This review is dark and full of spoilers.


It has been a fantastic year for superhero films and TV shows but honestly, The Flash takes the biscuit with just how good the last ten episodes of the season were.

Lets take a look at some of the best moments from the season two finale of The Flash.

Zoom challenges Barry to a race:

After Zoom kills Henry Allen, Barry goes on a revenge craze and rightly so, any person with superpowers who had just lost their father would go mad with revenge. After his dad’s funeral, Barry meets Zoom and is challenged to a race, if Barry wins then Zoom will go, would sound good to Barry right? However, Team Flash are right when they decide that Barry needs to be locked up because if he tries to race Zoom with revenge as his goal, he will lose. The team also work out that Zoom wants to use the speed force of The Flash and himself to amplify the magneter and destroy the infinite earths that are out there, thus creating a ‘crisis on infinite Earths’.

After Team Flash lock Barry up, they come up with a plan to throw Zoom back to Earth Two and close the breaches forever. They succeed in sending Zoom back, however he takes Joe with him and even though they made a deal to close the breach no matter what, someone wasn’t going to let that happen. One of the only things I’ve liked seeing Wally do this season is after he finds out Joe is gone, he goes and releases Barry (Thank you Wally, you did good). Barry goes and tells everyone that the only way to stop Zoom and save Joe is to race the man that killed his father, and that’s exactly what he does.

During Zoom and Barry’s race, the energy powers the magneter and Flash has to stop Zoom before it destroys infinite earths. Barry uses something he saw Zoom do earlier to win this race, he creates a time remnant of himself and whilst one goes and saves Joe, the other has to fight Zoom. Whilst the real Barry is fighting Zoom, his time remnant uses all of its energy to destroy the magneter and saves all the Earths, consequently killing himself in the process. Furthermore, because Barry created this remnant the time wraiths come to his location but they decide that Zoom is the one they want and not Barry, because Zoom has affected the timeline the most. They drag Zoom to wherever they go and that is that, Zoom is gone. He’s not dead, he’s gone.

I have to say I have really enjoyed Zoom as the villain this season, not only does he look absolutely fantastic but his motives aren’t questionable, simply because he’s a psycho. He definitely helped in making this season fantastic.

The Man in the Iron Mask revealed: 

Since Barry and Cisco went to Earth Two for the first time, everyone has always wondered who the man in iron mask was. There were many theories, such as that it was another version of Hunter Zolomon, or that it was Barry and there was even a theory that it was Barry’s dead from Earth Two. Well, finally it is revealed that the man in the iron mask is in fact the real Jay Garrick from Earth Three and is also The Flash from the 90’s TV show. Not only is this fantastic writing but it’s a nod to the fans who have strongly followed the Flash throughout the years, it’s also really satisfying because we will get to see John Wesley Shipp again from a different Earth, so really we’re not losing the actor. There were many fans this year who were annoyed because the show was making Jay Garrick look like a bad guy, even though in the comics he is a hero, well now everyone can be happy because the real Jay Garrick is The Flash

This reveal was absolutely fantastic and I can’t complain one bit, It’s even better because it’s a bit confusing and ambiguous.

Other moments from the finale I enjoyed:

  • Even though I didn’t actually enjoy it, I’m glad Barry and Iris’s kiss is out the way.
  • I’m sad to see Harrison and Jessie go back to Earth Two because I really like them both, but I’m sure they’ll be back.
  • I guess I should mention that finale scene? Probably. BARRY GOES BACK IN TIME AND SAVES HIS MOTHER. WHAT. BARRY. DUDE. WHAT. ARE YOU DUMB? I really didn’t expect this to be the cliffhanger for this season and again it’s some great writing that’s done it. This opens up so many possibilities for Season three, I can’t begin to predict what the consequences of this act will be. BARRY YOU’RE MAD. HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY END WELL? BRO.

The Flash Season Two Finale rating: 8.4

The Flash Season Two Finale Cliffhanger rating: 9.5

Zoom rating: 9

The Flash Season Two rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys! The Flash will be back in October, expect more Flash related stuff around then.


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One thought on “The Flash Season Two Finale Review.

  1. I have to say that I actually didn’t like season 2 of The Flash as much as season 1. I also find Iris pretty annoying and obnoxious though I liked her at first. I TOTALLY agree with you about Barry going back and time and saving his mother! What were the writers thinking?! I watched a trailer for season 3 though and it seemed kind of cool so we’ll see. I found the trailer on IMDb if you’re interested.

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