Movie Maker Monday #2

Last weeks first ever Movie Maker Monday seemed to go down quite well so i’m going to give you guys another one.

This weeks idea is a little less fleshed out but there is a bit more story for me to tell.

‘You are what I say you are’:

This is a story about a teenage boy who’s friendships are built upon the lies he has told them to make himself sound more appealing but then it all goes downhill, or does it? There are many hidden supernatural elements to this story which come to play towards the very end, when the main character finds out he has the power to be what he always wanted to be, a vampire.

The main characters name is Will and he’s a fairly tall guy with dark hair and mesmerising blue eyes. The Story would begin with Will walking around school like he is the most untouchable guy in the world, as an audience we would pick up on all the lies he was telling and we would be able to tell that these people don’t actually like Will, but they like the person Will is pretending to be.

As the story progresses, Will’s best friend passes away and he is left with no one he can truly be himself with and then things start go from bad to worse for Will. Someone makes up a vile rumour that Will said he never even liked his friend who died and people believe it and instantly turn on him without giving him a chance to respond and own up to all his lies and regret.Will goes from being the most popular kid in the school to being worried who he’s going to walk in to around the corner.

Before his best friend died, Will and him always felt like they were not meant for this time and place, they knew deep in their hearts that they were on this earth for a greater purpose but they could never find their destiny. Whatever darkness that was inside Will was evened out by how light and loving his best friend was, that was there power, together they were stronger. They both always knew how strong they were as a pair but could never really find a way to use there strength.

One day in school Will makes friends with a girl called Taliyah and they become really close, she opens up to him about this world just beyond our vision and that she is something called a ‘Psychic’ and she has these crazy abilities that range from talking to the dead, reading minds and controlling the weather. At first Will thinks it’s all a joke but as he is with Taliyah more and more he realises she’s telling the truth and that this is his purpose, to help Taliyah. However, something always bothered Will because he never truly understood why she chose him to be friends with and to tell all of her secrets to, until one day she tells Will why she stays so close to him, it’s to protect him because he has the blood and the heritage to become a Vampire.

I always wanted the act of becoming a Vampire to be a little different in this story, the way it works is you have to have a certain blood type and you have to have ancestors from the first Vampire family. Then if you decide it, you drink your own blood and kill yourself to turn in to a Vampire.

At first Will thinks Taliyah’s gone mad but then he realises that it feels right, he’s never felt like he truly knew who he was and that’s why he always told all of these lies to seem cool, he was trying to figure out who he was.

The way this first book/movie would end is kind of crazy. Will would be walking through the woods towards Taliyah’s house one evening when suddenly his dead best friend runs at him from the shadows and screams at him “RUN! They are coming!” but Will is completely confused how his friend is alive and why he has blood gushing from his neck. His best friend shakes him and says “WILL! I found out the truth! We have to run, I’ll explain on the way!”

I really enjoy this story because there is so much depth to Will and I connect with him on a truly personal level. Adding the supernatural elements gave me so many different options and added some excitement and mystery. I can definitely see me self writing this story about  Will some day because I have too much story here to never do anything with it. Also, I never gave Will’s best friend a name so I’m sorry if it was a little tedious reading the words ‘best friend over and over again.

What do you guys think of the idea?

Thanks for reading guys.



Why I’m excited for Doctor Strange

Later this year we’re going to be getting the next movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and obviously, I’m very excited.

I think that this Doctor Strange movie will be extremely different to anything we’ve seen from Marvel so far and that’s why it will be awesome.

Lets go through some of my reasons for being so excited about Doctor Strange.

Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Steven Strange:

I’m a huge fan of Sherlock and I think Cumberbatch is absolutely sensational in it, it’s precisely what drew me to him and since then I’ve seen him in films such as War Horse, The Imitation Game and Black Mass. He’s one of those people that has become a big start over the last five years and now he looks set to take over the MCU. The role of Doctor Strange is going to be perfect for Cumberbatch because he can use some of his cockiness from Sherlock to portray the role. In many ways Steven Strange is similar to Tony Stark (they have the same facial hair, it’s weird) and this could potentially mean that in the coming years Marvel want Cumberbatch to be the face of their movies just like Robert Downey Jr is in many ways now. I don’t think anybody can complain with the casting because he truly is an awesome actor that can play many different roles and I’m beyond excited to see his take on Doctor Strange and where he takes it.

