This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Let’s take a look at some of the best moments from this week’s Arrow finale.


The Arrow kills Damien Darhk:

In a scenario in which Oliver has to kill Damien Darhk or watch the world be blown up, Oliver decides that he has to defeat Darhk, once and for all. For the beginning parts of the fights, Darhk is just toying with Oliver because he knows that he is so much stronger than him and to be honest it’s one of those finales where the bad guy should have probably won. However, in an act of pure cheese, members of the city team up and help try to get rid of Darhk, not only is this dumb because these are just normal people up against someone powered with magic; but it’s dumb because the ordinary civilians genuinely beat Darhk’s men! They beat up a load of trained soldiers, with their firsts and the soldiers had guns! This really bugged me because it’s just lazy and silly. All these people rising up to help the Arrow take down Darhk, consequently gives Oliver the magic power he needs to stop Darhk and then kill him! The Arrow doesn’t beat Darhk because he is a superhero; he beats him because a group of fifty people believe in him? What? Please. I liked the actual fighting between Darhk and the Arrow but the rest of the scene was beyond dumb and was a pitiful demise for a pretty cool villain.

Oliver becomes the Mayor of Star City:

With the city and the world saved, the leaders of Star City decide that it’s a good idea to put Oliver Queen in charge of the city for a while. Simply because people liked him when he first ran for Mayor and the city really could use a leader that inspires hope. I’m actually okay with Oliver becoming Mayor, it happens in the comics and hopefully they can do some good story arcs with it, it seems like we’re going to get to see a lot more Oliver Queen next season which will be cool. I’m totally down for forgetting about this season and moving on.

Other moments:

  • Everyone leaves Team Arrow except for Oliver and Felicity, its fine though; they’ll all be back by the end of episode one next season.
  • The flashbacks are taking Oliver to Russia, hopefully that throws up something interesting.


Arrow Season 4 finale rating: 6.5

Arrow Season 4 rating: 6

Damien Darhk rating: 7.5


I’m ready to forget about this season and move on to the next.


Thanks for reading guys.





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