This review is DARHK and full of spoilers. (Don’t read on if you don’t understand that) 


Arrow season four has been rather disappointing if I’m honest, however, last week I finally liked an episode.

Lets see if Arrow can keep up the momentum.

Here are some of the best moments.

Darhk absorbs thousands of souls:

So last week Damien Darhk got access to most of the worlds nuclear codes and intends to use them to blow basically everyone up, not only does this give Hive their ‘new beginning’ but it also gives Darhk billions of souls to absorb making him unstoppable. The goal for Hive this episode was just that, they tried setting off nuclear missiles and it was up to Felicity and her father to try and stop that from happening. However, it was extremely unlikely that they could stop them all and honestly I would have been a little disappointed if they had but unfortunately (I guess fortunately for my sick mind) they failed in their attempts to stop all the missiles. One warhead was deployed and headed towards Monument Point where millions of people would have died  but Felicity Felicity could only manage to reroute it towards the smaller town of Havenrock where tens of thousands of people were wiped from existence. It’s going to be really quite interesting to see how hard Felicity takes this, obviously she saved a lot of people but she couldn’t save everyone an I think this is really going to bother her.

Whilst Felicity was dealing with the missiles, Oliver and Diggle worked out where Darhk was hiding and also knew he would be in something called a ‘nexus chamber’. When they arrive at Darhk’s lair we see him absorbing the tens of thousands of souls that died due to the explosion and because Darhk’s power feeds off death it’s going to make him truly formidable.

For the first time this season, I’m really excited to see what happens next week on Arrow and I just hope we see more of Damien Darhk because truth be told he’s been the only good part of this season so far.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Thea has to fight Anarchy because he is after Damien Darhk to get revenge on him. I really liked seeing Anarchy again but in terms of Thea, I love her on screen relationship with Malcolm Merlin and I’ve been a little disappointed with the lack of it this season .
  • I enjoyed seeing the calculator again, he’s a cool character and it gives Felicity some depth which is always good.
  • Diggle really looks like he is about to go off the deep end sometimes, everyone goes dark (Not Darhk) on Arrow at some point so it might just be Diggle’s turn.
  • Can the writers please stop giving Quentin so much screen time with Donna because no one cares about their relationship. Donna is annoying dude. Just stop.

I actually enjoyed this episode of Arrow, they were still some dumb moments but that is to be expected really. Looking forward to the last two episodes.

Episode rating: 7

Thanks for reading guys.

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