Introducing magic to the MCU:

We’ve always had small hints towards magic in the Marvel movies but never full on, mind blowing magic and that’s what we’re going to get with Doctor Strange. He doesn’t have an iron suit, he doesn’t have a hammer and he doesn’t turn green when gets mad (probably more of a soft red kind of colour….RED HULK CONFIRMED), what Doctor Strange does have is the ability to manipulate dimensions and physics all around him. It’s going to have to take some crazy CGI to make it look good but we all know that Marvel can do it and that’s another reason why I’m so excited; Marvel have the ability to make something that isn’t real look sensational. I’ve not read too many Doctor Strange comics but I do know that no one truly knows the extent of his magic and what he can do, he almost has an infinite source of energy to use when he pleases. Magic is going to be a big part of what’s to come in the MCU, leading in to my next point…

Doctor Strange will be crucial in Infinity War:

If the movies make Doctor Strange as powerful as he can be in the comics then Thanos is in for a treat because Strange’s magic has the potential to stop a being such as him. Obviously Steven Strange couldn’t save the world solo but having him there is going to boost the Avengers massively and he could be the difference between saving the world and losing it to Thanos.

As you can see, I’m very exited for this movie but I’m also already excited to see Doctor Strange in future movies because that’s how cool the character is and I think people are going to love him.

Thanks for reading guys.



Game of Thrones S6 Episode 8 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

The producers of the show definitely had a lot of fun shooting down fan theories this week; such as Cleganebowl, Lady Stoneheart and there being more to the Arya and the Waif storyline.

As we go through some of the best moments from the episode I’ll briefly mention these theories, lets dive straight in.

The Hound and the Brotherhood:

As last week foreshadowed, the first time we see the Hound he’s after the members of the Brotherhood without banners that killed everyone in his settlement. Sandor finds them and in typical Game of Thrones fashion he slices a couple of guys heads off and then slams his axe in to another guys crotch (The sound effect of his bits falling on the floor made me want to cry). However, the one the Hound really wanted wore a yellow cloak so he chased him down next. Just having Lem Lemoncloak in the show is a huge shoutout to Lady Stoneheart because he is one of her main followers in the books, but when we see him he has a noose tied around his neck along with a couple of his men. We then get a huge reveal, Beric and Thoros are back! I genuinely smiled when we see these characters again because they are so interesting and bring me back to the gold old days of seasons two and three. Also, they both look like they’ve seen some sh*t since we last saw them, they look like they are extremely tired but they can’t stop following their mission. Beric and Thoros give The Hound a decision to make, he can join them for a much greater purpose, which I’m guessing is heading North to deal with the Whitewalkers or he can be nobody. I think we all known Sandor is going to join them which completely shuts down the Cleganebowl theory, at least for this season. I was one of the people that was betting on it and was really excited for it but truth be told I’m just glad The Hound’s back because he is my favourite character on the show, he’s not only an interesting guy but he’s laugh out loud funny.

Arya kills the Waif:

After Arya’s escape last week, so many different theories popped up and I’ll be honest, all of them were wrong. There was a couple things people got correct but overall we were all wrong. Fan theories are always cooler than the way things actually turn out anyway. So, we see that Arya is hiding out with the actress that plays Cersie. Honestly, I really liked her because it was genuinely some of the first mother like moments Arya has had with someone since season one. However, the Waif finds them and completely mangles up the actress, to be honest it was really nasty, she looked like her body was completely folded around a chair. Anyway, we get a few scenes of the Waif chasing Arya throughout Bravos, back to where Arya was hanging out a few episodes ago. The Waif gives her ‘what are your last words’ speech but then Arya picks up needle and blows out the candle because she’s learnt to fight blind, so how could the Waif beat her in the dark? The next scene we see Jaqen following a blood trail through the Hall of Many Faces only to find the Waif’s face on the wall with her eyes stabbed out of her sockets. Arya confronts Jaqen about sending the Waif to kill her, Jaqen says how she is finally no one but Arya isn’t having any of that and says she is ‘Arya Stark of Winterfell’ and that she is going home. Jaqen smile when she says this shows that there is still some of humanity left inside of him and that a part of him was rooting for this outcome all along. Where will Arya turn up next? I think it will be a case of her turning up wearing someone elses face and then revealing it to be her.I’m glad all this Bravos stuff is all over now, lets get Arya home and part of the greater story.

