This review is dark and full of spoilers.

Last week Jon Snow came back to life and this week we got some more things that all fans wanted (Yeah, it’s f*ck Olly).

As always, lets take a look at some of the best moments from the episode.

Jon Snow’s watch has ended:

Before we get in to the details can I just say that Kit Harrington’s acting as Jon Snow this episode was absolutely fantastic, really impressive.

The start of the episode gives us more Jon Snow straight away, naked and confused (Damn that dude is ripped). As expected, Jon’s body goes in to shock very quickly and he has to be comforted and help up by Ser Davos, the lack of actual talking in this scene was great because it created a really tense atmosphere. When Melisandre comes in to the room to see that she succeeded in bring Jon back she is shocked and excited at the same time, she asks him what he saw but he says he saw nothing. I think this is going to be what drives Jon to make his decisions in life, knowing that after death there is the literal definition of nothing would scare anyone. Perhaps that Jon will make decisions with less thought now, maybe he will try and live his life to the absolute fullest.

Something has definitely changed in Jon though, I can’t quite put my finger on it but he is different. He still has the traits of the Jon Snow we love but he is definitely going to take less sh*t from people.

The end of the episode gives the fans something we have wanted since last year; Jon has the people that killed him on the plate ready to be hanged. I’ve always wanted to hate Ser Alliser but I just can’t, even before his inevitable death he takes it like a champ, he says he would make the same choice again and that he understands Jon has to kill him this time. You have to have some respect for Throne here because he is just a guy that is stuck in his ways and it’s almost impossible to go against your nature, even for your Lord Commander.Then Jon looks at Olly, he doesn’t even need to say anything to the boy because Olly just looks at Jon with pure hatred, this kind of annoyed me because Olly did feel guilty about killing Jon and they were good friends. Honestly though, I didn’t care after Jon cut the rope (not the video game) and let them all fall to their deaths and then we got a good ol’ close up of Olly’s dead face. I’m glad Jon did what he had to do, maybe the old Jon would have kept Olly alive.

As we probably would have guessed, after Jon hangs his murderers he gives his cloak Dolorous Edd, walks and away and proclaims “My watch has ended”. This was so badass really, finally we see Jon get a reason to leave the Watch behind. I guess now that he has left the Night’s Watch he will just hang out with the Wildlings for a while until Sansa eventually turns up.

Bran and the Tower of Joy:

I honestly can’t believe we were teased so badly with the Tower of Joy this episode. We see a group of soldiers confronting two Targaryen soldiers and Bran very kindly lets us know that one of the Targaryen’s is Ser Arthur Dayne and one of the people opposing him is Eddard Stark, Bran’s father. In the books Arthur Dayne wields a sword that was forged from a fallen meteorite, however they have changed it for the show and just made him a really good dual wielder. At first I was a little disappointed we didn’t got to see his sword from the books but when we see him take out Eddard’s whole team in a one vs five I was satisfied by how awesome he was. We also learn that  Eddard never actually beat Arthur Dayne in single combat but in fact Eddard’s friend Howland Reed stabbed Dayne in the back and let Eddard have the finishing blow. I guess Eddard isn’t as honourable as we all thought? The Three Eyed Raven being a tease says that Bran has to go before he sees what’s in the tower, Bran refuses and follows Eddard and shouts “Father”, Eddard turns around like he heard what Bran said, but that’s impossible right? There is no way Bran can talk to people that are dead right? (Wrong, of course he can he’s a badass).

I’m really enjoying the Bran stuff so far this season, I find it really intriguing. Hopefully in the next few episodes we get to see the remainder of the Tower of Joy scene.

Ramsay receives a gift:

I think this was something no one really expected coming in to Season six but we finally get to see Rickon Stark again. Smalljon Umber arrives at Winterfell letting Lord Ramsay Bolton know that he is on the side of the Bolton’s but he also has a gift to prove his words are true. His gift is the wilding Osha and Rickon Stark, seeing as Ramsay has just lost a Stark this could be massive points in his favour. Just wait, the next part is even more shocking and sad. Ramsay asks for proof that it is actually Rickon Stark, so Smalljon brings in the head of his Direwolf, Shaggydog! I can’t believe that another wolf is dead, and again in such a brutal way, at first I thought that it might not be Shaggydog but Rickon’s reaction tells the story. Ramsay’s eyes glow in the psychopathic manor and you have this sinking feeling that Ramsay may do horrible things to both Osha and Rickon.

Personally, I don’t think Ramsay will torture Rickon badly, if at all, I think that he has learnt from his mistake with Sansa. Also, Osha is very smart, I hope that she can work her way around Ramsay and perhaps try and manipulate him.

It was a great reveal and after so long a highly anticipated one. It just makes me even more excited for next week!

Other important moments or moments I enjoyed:

  • Getting to see Varys work his magic on people was very cool. We finally got an insight on how Varys persuades people and shapes them to his will. I really enjoyed that.
  • I look forward to seeing how Tyrion deals with all the masters of Slavers Bay now that he knows they are the ones funding the Harpies rebellion. I really want some more epic dragon moments.
  • I really haven’t focused on Daenerys once so far in my reviews because it’s all just kind of slow and predictable. I think that next week Jorah and Daario will find out where Dany is and attempt to save her. So maybe next week I’ll have some stuff to write about in terms of  Daenerys.
  • It took us three episodes to catch up with Samwell Tarly and it really was just a catch up. However, it’s going to be really cool to see Sam’s family especially his father who his supposed to be a d*ck and hates Sam. I hope it isn’t very long till we get to see some of that.
  • I can’t tell what Cersie and Jamie are trying to do, it looks like they are just warning everyone that if they don’t all team up then they will get the Mountain to murder them all. From the trailer we know that Jaime ends up in Riverrun at some point this season so I’m most looking forward to the circumstances that send him that way.
  • The High Sparrow is going to manipulate King Tommen against his mother and Tommen is very easily manipulated. Once the Sparrow has Tommen wrapped around his finger then he might as well call himself the most powerful person in Kings Landing. I wonder what The High Sparrow is going to get Tommen to do or say.


Obviously this episode was a little slower than last weeks, however I still really enjoyed it and I liked seeing characters we hadn’t seen so far.

Episode rating: 8.8

New Jon Snow rating: 9

Shaggydog rating: dead (Too soon? sorry)

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