This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Last week Barry dispersed in to what looked like pure energy, this week we get the continuation of that story along with some other cool stuff.

Lets take a look at some of the best moments.

Barry meets the speed force:

In the comics, the speed force is explained in a very complicated and convoluted manor; therefore it would be really difficult to do the explanation justice on the show. Consequently, the show went for a more mystical approach on the speed force and it was really cool. At first we see Barry in his house and he sees Joe West but this thing reveals that it isn’t actually Joe and is the speed force just talking to Barry as something they thought would make Barry more comfortable. I was thinking at the time ‘boy this is really trippy’ and then Barry himself said “this is really trippy ” which was fantastic but this speed force inside of Joe’s body said that in order for Barry to get back to his friends he needs to catch this shadow looking thing.

When we see Barry again, the speed force is using Iris to try and get to Barry and the speed force inside Iris reveals that they are doing this to Barry because he hasn’t accepted the death of his mother yet. We learn that he has never visited his mother’s grave which means at points Barry thinks he can just go back and save her, it must be tempting. ‘Iris’ gives Barry a choice, he can either go back to his friends without his powers or he can catch this shadow and return with his speed. I find it really cool that the speed force can just decide to give and take away Barry’s speed like this but it leads me to question, why haven’t they taken Zooms?

Towards the end of the episode the speed force takes up the form of Barry’s mother before she tragically died. There was some great acting from Grant Gustin here as you could see the pain it was putting Barry through but at the same time it was easy to tell how satisfying it was for Barry to see her again. It took his mum (Mom for you Americans, of course I acknowledge my audience. But please just say mum) reading his favourite childhood book for Barry to truly accept his mothers death and that there isn’t really anything he can do about it and after he accepts this it’s easy for him to catch this shadow. Predictably, the shadow was just the speed force version of Barry and all they needed to do was reconnect and  Barry would get his speed.

I really enjoyed how mystical this all was, I personally found it really cool that they didn’t explain much and just gave us these ‘beings’ as the speed force. I hope we get to see the speed force again at some point soon, maybe it could be a way for them to defeat Zoom? Maybe they could find a way to put Zoom in there?

Zoom’s army:

The very last seconds of the episode show Zoom giving a speech about how they can take this earth and control it to there will, but we didn’t see who ‘they’ were until his speech concluded. Then the camera pans out and we see about fifty different bad guys ready to help Zoom destroy everything, I’m assuming that all these aren’t just from Earth Two and in fact some villains from Earth One have also joined Zoom.

We also got a glimpse of Earth Two Black Canary which was awesome! Can’t wait to see how badass she’s going to be.

Obviously, there are going to be a lot of villains we haven’t met yet and the team won’t know what they can do, it’s going to be really interesting to see how they deal with all these bad guys at the same time.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Barry waking up Jesse with some of his lightning was very interesting, perhaps he was giving him some of his speed force momentarily like in the comics?
  • We see Cisco vibe in to a different dimension which was so cool, hopefully season three focuses a little more on Cisco and how powerful he can really be.
  • Barry and Iris finally show their feelings to one another. I’m not a fan of the relationship on the show but I’m glad it’s all out there now.
  • Henry Allen is going to stay in Central City. This is nice because Barry will have his father around but it does make me think, are they going to kill off Henry this finale? They couldn’t do that right? That would be cruel.

I really enjoyed this episode!

Episode rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys!



3 thoughts on “The Flash Episode 21 review.

  1. Great review, I like the way you’ve broken it down! What an episode, right? I feel like this show is getting more and more intense as the season finale approaches. Are you currently sharing your work on any other movie/tv platforms?

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