Game of Thrones S6 Episode 5 review.

This review is Stark and full of spoilers (Okay, I’ll stop trying to make jokes)


This weeks episode ‘The Door’ is full of plot set ups and emotional scenes. Lets take a look at what some of the characters got up to.

Jon and Sansa leave Castle Black:

Last week it was decided that Jon and Sansa were going to try and rally the North to try and take down the Bolton’s that are occupying Winterfell. It was really cool to see lots of different northern houses mentioned that haven’t been in the show so far, however I do doubt that we will get to see all of them but it’s still a nice name drop. It’s a really interesting dynamic between Sansa and Jon because the latter will be leading the entire army and is the reason about two thousand of the troops are fighting but with his current name he can’t hold Winterfell. So basically, Jon is a soldier for Sansa right now until it is decided that he different heritage and can in fact claim Winterfell as his own. I’m not too happy with how little the show is giving Melisandre to say or do, I mean she just brought Jon back to life three episodes ago! She deserves more screen time! I genuinely think she is one of the most interesting characters on the show and I would love to see more of her. I’m going to guess that by episode eight the Battle of the Bastards will be ready to go and honestly I cannot wait to see another huge fight.


Although the Kingsmoot in the show was portrayed very differently to how it’s done in the books, I loved it and full credit to Pilou Asbæk as Euron Greyjoy because his performance in this scene was phenomenal. It’s one of those moments where you truly believe that the most well known people will succeed, in this case it’s Theon and Yara. However, Euron just comes on in humiliating Theon for his lack of penis and just speaking the truth, that there has never been a Queen of the Iron Islands. As good of an actor as Alfie Allen (Theon) is I just think that Euron really stole this scene. Even though in the books Euron sends his brother to go and tame the dragon Queen, in the show they are just simplifying it and giving all the storyline to Euron, which I’m not opposed to at all because I really like the actors portrayal of the character. Seeing Euron become king forces Theon and Yara to run away and I’m really interested to see where they run to, it’s not something that’s easy to predict because eventually by the end of this season everyone will be ready for the war against the White Walkers or they will be on there way for it.

Hold the door:

Without the permission of the Three-eyed Raven, Bran joins him in his vision and sees all of the White Walkers, and because Bran doesn’t know enough yet and isn’t patient, he gets grabbed by The Night’s King which leaves a mark on his body in real time, this allows the White Walkers to enter the cave and try and kill them. It’s not one hundred percent obvious why they would want to kill the Three-eyed Raven but maybe he was more of a threat than what we thought he was.

When the Night’s King and his followers are entering the cave Bran and his teacher are in the past, back in Winterfell. However, because in real time Meera is screaming for Bran to wake up and warg in to Hodor and Bran hears her from back in time. (It’s all very timey whimey and confusing here but bare with me) Bran successfully wargs in to Hodor whilst staying in the past and uses him to try and escape the thousands of Whites that are chasing them. They get out of the door and Meera screams “Hold the door” at Hodor and then the Hodor in the past goes in to fit shouting “Hold the door” over and over again which eventually moulds in to Hodor. This was so emotional because we were seeing the origin of Hodor whilst Hodor himself was actually dying and we see that it’s all Bran’s fault. I can honestly say that I have never cried watching Game of Thrones, not of sadness anyway. But watching this scene sent shivers up my spine and I couldn’t stop myself from crying, Hodor is the only genuine character on the show and his entire life has been the way it is because his best friend made a mistake. I hated watching Hodor die, I hate Game of Thrones. You would think that after all these shocks and hurtful moments that It would not bother me so much anymore but it did, it hurt like crazy.

On the other hand, It’s really interesting to know that Bran can warg in to someone in real time whilst being in the past and he can still effect the past. He is truly the most powerful being on the show and now he has all the knowledge of the Three-eyed Raven.

Other important moments or moments I enjoyed:

  • Daenerys and the Khalasar are on there way back to Mereen. I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they see the Dothraki role up, it’s going to be awesome.
  • Tyrion recruiting a red priestess is really interesting because it now means that the two most notable characters on the show, Jon and Daenerys will both have The Red God by their side.
  • We got the origin of the Night’s King in the show, it turns out that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers to help them with their fight against men and they lost control of them. It’s very poetic that the one thing that looks set to destroy mankind was created because mankind were destroying people.
  • I don’t know if I’m reading in to this too much but I have a theory that all the Gods are actually the same God. The way the new Red Woman was saying things that matched up with things Jaqen H’gar was saying to Arya about the Many Faced God. And the fact that it is named ‘The Many Faced God’ just makes me feel that it’s all the God’s combined, including the Red God. Maybe everything is coming in to one line and one moment, that battle against the White Walkers.
  • Speaking of Arya, she has been told to kill a women that is an actress who plays Cersie Lannister, could this mean that after she does this Jaqen will tell her to kill the Queen mother or that eventually Arya will cross her name off her list. I’m really excited for some epic face changing moments from Arya in the rest of this season, perhaps she will show up as a character, kill someone important and then take her face off, now that would be epic.

This was a fantastic episode. Can’t believe I cried at the episode and it shows that this show never really loses its quality, it’s amazing television. Can’t wait for next week as we move in to the last few episodes of the season!

Episode rating: 9

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