Other Important Moments:

  • Tommen announcing that Trial By Combat will no longer be allowed is another huge slap in the face to the Cleganebowl theory. Tommen isn’t stupid, he knows how much his mother is going to get torn apart in her trail and having the Mountain fight someone was her ace in the sleeve. Will Cersie go all mad queen and burn the red keep or the sept of Baelor to the ground? I hope so.
  • The Great Masters have come back to Mereen to lay siege on the city after all Tyrion did to make a deal with them. Daenerys turns up on Drogon and walks in with a ‘Really? I live for five minutes and there’s a war on’ look on her face. I just want to see Dany do something! Come on! Go fight!
  • Varys has left Mereen on a secret mission to gain friends in Kings Landing. This definitely has some meaning so I’m intrigued to see where he goes and who he tries to recruit.

Now, I’m going to complain a little bit, I’m sorry. Some of the writing this season has been a little squiffy and there has been so many inconsistencies, especially with Arya’s storyline in the last couple of episodes. The writers keep saying how they can finish Game of Thrones in thirteen more episodes but if it’s at this pace I don’t want them to. Seeing people teleport across the land during a sixty minute episode is confusing and just doesn’t look good. The way I can tell that the writing this season is a little off is because it doesn’t feel like there is a huge battle next week. There has been so little build up to it because of all the skipping that it’s difficult to be excited for the episode next week, the only reason I am excited is because it’s Game of Thrones. All I can say is these last two episodes better be worth it, they have been hyped up so much so they better be worth the time this season.

Episode rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys.


Movie Maker Monday #1

Hey guys, this is going to be the first ever Movie maker Monday on this page. What I’ll be doing is telling you guys about an idea for a movie/book that I’ve had over the years and we’ll just have a look at the plot, the characters and anything else I want to share with you.

Without further or do, let’s dive straight in to my idea.


The title I gave this draft was ‘Rise’ and it’s given that name because of the story it tells. The plot of this idea was that there would be an uprising from the poor that would lead to chaos throughout the city. We would be seeing a story through two different men’s eyes; one of them would be a very poor individual who lived in the streets and the other was a rich prince who lived in a castle.

Because I’m obsessed with history and I love Game of Thrones, the setting would be medieval but I never wanted to be specific on a date because I liked to leave that open to interpretation. The poorer of the two men would have a job at a brothel which barely paid enough for him to eat that week, whilst the richer man would have no trouble with money and trained to become a famous warrior every day in the courtyards at the castle.

I never got as far as naming the places where all this took place but I did name a few of the people. The poor guy was named Charlie and the rich one was named Henry. Charlie was a guy of average height and didn’t really look like anything special; he had small green eyes with short dirty blonde hair, the one thing Charlie did have going for him was that he was exceedingly strong for someone who definitely didn’t look it. Henry was to be Charlie’s better in every way; he was very tall and had fantastic definition in his muscles. He too had dirty blonde hair but it was much longer, almost shoulder length and it was complemented by his big blue eyes. (Look, I’m not saying people with blue eyes are better than people with green ones but….I have blue eyes sooooo….)

During Charlie’s chapters we would follow his amazing story of revenge and desire. Charlie’s storyline would mainly consist of him getting sick of the way the rich treat everyone below them and he wants to put a stop to it. He tries to rally as many of the poor as he can and leads them on a journey there is no going back from.

