Game of Thrones S6 Episode 2 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers. (That’s if you managed to avoid them anyway)

After last weeks slower paced episode, I was curious to see when Game of Thrones would turn the engine on and go full throttle. Well, it certainly did that in episode two, arguably last nights episode was the one of the best episodes of all time.

I have lots to say on certain topics, so let’s just go through the best and most shocking moments from episode two of season six.

Bran goes back to Winterfell:

After almost two years real world time, we finally get to see Bran stark again. Obviously, since we last saw him he’s been practising and honing his skills and we got straight in tot the action with that. We see Bran walking through Winterfell for the first time since season two. However, he is with the three-eyed raven watching a young Eddark Stark spar with his brother Benjen; this was a little mind numbing at first but after I thought about it it was really cool to see a flashback through Bran’s eyes. I guess we’re going to get a lot of that now though, the show runners have said they hate flashbacks but not it isn’t technically a flashback so they get away with it. Furthermore, it was awesome to see a young Hodor who in the show is actually called Willis and can talk! (Even though I knew he could talk when he was young it was still interesting to see it happen on the show). Next week we get to see the much anticipated Tower of Joy scene through Bran and I am beyond excited for that.

Meet Euron Greyjoy:

It’s been a while sine we have been to Pyke in the show but we are back and back with a ban. We see that Balon Greyjoy is still obsessed with just capturing strongholds on the main land and isn’t to interested in actual wars or sea fights, even family. A scene taken directly from the books sees Balon being thrown from a bridge by Euron, I didn’t expect this to happen as fast as it did but I’m very glad it did. Euron kind of looks like a badass Obi Wan Kenobi and he really didn’t disappoint with his play to become the leader of the IronBorn. That’s really all we got of Euron but it has definitely excited me and many others to see a new antagonist come to light and I can’t wait to see what happens at the Kingsmoot.

Ramsay kills his family:

It’s announced by the Bolton’s maester that Lady Bolton has given birth to a baby boy. Immediately we can tell that Ramsay sees the child as a threat and goes on to do some of the most unexpected things I’ve seen on Game of Thrones. He goes in to hug his father and congratulate him and out of nowhere stabs him in the stomach, killing him (I was watching this with my mother at the time and we both just looked at each other like ‘what the f*ck’). A couple weeks ago I predicted that Roose Bolton would die but I would never of guessed that Ramsay would be the one killing him, I suppose it makes sense because we’ve been seeing that Ramsay is obsessed with Theon and Sansa so he’ll do anything to get them back. But wait, it gets worse and I never thought Ramsay could get any worse but just you wait. He requests the presence of his new mother and brother and leads them to the kennels, yes this is really happening, once they are all in with the dogs Ramsay says “I prefer being an only child” and releases the hounds to kill them both. I knew he would kill them but not in such a brutal way and did he really need to watch? He is a complete psychopath. All of this was a big WTF and perfectly sets up the fight between the Boltons and most of the North which we know is coming. Honestly, it’s going to be epic when the Bolton army falls and Sansa gives Ramsay some of his own medicine. Oh and maybe someone else will help her with this war? Maybe a certain, Jon Snow?


It’s felt like ages for Show watchers and even longer for Book reader but finally the debate is over. Melisandre brought Jon Snow back to life. No more theories on how it will happen, no more badgering cast members for clues and no more people saying it wont happen; Jon Snow was finally resurrected last night. Ser Davos goes to Melisandre basically begging her to at least try and bring Jon back to life, hoping to try and make up for her mistakes, the Red Woman agrees and begins her ritual.It was very interesting to see the ritual in full form, first she cleans the wounds, then she cuts his hair and burns it (Finally Jon gets a hair cut, he needed one. Not saying I don’t love his curly locks). Melisandre’s chants added to the atmosphere of the scene which felt like it went on forever, clearly Tormund didn’t believe in it in the first place as he is the first to leave when it seemingly doesn’t work. Edd swiftly follows, he’s probably about done with looking at Jon’s corpse all the time. There was some great acting by Carice Van Houten as you could see how broken Melisandre was after she believes her efforts to bring Jon back have failed. Davos is last to leave but this entire time Ghost was sleeping on the floor next to Jon. This was when I knew he was coming back, Ghost was so relaxed and as soon as he wakes up and looks at Jon you knew what was coming. The Camera zooms down to Jon’s face and his eyes burst open as he gasps for air and that was that. Boom. End of the episode. (Just saying, screw you show runners for ending it on that you horrible people) Was it just me or did Jon’s eyes look different when he suddenly came back? Beric Dondarion back in Season three said that every time he came back to life he lost a part of himself, perhaps we’re about to see a much darker version of Jon Snow now? Personally, I hope he just walks to the jail cells to see Ser Alliser Thorne’s face and then I hope he slices and dices that d*ck.

Next week can;t come soon enough really and I am so happy that the Jon Snow debate is over. Jon is back and I hope he goes on a revenge mission; firstly dealing with the traitors in the Night’s  Watch and then going down to take out the Bolton’s and help Sansa get revenge on Ramsay. It would be really cool if by the end of the season Sansa or Jon were in Winterfell preparing for the fight for the dawn, as we know, there must always be a Stark in Winterfell.

Truly, this was a fantastic episode that has somehow excited me even more for the remainder of the season.

Episode rating: 9.5

Jon Snow resurrection rating: 10

Ramsay Psychopath metre: off the scale.

Thanks for reading guys. Hope you enjoyed reading this one.




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