This review is dark and full of spoilers.

Let’s take a look at a few of the best moments from the third to last episode from Season seven of The Vampire Diaries.

Matt blames Stefan:

After far too long, we learn that Matt hates Stefan and tried to get him killed because he believed that Stefan killed his bride to be Penny. However, in an expectedly unexpected turn of events, we find out that Matt actually killed her and Stefan compelled his memories away. In my opinion, this was way to obvious for way to long, it’s all just becoming big disappointments really. We always knew that Stefan isn’t the kind of guy to just randomly kill someone his friend cares about, so it was kind of obvious Matt was compelled to forget something. I was really quite disappointed with this plot and I’ll be honest, even the acting seemed a little bit see-through. When Stefan gives Matt his memories back he assumes that all is forgiven but Matt still blames him because if Stefan hadn’t come back to town then no one would have died. Matt has a point, darkness seems to follow our much loved Salvatore’s.

Bonnie is the new big bad:

Okay, the writing team did well on this one. I didn’t expect the season to come to a conclusion with Bonnie Bennett being the evil the group has to deal with. Just when I thought that Damon was going to be forgiven by everyone because he does what he has to do to save Bonnie, it all goes wrong. Damon believes that Rayna Cruz made a deal with him to give her life essence to Bonnie before she dies. However, there is a catch Damon didn’t know about; Bonnie is going to take up the burden of having the urge to kill every single vampire on the planet. Seeing as she’s dating a Vampire and has a Vampire best friend who has a vampire brother….you can see where I’m going with this, it’s bad news. I was really hoping for some redemption for Damon but now he has made things even worse than they already were, I really do feel sorry for him. He’s my favourite character and everyone just hates him. I look forward to seeing how everyone deals with the fact that Bonnie is going to want to kill most of them.

Other interesting things:

  • The Vault has been opened and some weird supernatural creature is in there controlling peoples minds. Hopefully this actually goes somewhere cool.
  • Although Caroline and Alaric getting married would be a bit weird, I love Alaric and I hope he gets a satisfying end to the season.

All I ask from the last two episodes of the season is that we see some good old Damon, Stefan bromance. I miss them just teaming up and doing badass stuff.

Episode rating: 6.9

Thanks for reading this much shorter review today guys!



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