Henry’s early chapters would consist of him being a pompous pr*ck on his horse, training himself in the arts of combat. When he learns of this uprising, he thinks that it’s all a big joke to be honest and that he could deal with the poor with only fifty decent soldiers. However, when he sees the severity of everything that’s going on around him, he has a serious change in personality and becomes a true leader.

I really enjoy the idea of following these very different people that want to do very different things but will eventually find themselves in the same place. But what’s a good story without a twist eh? Without wanting to spoil too much (who knows I may write this one day?) the civil war doesn’t happen because a deal is made between the Queen and Charlie. This would lead in to three novels or a movie trilogy because at the start of the second movie/book the poor would hate Charlie and everything he stands for.

Honestly, I regret never really writing this and if you guys like the rough ideas I have then let me know because I really like the ideas I have so far.

Thanks for reading my first ever Movie maker Monday guys!


Liebster Award Q&A


Firstly, I would like to thank Delvin Cox ( for the nomination! I woke up to this and was pleasantly surprised! You guys should definitely check out their site.

Here are the rules :

  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you
  • Answer the 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  • Nominate 11 bloggers of your own choosing
  • Give them 11 questions
  • Let the bloggers know you nominated them

Delvin Cox’s questions to me and the answers:

1: What made you decide to write a blog?

It came from nowhere really, I’ve always had this great love for creative writing and my mother told me about this site and that’s where it started. I also really enjoying sharing my opinion to.

2: What keeps you going each day to continue to write?

There’s a couple things really. Seeing people viewing my work and liking it really gives me motivation and you need motivation to keep doing something like this. But the main reason I keep going is because of how much I genuinely enjoy it, it’s my escapism from the world for an hour and I love that.

3: Who are your role models or people that inspire you?

My mother inspires me all the time, she has had to deal with a lot in her life, not to count the fact she’s had to bring up four boys by herself. But she keeps going and most the time with a smile on her face, if anyone on this planet is my inspiration it’s her.

4: Are there any future projects we can look forward to?

In terms of on my personal page, I will soon be uploading a few short stories that I’m really quite nervous to share with people. But if we’re thinking off here then soon I’m starting a podcast and a YouTube channel which will be exciting!

5: What are some of your hobbies when you are not writing?

I like to chill out and play video games from time to time, it used to be a lot more but I’ve found a love for other things. I also love to read, I’m currently reading The Hobbit which I’m enjoying.

6: Favourite TV shows and movies?

TV Show: Game of Thrones   Movie: The Dark Knight

7: Favourite podcast to listen to?

I listen to The Weekly Planet on a regular basis and it’s really quite fantastic! Full of laughs and some good information to.

8: What is your favourite music genre and who is your favourite artist?

My favourite genre is probably rock and Muse will be my all time favourite band, probably for the past eight years Muse have been a big part of my life so I can’t say they’re not my favourite.

9: Most disappointing movie you have seen this year?

Is that a question? Batman Vs Superman was by far the most disappointing movie of this year so far.

10: Your social media handles? (so people can follow you)

My facebook:

My Twitter:

11: Marvel or DC?

ummmmmmm……….DC comics but Marvel Movies and TV shows.

My Nominees are:

1: Keith Noakes (

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11: The Daily Woj (

Here are my questions:

1: Least favourite movie and why?

2: How long have you had a page on WordPress?

3: What inspires you to keep writing?

4: Favourite superhero?

5: Do you like video games? If so, whats your favourite?

6: Favourite book?

7: If you could have any superpower what would it be?

8: Who’s your favourite TV/movie character and why?

9: Do you have a tip for people who would like to start writing on WordPress?

10: If you could travel to any point in time and live there, where would you go?

11: Social media outlets (so people can follow you)

Have fun answering my questions and a big thanks again to Delvin Cox for nominating me!

Thanks for reading guys.


Why I’m excited for Suicide Squad.

It’s only a couple of months now until the release of the highly anticipated Suicide Squad movie. After the disappointing display of Batman Vs Superman, DC (and me to be honest) are hopeful that this next movie can kick start the entire universe and get people excited for what’s to come.

