Last weeks first ever Movie Maker Monday seemed to go down quite well so i’m going to give you guys another one.

This weeks idea is a little less fleshed out but there is a bit more story for me to tell.

‘You are what I say you are’:

This is a story about a teenage boy who’s friendships are built upon the lies he has told them to make himself sound more appealing but then it all goes downhill, or does it? There are many hidden supernatural elements to this story which come to play towards the very end, when the main character finds out he has the power to be what he always wanted to be, a vampire.

The main characters name is Will and he’s a fairly tall guy with dark hair and mesmerising blue eyes. The Story would begin with Will walking around school like he is the most untouchable guy in the world, as an audience we would pick up on all the lies he was telling and we would be able to tell that these people don’t actually like Will, but they like the person Will is pretending to be.

As the story progresses, Will’s best friend passes away and he is left with no one he can truly be himself with and then things start go from bad to worse for Will. Someone makes up a vile rumour that Will said he never even liked his friend who died and people believe it and instantly turn on him without giving him a chance to respond and own up to all his lies and regret.Will goes from being the most popular kid in the school to being worried who he’s going to walk in to around the corner.

Before his best friend died, Will and him always felt like they were not meant for this time and place, they knew deep in their hearts that they were on this earth for a greater purpose but they could never find their destiny. Whatever darkness that was inside Will was evened out by how light and loving his best friend was, that was there power, together they were stronger. They both always knew how strong they were as a pair but could never really find a way to use there strength.

One day in school Will makes friends with a girl called Taliyah and they become really close, she opens up to him about this world just beyond our vision and that she is something called a ‘Psychic’ and she has these crazy abilities that range from talking to the dead, reading minds and controlling the weather. At first Will thinks it’s all a joke but as he is with Taliyah more and more he realises she’s telling the truth and that this is his purpose, to help Taliyah. However, something always bothered Will because he never truly understood why she chose him to be friends with and to tell all of her secrets to, until one day she tells Will why she stays so close to him, it’s to protect him because he has the blood and the heritage to become a Vampire.

I always wanted the act of becoming a Vampire to be a little different in this story, the way it works is you have to have a certain blood type and you have to have ancestors from the first Vampire family. Then if you decide it, you drink your own blood and kill yourself to turn in to a Vampire.

At first Will thinks Taliyah’s gone mad but then he realises that it feels right, he’s never felt like he truly knew who he was and that’s why he always told all of these lies to seem cool, he was trying to figure out who he was.

The way this first book/movie would end is kind of crazy. Will would be walking through the woods towards Taliyah’s house one evening when suddenly his dead best friend runs at him from the shadows and screams at him “RUN! They are coming!” but Will is completely confused how his friend is alive and why he has blood gushing from his neck. His best friend shakes him and says “WILL! I found out the truth! We have to run, I’ll explain on the way!”

I really enjoy this story because there is so much depth to Will and I connect with him on a truly personal level. Adding the supernatural elements gave me so many different options and added some excitement and mystery. I can definitely see me self writing this story about  Will some day because I have too much story here to never do anything with it. Also, I never gave Will’s best friend a name so I’m sorry if it was a little tedious reading the words ‘best friend over and over again.

What do you guys think of the idea?

Thanks for reading guys.




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