This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Finally, Arrow is starting to heat up and get interesting. This weeks episode was huge in terms of storyline and setting up the finale.

Let’s take a look at some of the best moments:

Oliver gets told he can’t use magic:

To beat Darhk, Oliver realises that he has to match him in terms of magic. At least, Oliver needs to be able to absorb some of Darhk’s magic. Felicity and Oliver take a trip to Hub City to go meet a shaman who’s supposed to teach Oliver how to use magic and battle against Darke, the most important thing here is that Olly’s lighter side has to outweigh the darkness inside him. At first, this doesn’t work because Oliver has seen and done some bad sh*t in his life, obviously he’s going to have to be some kind of saint for his lightness to outweigh his darkness. At the end of the episode, Oliver has to fight Darke to save Lyla Diggle; this fight ends with Oliver successfully stopping Damien Darhk from using his powers. It was pretty cool seeing this because Oliver’s eyes went yellow which was awesome! (yellow eyed demon from Supernatural anyone?) However, Oliver saying he used his friends voices to harness the powers was the most cliché thing ever. It personally ruined it all for me, this show is just get cheesier and cheesier the longer it goes on.

John kills Andy:

Similarly to last week, Diggle (John Diggle not Andy, oh god this is going to be confusing) goes off the rails in his hunt for Andy; clearly walking in to a trap to try and capture his brother. After Andy captures Diggle (Yes, John Diggle), it’s pretty obvious that  Dig has some sort of tracker in him otherwise they wouldn’t of let him go. Next, that son of a b*itch Andy goes after Diggle (Still John!), his wife Lyla and his daughter Sarah with a rocket launcher! Dude! Why do you have to use a rocket launcher to kill your family!? Why do you have to kill your family?! Anyway, the attack fails as Diggle (Seriously? It’s still John!) escapes with  Sarah but not for long. Andy finds them and is about to kill them but Felicity runs them over with a van, that was pretty great. Diggle (John) chases down Andy and kills him; not straight away but after much taunting from Andy saying he’ll never stop going after his family, Diggle is forced to kill his baby brother. This is probably going to send John off the edge by the end of the season, he will become a bit more like Season one and two Oliver, killing people with no remorse and not thinking rationally. I’m quite excited to see where this darker version of Diggle goes, hopefully somewhere interesting!

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Seeing Deathstroke in a Oliver vision was probably my favourite part of the episode. Please please please can they bring back Deathstroke for season five or six! Easily the best Arrow villain so far.
  • Thea is trapped in the Truman Show. Clearly she has been drugged and taken to the secret city underneath Star City for a reason. We’ll see next week.
  • Finally, we know what Genesis is! Genesis is a dome under the ground that’s going to be used to save the people that Hive want to save. The reason they need to save people is because Hive and Damien Darhk plan to nuke the entire planet and start a ‘New World’. It’s a pretty cool concept plot wise.

Overall, this episode was much better than the Arrow episodes we’ve had in the past few weeks. I hope it stays at this level for the rest of the season.

Episode rating: 7.75

Deathstroke Cameo rating: 100000000000000000000

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