I’m just going to do a short list of the things I’m looking forward to the most in the Suicide Squad movie.

Margot Robbie’s portrayal of Harley Quinn: 

After the release of the first trailer, lots of hardcore Harley Quinn fans were unhappy because of the lack of ‘Harley’ voice. Honestly, this is just people not being able to accept change, this movie is NOT based on the Arkham games and there are several portrayals where Harley doesn’t have her her pitched accent. Personally, I think that the voice Margot Robbie is putting on is pretty awesome and it puts her own kind of stamp on the character which is always a good thing to do. Clearly the writers at DC think Robbie is doing a great job as it’s already in the works to do a Harley Quinn spin-off movie (Not that I really trust the writers at DC to make decisions). The costume that they have put together for Harley in this movie looks very cool, Margot definitely rocks the hair style and the trashy make up (Yet somehow she still looks insanely attractive?). I’m a big fan of the outfit in general, it captures the craziness of Harley Quinn and also the mild sexiness that comes with her character.

I really think Margot Robbie is going to do a fantastic job as Harley Quinn, I hope that we’ll get to see more of the character if all goes well. DC definitely need to expand there universe and also make it a bit more fun.

Jared Leto as the Joker:

I won’t lie, at the start I wasn’t all that impressed with the new Joker look, all his tattoos looked dumb and his hair was just weird. However, after seeing him in the trailers my opinion has completely changed, I think he looks fantastic and similar to what Margot is doing with Harley, he’s putting his own stamp on the character. Jared Leto’s joker looks so different to the late Heath Ledger’s but that could be a good thing, we don’t need the same Joker that was in the Dark Knight series, this is a new universe and we need something different. If this Joker is cool then everyone will completely overlook the way he looks because that’s what people do. I really do think that people need to stop already trying to compare this Joker to previous ones, just let him be his own thing! It’ll be great, I’m confident in that.

Jared Leto’s role as the joker will definitely be analysed the most out of all the characters in the movie but hopefully he coasts through everyone’s criticisms and creates a new and amazing Joker.

The PG-13 rating:

Yesterday it was announced that the Suicide Squad movie will have a PG-13 rating. At first I was a little disappointed to here that because I was hoping for it to be a lot more violent and full on given the characters on display. However, after giving it some thought, I actually think it’s a good idea to give this movie a lighter tone purely because it’s going to kick-start this universe and they can’t do that with audience of just adults. Children are such a big audience that bring in so much money so in order to keep these movies flowing (even if they’re bad) the studio will need to earn a lot of money. I know Deadpool made crazy money and that was R-rated but Deadpool is completely different, his fan base is crazy and has never received a true interpretation of the character (X-MEN ORIGINS WOLVERINE DID NOT HAVE DEADPOOL AS A CHARACTER! THAT WASN’T DEADPOOL!). 

I’m cool with the PG-13 rating now, it’ll give everyone a chance to enjoy a new movie with a lot of characters that are loved by people old and young.

Other things I’m excited for in the Suicide Squad:

  • I’m sceptical about Will Smith’s interpretation of Deadshot, it hasn’t won me over yet. However, I’m hopeful that by the end of the movie I’ll like his portrayal of the character.
  • I am so excited to see Batman in the film. Batman was probably the best part of the Dawn of Justice movie and I really look forward to seeing how this new Joker and Batman interact and what there on-screen chemistry is like.
  • I’m also quite excited to see Killer Croc in the film, in the trailers he looks kind of strange and quiet but I’m sure that on the big screen he will look fantastic.

My hype levels for this movie are over nine thousand and I need August to hurry up.

Thanks for reading this guys, I had a lot of fun writing this one.




Game of Thrones S6 Episode seven review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


After last weeks ‘slower’ episode, this time round we get lots of returns and awesome scenes. Lets take a look at some of the best moments from the episode.

