is released that Bruce’s parents were in business with notorious crime boss Carmine Falcone, the family that was once the pride of Gotham was having their name dragged through the dirt. Bruce doesn’t believe it for one second and uses Batman to get some answers. Not only is this storyline shocking because we’ve always believed the Wayne’s to be good people but it’s also very interesting. If this is all true then Bruce has become Batman for nothing, his name means nothing, everything he has done means nothing. So far this game has done Bruce Wayne a lot of justice, it really has humanised him and strongly shows his motivations for becoming Batman. 3102953-wayne_manor_1920x1080.jpg

On the Batman side of things, the combat is flawless and looks amazing. The fact that you have the ability to plan your fight pattern and then the game shows you that is really f***ing cool and gives the player a real sense of actually playing as Batman. The game also lets you link evidence together at a crime scene to create the story which visually is really cool and is a great way of keeping you engaged. I don’t want to get to spoilery but this is in the big picture so I can talk about it; the inclusion of Catwoman is pure genius because it shows Batmans lighter side because he secretly admires her skills.


Overall, I think the first episode is amazing and really excites me for what they can bring in the coming episodes. If you like comics and you like video games then this is a must play. Even if you don’t like video games you could still like this because it’s mainly story and quicktime events like most Telltale games.

If any of you have played it, what do you think?

Let me know if you guys want me to write about video games some more on this page.

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Best Movies of 2016 So Far.

(There may be spoilers in this post, maybe? probably? Sure, there will be spoilers)

I’m sure we can all agree that 2016 has been a great year for movies so far, we are now in to the eighth month of the year and I could pick about ten amazing movies from this year so far. However, we’re going to cut it down to my top three favourites. Obviously these will be the definitive best movies of 2016 so far, no one elses opinion matters, this is 100% legitimately the top three movies of this year. (Don’t take me too seriously, I just talk crap mainly)



Lots of people were very sceptical about Deadpool making his big screen debut in February this year, however Fox proved everyone wrong by making an absolutely sublime movie. There is no superhero movie out there quite like Deadpool, it’s funny, romantic, action packed and has a great story. How many superhero movies can boast having all of those things? Certainly not you, yeah you, Batman Vs Superman. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool and Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds, all you have to do is follow Reynolds on Twitter to see that. The movie is so well cast and I honestly can’t fault it.

I may be bias because I’m a big Deadpool fan but that doesn’t change the fact that Deadpool has the 2nd highest profit percentage of any movie this year, it’s quite incredible that the foul mouthed mercenary has become a hit on the big screen.



We can always rely on Disney to make a classic kids film and they certainly did it again with Zootopia (Zootropolis if you’re in the UK like me). What Zootopia does well is appeal to both adults and children, obviously the characters are very playful and child like but there are some very adult undertones. The references towards other Disney films such as Frozen are absolutely fantastic and a great little Easter egg but the best reference is to Breaking Bad, it’s just a great nod to all the adults out there. It’s really hard to find something bad in Zootopia because everything from the animation to the storyline is awesome and a lot fun. Highly recommended.

Captain America Civil War:


After the disappointing run for Batman Vs Superman (If you think it’s good, great but you’re wrong. If you like the story, great but you’re wrong) there was a lot of pressure on Civil War to be a great movie and it didn’t let anyone down. Marvel carried on with there great track record by making the best superhero movie of all time. The arcs of both Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are intriguing and epic. We’ve seen these guys in the cinema for a while now but Civil War feels so fresh and different and that’s a credit to the actors taking their characters to another level. The inclusion of Spiderman in the movie just made it that bit more special, welcoming the webslinger back to Marvel.

Obviously we still have four months left to receive some great movies and I have very high hopes for Suicide Squad, I haven’t been so excited for a movie since Deadpool. The movie industry keeps bettering itself every year and lets hope that continues.

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