This review is dark and full of spoilers.


It feels like months since we last had a movie from the MCU. Finally, we have one, Captain America: Civil war; arguably one of the greatest Marvel comics of all time. We have to accept the differences between the comic and the movie but I genuinely feel like this movie did the story justice, the characters and characterisation are exceptional. The main plot for the movie is not only gripping but very well thought out.

I would be sitting here for hours if I were to review the whole film, the best parts and the characters, quite frankly may fingers might drop off if I attempt that.

Although the story has many different plots, the main theme of the film is that the government want to collect all the superheroes and only use them when the government deem it necessary. Obviously, this causes a divide between The Avengers and leads to the ‘Civil War’.

So, let’s take a look at some the main characters (Mainly just Captain America, Iron Man and Spiderman because they are awesome) and talk about their best moments. I’m not really going to talk about the ‘villain’ of the movie Zeemo because he wasn’t integral or interesting really.

Captain America:

Once again Chris Evans as Captain America is a joy to watch, he clearly enjoys portraying such a multi-faceted character (Must also be fun to play a badass).  When the team are dealt with their ultimatum of either being a government led programme or going rouge, Captain America decides that he can’t sign the agreement because he believes in freedom and the right to choose. All of a sudden, Cap’s story intertwines with the Winter Solider/Bucky who seems to have blown up a building with several members of the UN inside, Including the King of Wakanda who dies in the explosion. Similarly to in the second Captain America movie, Steve Rogers lets his feelings for Bucky take over the situation and goes looking for him, only to find out that it wasn’t actually the Winter Soldier who blew up the building but someone else. Personally, I’m not a big fan of Captain America’s because he always seems to think he is a greater person than everyone else but in this movie he grew on me.

We’re going to skip a few parts of the film and head straight towards the big ‘Civil War’ fight between all of our Avengers. Cap’s involvement in the fight isn’t major as he is just throwing punches at Iron Man until he fights Spiderman (Yes you read that correctly, Captain America fights Spiderman and it’s one of the coolest things ever). Without going to deep in to the fight, Spiderman is kicking ass until Cap is just like ‘Yeah that’s enough kid’ and throws him under a lorry. I really enjoy Cap’s boxing like fighting style and seeing him go one on one with Spiderman was truly fantastic.

Towards the very end of the movie, it is revealed that Bucky killed Tony Starks’ parents (don’t worry Tony, The North Remembers) and all this time Captain America knew about it.  This causes the final fight, Iron Man VS The Winter Soldier and Captain America; let me tell you this, what a fight it was. The confrontation wasn’t just Iron Man flying around and zapping people it was mainly hand to hand combat which was fricking awesome, watching Bucky and Cap continuously throw the shield to one another and beat down Iron Man was shocking and entertaining at the same time. The fight ends with cap smashing his shield in to Irons Man’s chest and breaking his suit, this finishes with a backdrop of them both just lying on the floor seemingly lifeless.

This is a Captain America movie and Chris Evans owned it, he stepped up yet again and proved why Cap is a worthy member of The Avengers. I really look forward to seeing how everything plays out and eventually seeing him in Infinity War.

Iron Man:

As you would expect, Tony Stark played by Robert Downey Jr is absolutely sensational in this film, in my opinion this is his best portrayal of the character so far. This movie seemed to give Tony some more humility and people could definitely relate to him a lot more from the start, for example, at the beginning of the movie someone comes up to him blaming him for their child’s death. In other Iron Man specific films this wouldn’t have bothered him but this one seems to really hurt, and this convinces him of his decision to sign the contract and become a government programme. He says how the team need to be “put in check” and he isn’t wrong, as shown by statistics our heroes are doing a lot of damage to public property and causing the deaths of many innocent civilians. It was very interesting to see this side of Tony Stark, one which cares for people and understands all the damage he has caused (after all most of the bad things that have happened have been mainly his fault).

During the big ‘Civil War’ in the middle of the film we start to see a bit more of that funny, egotistical d*ck we all know and love. Before the fight even starts, Iron Man introduces Spiderman to centre stage in great fashion but then has to back track by telling the kid to “calm down you’re doing great”, it was beyond funny to see Iron Man as this almost parental like figure to this new young Spiderman. Most of the time Iron Man is fighting Captain America but then he has to deal with the fact that Ant Man goes really small and turns off his weapon systems, this was hysterical as Iron man had no idea what was going on and could just hear a small voice throughout his suit. There wasn’t a lot of Iron Man action in this fight but he definitely added to the comedy that was flooded in this scene, most movie industries would have failed to make a fight scene shocking, interesting and funny all at the same time but credit to Marvel Studios because they did a fantastic job.

