This review is dark and full of spoilers.

The producers of the show definitely had a lot of fun shooting down fan theories this week; such as Cleganebowl, Lady Stoneheart and there being more to the Arya and the Waif storyline.

As we go through some of the best moments from the episode I’ll briefly mention these theories, lets dive straight in.

The Hound and the Brotherhood:

As last week foreshadowed, the first time we see the Hound he’s after the members of the Brotherhood without banners that killed everyone in his settlement. Sandor finds them and in typical Game of Thrones fashion he slices a couple of guys heads off and then slams his axe in to another guys crotch (The sound effect of his bits falling on the floor made me want to cry). However, the one the Hound really wanted wore a yellow cloak so he chased him down next. Just having Lem Lemoncloak in the show is a huge shoutout to Lady Stoneheart because he is one of her main followers in the books, but when we see him he has a noose tied around his neck along with a couple of his men. We then get a huge reveal, Beric and Thoros are back! I genuinely smiled when we see these characters again because they are so interesting and bring me back to the gold old days of seasons two and three. Also, they both look like they’ve seen some sh*t since we last saw them, they look like they are extremely tired but they can’t stop following their mission. Beric and Thoros give The Hound a decision to make, he can join them for a much greater purpose, which I’m guessing is heading North to deal with the Whitewalkers or he can be nobody. I think we all known Sandor is going to join them which completely shuts down the Cleganebowl theory, at least for this season. I was one of the people that was betting on it and was really excited for it but truth be told I’m just glad The Hound’s back because he is my favourite character on the show, he’s not only an interesting guy but he’s laugh out loud funny.

Arya kills the Waif:

After Arya’s escape last week, so many different theories popped up and I’ll be honest, all of them were wrong. There was a couple things people got correct but overall we were all wrong. Fan theories are always cooler than the way things actually turn out anyway. So, we see that Arya is hiding out with the actress that plays Cersie. Honestly, I really liked her because it was genuinely some of the first mother like moments Arya has had with someone since season one. However, the Waif finds them and completely mangles up the actress, to be honest it was really nasty, she looked like her body was completely folded around a chair. Anyway, we get a few scenes of the Waif chasing Arya throughout Bravos, back to where Arya was hanging out a few episodes ago. The Waif gives her ‘what are your last words’ speech but then Arya picks up needle and blows out the candle because she’s learnt to fight blind, so how could the Waif beat her in the dark? The next scene we see Jaqen following a blood trail through the Hall of Many Faces only to find the Waif’s face on the wall with her eyes stabbed out of her sockets. Arya confronts Jaqen about sending the Waif to kill her, Jaqen says how she is finally no one but Arya isn’t having any of that and says she is ‘Arya Stark of Winterfell’ and that she is going home. Jaqen smile when she says this shows that there is still some of humanity left inside of him and that a part of him was rooting for this outcome all along. Where will Arya turn up next? I think it will be a case of her turning up wearing someone elses face and then revealing it to be her.I’m glad all this Bravos stuff is all over now, lets get Arya home and part of the greater story.

Other Important Moments:

  • Tommen announcing that Trial By Combat will no longer be allowed is another huge slap in the face to the Cleganebowl theory. Tommen isn’t stupid, he knows how much his mother is going to get torn apart in her trail and having the Mountain fight someone was her ace in the sleeve. Will Cersie go all mad queen and burn the red keep or the sept of Baelor to the ground? I hope so.
  • The Great Masters have come back to Mereen to lay siege on the city after all Tyrion did to make a deal with them. Daenerys turns up on Drogon and walks in with a ‘Really? I live for five minutes and there’s a war on’ look on her face. I just want to see Dany do something! Come on! Go fight!
  • Varys has left Mereen on a secret mission to gain friends in Kings Landing. This definitely has some meaning so I’m intrigued to see where he goes and who he tries to recruit.

Now, I’m going to complain a little bit, I’m sorry. Some of the writing this season has been a little squiffy and there has been so many inconsistencies, especially with Arya’s storyline in the last couple of episodes. The writers keep saying how they can finish Game of Thrones in thirteen more episodes but if it’s at this pace I don’t want them to. Seeing people teleport across the land during a sixty minute episode is confusing and just doesn’t look good. The way I can tell that the writing this season is a little off is because it doesn’t feel like there is a huge battle next week. There has been so little build up to it because of all the skipping that it’s difficult to be excited for the episode next week, the only reason I am excited is because it’s Game of Thrones. All I can say is these last two episodes better be worth it, they have been hyped up so much so they better be worth the time this season.

Episode rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys.



One thought on “Game of Thrones S6 Episode 8 review.

  1. Good stuff. To piggypag on your point… some people think he may be the Harpy since he flees the city just before the siege. Coincidence? I don’t think the show writers have it in them for a twist of that magnitude. But it’s fun to theorize.

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