The return of the Hound:

The Hound is definitely up there for one of my favourite characters from the book or the show, he seems to have a battle with his conscience all the time and lets be honest, he’s just hilarious. Well, after two seasons, the rumours have been satisfied because we see Sandor Clegane with a group of people that seem very relaxed and quiet. At first it was kind of weird to see Sandor in this setting, wearing this clothes and with these kind of people, Ian McShane’s characters Ray picks up on this and discusses with  Sandor that there is another way of doing things. Ray is wearing a necklace with a seven pointed star on it, showing that he’s a septon but he isn’t a normal septon because it seems like he doesn’t know what he believes in but he uses the Gods as a focal point to grab peoples attention. At the end of the episode, we see the Hound again and he hears some cries and rushes back to his group which have been killed by the Brotherhood without banners. Sandor looks at Ray’s dead body and you can see that he is sad because he had deep respect for him and kind of admired him, he then turns to go pick up an axe and walks off.

I’m one hundred percent down to watch the Hound go round slicing and dicing people with an axe. It seems like the Hound will head in the direction I predicted, he will still kill people but he will do it for the right reasons. Maybe this will make Sandor more of a ‘man of God’ and therefore lead him to Kings Landing to fight his brother in a trial by combat. I’d love to see that.

Jaime and the Blackfish:

In some scenes ripped exactly from book four of the series, Jamie Lannister arrives at  Riverrun with eight thousand and tries to get the Blackfish to surrender. We get a cameo from Bronn, it was nice to see him but I just don’t feel the chemistry is there between him and Jaime, I feel it’s a bit forced and trying to be funny too much. Anyway, Jaime asks for an in person meeting with the Blackfish to discuss his surrender. They meet and the Blackfish just ruins him, Jaime thought he could walk all over him but Blackfish just says how he has all the provisions, he doesn’t care if Edmure is hanged and that he is disappointed in Jaime, that he expected more. Jaime’s face after this confrontation was fantastic, he knew that he just got f*cked up and that it isn’t going to be a simple task to take be this castle and get back to Cersie.

I really hope that when Brienne turns up at Riverrun next week that Jaime starts to go on a bit of a redemptive arc, just like he does in the books at this point. I don’t like Jaime being portrayed as villain because he has a lot of great qualities and is a really interesting person overall.

The Waif stabs Arya:

Toward the end of the episode, we see Arya securing passage back to Westeros, we don’t know where she intends to go but we do know she is definitely going back. It seems like it’s a very nice scene for Arya as she looks out at the Titan of Bravos for one of the last times; however an old lady comes over to her and then out of nowhere slices his stomach and stabs Arya repeatedly. I really didn’t expect that to happen that quickly and I don’t quite know how Arya is up and walking after it. I was shocked to see her stabbed a lot but it was obvious that it was the Waif coming to kill her. There is a really interesting theory that the Waif is actually the part of Arya’s conscience that wants to become no one and she is trying to drag her back, this is supported by the fact that the only people to ever see the Waif have been Arya and Jaqen. Even a few episodes ago when the Waif was beating up Arya in the streets, it was strange to see no one help a poor blind girl, maybe no one else can see her? It’s a very cool theory and I wouldn’t be surprised if it were true.

By the end of the season I really want Arya to be at least on her way back to Westeros. She has been in Bravos for two seasons and now it’s time to bring her back in to the big picture. Hopefully she gets rid of this Waif quickly.

Other Important moments:

  • Margery is pretending to be a completely changed woman and it seems like everyone is falling for it, including the High Sparrow. I have no idea what Margery plans to do but I’m pretty sure it’ll involve destroying the Faith Militant.
  • We learn that Yara and Theon are going to head towards Mereen and try to make a deal with Daenerys. If Tyrion doesn’t make a joke about Theon and Varys both not having a d*ck I’ll be disappointed.

Episode rating: 8.5

The Hound’s return rating: 100

I can’t believe we are down to the last three episodes of the season already, it’s gone by so fast and I’m definitely going to need to re-watch it after the finale. Things are going to go crazy in the next few episodes and I’m excited to see some blood, shocks and highly intensive moments.

Thanks for reading guys.