This review is dark and full of spoilers (Such shock, many scared)


After last weeks reveal that Bonnie Bennett was to be the new baddie of the show, we go in to the penultimate episode of the season hoping to see some badass Bennett moments.

Let’s take a look at my favourite moments from the episode:

Bonnie doesn’t hold back:

I think we all thought that Bonnie’s weakness with these powers would be her relationship with her friends, especially Damon; however that isn’t the way it planned out. Caroline tries to appeal to the better nature of her long time friend but eventually just get marked by Bonnie because Bonnie stabs her (I tend to stab my friends to show affection) and now Caroline has to go on the run from the new huntress. Enzo being Bonnie’s boyfriend also tries to get Bonnie to realise that she doesn’t have to kill vampires because of some curse. Similarly to what happens to Caroline, it looks like Bonnie understands what Enzo is saying but then something in her brain clicks and she stabs him; marking him for almost certain death. As per usual, everything falls on Damon’s shoulders to try and save someone, instead of trying to get on the good side of Bonnie he just p*sses her off and makes her hate him even more. I’m assuming that because Bonnie claws at Damon’s heart that he is marked by her as well, meaning that he also will have to go on the run. But Damon being Damon he doesn’t do that, he lets Bonnie find him and attempt to kill him, hoping that she realises that if she kills him then Elena will never forgive her. Unfortunately for Damon, Bonnie says “I don’t care how she feels” and pushes the stake in to Damon’s chest but not before Matt saves his life by shooting Bonnie in the back with what I assumed was tranquilliser darts.

It’s going to be really interesting to see how far Bonnie really goes on this mission to kill vampires. I hope the writers stick to their guns and make sure that you can’t appeal to Bonnie’s good side, I hope that her good side is gone. But with Vampire Diaries lately, you never know what’s going to happen.

Stefan and Caroline on the run:

Due to the fact that Caroline has been marked by Bonnie, Stefan gets Caroline out of town and somewhere safe. At first Caroline is pretty mad because Stefan kidnapped her against her will and took her away from her friends and family but obviously because it’s Stefan she forgives him. (Why does everyone always forgive this dumb idiot?) I think Caroline understands that if she were to stay with her children then she would be putting them all in danger and she cares too much to do that. It’s a very cliché predicament to be in but I was okay with it, I actually kind of like Stefan and Caroline together so I look forward to seeing them bond some more.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Damon showing Bonnie Elena’s house and a silhouette of Elena herself was nice because I think everyone misses Elena, the show has lost some purpose since Nina Dobrev left.
  •  Hearing Caroline mention Klaus was a nice shout-out and I hope that means that the shows can connect again very soon and maybe there is still hope for people that want Klaus and  Caroline together.

I’m not particularly excited for the finale of the season, I’m more looking forward to seeing how they wrap up the season in a satisfying way after a more than unsatisfying season.

Episode rating: 7

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