This review is dark and full of spoilers.

I’m going to take a look at a couple of the best moments from the finale itself and then I’ll give my opinion on the season as a whole.

Lets go.

Damon and Enzo make a sacrifice:

After last weeks reveal that Bonnie was going to try and kill all her friends, everyone tries to work out a way to try and save her from this death ridden mission. Enzo figures that if someone destroys the body of the last shaman around that had help in the spell that made Bonnie what she is, then the spell would be reversed. However, there’s a catch (There is always a catch) the coffin that is  holding the shaman is in the armoury, the same armoury that has been spelled shut by Bonnie because of the ‘evil’ that’s inside. Damon gets Caroline and Alaric to agree that the best way to help Bonnie is opening the armoury and in order to open it they need their children to syphon the spell. We get to see a glimpse of the girls powers as they successfully open the door and Damon and Stefan head inside.

Damon and Stefan have a nice moment here, it’s basically Damon telling his brother that this time he’s going to make a sacrifice for everyone else. He says he will go in to the vault alone. I really enjoyed this moment, I always like it when the brothers are on good terms, there the best part about this show.

Damon goes inside the vault and to his surprise it was easy to find the coffin and burn the shaman’s body. I found it kind of annoying that this worked and Bonnie is just fine, I was really looking forward to a really dark and broken version of Bonnie in season eight but just like most plots this season, it lasted a couple episodes.

As Damon is about to leave the vault he hears Elena’s voice, she is talking to him, asking for his help. As anyone would, Damon follows the voice and the screen cuts to black. The next time we see Damon it’s because Enzo is sacrificing his sanity to save his best friend and the person that saved his girlfriend. Enzo secretly enters the vault and sees a very crazy looking Damon who manically laughs and tells Enzo that after a while it’s quite fun. Then suddenly some weird ass creature grabs Enzo’s head and drags him in to the dark. not only did this look amazing but it gives off the feel that the show is opening up doors to even more supernatural entity’s (Supernatural, Vampire Diaries crossover yeah!!).

The very last scene from the episode is Damon and Enzo cutting someone’s throat and hanging him up, then the camera pans out and it’s revealed that they are have been doing this to hundreds of people. I find this interesting because neither of them bit the person they killed and just murdered them and hung them up. Perhaps this is all food for the great evil from the vault? I’m genuinely excited to find out what that is.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Caroline and  Stefan finally shared there moment. Satisfying all Steroline fans out there.
  • Bonnie looks broken as the two people closest to her have been taken away from her and she has no magic to help find them.

Season 7 as a whole:

Honestly, this season has been rather disappointing. The first ten episodes are easily forgettable as it was just the Salvatore brothers trying to fight Julian and the heretics. I never enjoyed the heretics but at the same time they weren’t used in a good way at all, sometimes they were weak and others they were overpowered. After the three year flash forwards finally settled down, we actually got a little bit of continuity in the season and we understood what was going on.

Although we understood stuff, the show never felt like it had any purpose until the last few episodes. The armoury basically came out of nowhere and ended up having a vault full of evil, it’s so cliché and lazy!

Even when we got to the last few episodes it felt as if the writers didn’t really know how they wanted to end the season. Too many twists and turns that didn’t line up and just made the episodes boring. I could tell the actors weren’t invested in their roles this season, some of the acting was below par.

Overall, the only thing I can take from this season is that I’m excited for the next. That isn’t a good thing, I’m kind of glad the season is over and hopefully we can move on very quickly. I love this show and I would hate for it to end so poorly. The show really has lost some direction since Nina Dobrev left, I think maybe she regrets it to.

Vampire Diaries Season 7 finale rating: 6.8

Vampire Diaries Season 7 rating: 6

Please give us some good content next season!

Thanks for reading guys. I know I kind of roasted Vampire Diaries here but I had to give my honest opinion.



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