When Tony finds out that it was The Winter Soldier that killed his parents, his reaction is spine tingling due to the incredible acting of Mr Downey Jr once more. We see his face go from shock, to sadness and finally to anger all in a twenty-second clip, it was truly gripping. He goes straight for the kill on Bucky but Captain America tries to protect him. Iron Man is actually winning the fight for the most part but I was completely shocked when you see him laser off Bucky’s metal arm, not only was this shocking but it was also gruesome in the most awesome way. You see a small opportunity where Iron Man could easily kill Captain America but deep down he can’t do it, deep down they are still friends. In the strangest way, this will makes their friendship stronger in the long run.

Robert Downey Jr was excellent in this movie and so was Iron Man’s story, I think fans will now be back on board if Marvel decided to do a fourth Iron Man movie. I certainly am.

What I thought of Spiderman:

After much anticipation we are finally introduced to the new Spiderman, played marvellously by Tom Holland. In my opinion, the half hour that Spiderman is in this movie gives him enough time to steal the show, some of his lines were hilarious; for example, he is trying to capture The Winter Soldier and Falcon and says “You have the right to remain silent”, in such an intense moment this was particularly funny. He also comments on Bucky’s metal arm by saying “Dude you have a metal arm that’s so cool!” which was also just not in the moment and very amusing.

He has many amazing lines in the film so I won’t spoil them all but I can honestly say that his inclusion in this movie has really excited me for his solo film and maybe, finally we are going to get a good Spiderman trilogy.

Other things and moments I liked:

  • Although Vision wasn’t in the movie a great deal, he is very different to the other characters and has some funny moments. It’s also very interesting to see how he can’t deal with all his emotions and maybe we will see him hook up with Scarlet Witch soon?
  • Scarlet Witch had some very cool moments and we got to see how she has become a lot more powerful since Avengers: Age of Ultron. However, she was neutralised pretty early on which was a bit disappointing but she was still great nonetheless.
  • I thought that Black Widow was the poorest part of this film, again she just seems to be being used as a pretty face (and everything else, if you know what I mean) and we don’t ever get to see her do what she wants and just kill people. Hopefully by the time we get to Infinity War, we can see some epic Black Widow moments that make us actually care for the character.
  • Ant Man was used as a comical ploy in this film which I really enjoyed. He himself knows his a bit weird and different and they definitely played on that which gave it all a lighter tone which was nice. Seeing Ant Man grow to about a hundred feet tall was absolutely epic and not expected, I never thought they would do it in the films but they did and I’m certainly not complaining.
  • Falcon again was comical but really I would like to see him more for being a friend to Captain America than anything, I don’t find him interesting as a superhero really.
  • Seeing Hawkeye after Age of Ultron was really nice, I’m glad that they are trying to give him this ability to have a family and still be a hero. It’s very relatable and interesting.
  • The Winter soldier was very cool again, but honestly I’m quite done with his storyline now. By the end of the movie he has locked himself away but he will come back, when he does I hope that this evil side to him is gone because I’ve kind of got bored with it.
  • I think that at the end of the movie War Machine being basically paralysed was supposed to really hurt us as an audience, but ever since he was recast I haven’t really cared that much. Maybe they should have hurt somebody we really cared about to see how we’d react, maybe they should have killed Captain America like in the comics.

Overall, this movie is by far the greatest Marvel movie yet and maybe is up there for the best movie of all time. Everyone was flawless in the film and the directing was spot on. I try to pick out big faults with movies and TV shows but with this I really can’t, well done Marvel, you stumped me.

I highly recommend you go and see this if you haven’t (well if you haven’t and you read this then you’re a numpty).

Movie rating for Captain America Civil War: 9.9

Captain America rating: 8

Iron Man rating: 10

Spiderman rating: 9


Thanks for reading this guys. Also thanks for all the support I’m getting. It really motivates me to keep doing something that I’m really enjoying.



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