Hey guys,

As many of you have noticed I haven’t posted anything for about a month now and that isn’t good enough.

I haven’t stopped writing i’ve just been taking a pause because my exams at college really took it out of me and I needed a break from it all, i’ve finished educatuon which is effing awesome and now i’ve had my rest.

Another reason I stopped writing was because most of the shows I was reviewing had finished airing for the season and I didn’t know exactly what to do. Then I realised that making myself do a review on something each day wasn’t going to work and I should just be reviewing things I enjoy.

So, I have decided to kick start this page again but there won’t be a specific timetable, I will just be talking about things I want to and when I want to talk about them.

Thankyou guys so much for all the support you give me, it makes me smile all the time.

Until the next one,


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