Arrow Season 4 finale review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Let’s take a look at some of the best moments from this week’s Arrow finale.


The Arrow kills Damien Darhk:

In a scenario in which Oliver has to kill Damien Darhk or watch the world be blown up, Oliver decides that he has to defeat Darhk, once and for all. For the beginning parts of the fights, Darhk is just toying with Oliver because he knows that he is so much stronger than him and to be honest it’s one of those finales where the bad guy should have probably won. However, in an act of pure cheese, members of the city team up and help try to get rid of Darhk, not only is this dumb because these are just normal people up against someone powered with magic; but it’s dumb because the ordinary civilians genuinely beat Darhk’s men! They beat up a load of trained soldiers, with their firsts and the soldiers had guns! This really bugged me because it’s just lazy and silly. All these people rising up to help the Arrow take down Darhk, consequently gives Oliver the magic power he needs to stop Darhk and then kill him! The Arrow doesn’t beat Darhk because he is a superhero; he beats him because a group of fifty people believe in him? What? Please. I liked the actual fighting between Darhk and the Arrow but the rest of the scene was beyond dumb and was a pitiful demise for a pretty cool villain.

Oliver becomes the Mayor of Star City:

With the city and the world saved, the leaders of Star City decide that it’s a good idea to put Oliver Queen in charge of the city for a while. Simply because people liked him when he first ran for Mayor and the city really could use a leader that inspires hope. I’m actually okay with Oliver becoming Mayor, it happens in the comics and hopefully they can do some good story arcs with it, it seems like we’re going to get to see a lot more Oliver Queen next season which will be cool. I’m totally down for forgetting about this season and moving on.

Other moments:

  • Everyone leaves Team Arrow except for Oliver and Felicity, its fine though; they’ll all be back by the end of episode one next season.
  • The flashbacks are taking Oliver to Russia, hopefully that throws up something interesting.


Arrow Season 4 finale rating: 6.5

Arrow Season 4 rating: 6

Damien Darhk rating: 7.5


I’m ready to forget about this season and move on to the next.


Thanks for reading guys.




The Flash Season Two Finale Review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


It has been a fantastic year for superhero films and TV shows but honestly, The Flash takes the biscuit with just how good the last ten episodes of the season were.

Lets take a look at some of the best moments from the season two finale of The Flash.

Zoom challenges Barry to a race:

After Zoom kills Henry Allen, Barry goes on a revenge craze and rightly so, any person with superpowers who had just lost their father would go mad with revenge. After his dad’s funeral, Barry meets Zoom and is challenged to a race, if Barry wins then Zoom will go, would sound good to Barry right? However, Team Flash are right when they decide that Barry needs to be locked up because if he tries to race Zoom with revenge as his goal, he will lose. The team also work out that Zoom wants to use the speed force of The Flash and himself to amplify the magneter and destroy the infinite earths that are out there, thus creating a ‘crisis on infinite Earths’.

After Team Flash lock Barry up, they come up with a plan to throw Zoom back to Earth Two and close the breaches forever. They succeed in sending Zoom back, however he takes Joe with him and even though they made a deal to close the breach no matter what, someone wasn’t going to let that happen. One of the only things I’ve liked seeing Wally do this season is after he finds out Joe is gone, he goes and releases Barry (Thank you Wally, you did good). Barry goes and tells everyone that the only way to stop Zoom and save Joe is to race the man that killed his father, and that’s exactly what he does.

During Zoom and Barry’s race, the energy powers the magneter and Flash has to stop Zoom before it destroys infinite earths. Barry uses something he saw Zoom do earlier to win this race, he creates a time remnant of himself and whilst one goes and saves Joe, the other has to fight Zoom. Whilst the real Barry is fighting Zoom, his time remnant uses all of its energy to destroy the magneter and saves all the Earths, consequently killing himself in the process. Furthermore, because Barry created this remnant the time wraiths come to his location but they decide that Zoom is the one they want and not Barry, because Zoom has affected the timeline the most. They drag Zoom to wherever they go and that is that, Zoom is gone. He’s not dead, he’s gone.

I have to say I have really enjoyed Zoom as the villain this season, not only does he look absolutely fantastic but his motives aren’t questionable, simply because he’s a psycho. He definitely helped in making this season fantastic.

The Man in the Iron Mask revealed: 

Since Barry and Cisco went to Earth Two for the first time, everyone has always wondered who the man in iron mask was. There were many theories, such as that it was another version of Hunter Zolomon, or that it was Barry and there was even a theory that it was Barry’s dead from Earth Two. Well, finally it is revealed that the man in the iron mask is in fact the real Jay Garrick from Earth Three and is also The Flash from the 90’s TV show. Not only is this fantastic writing but it’s a nod to the fans who have strongly followed the Flash throughout the years, it’s also really satisfying because we will get to see John Wesley Shipp again from a different Earth, so really we’re not losing the actor. There were many fans this year who were annoyed because the show was making Jay Garrick look like a bad guy, even though in the comics he is a hero, well now everyone can be happy because the real Jay Garrick is The Flash

This reveal was absolutely fantastic and I can’t complain one bit, It’s even better because it’s a bit confusing and ambiguous.

Other moments from the finale I enjoyed:

  • Even though I didn’t actually enjoy it, I’m glad Barry and Iris’s kiss is out the way.
  • I’m sad to see Harrison and Jessie go back to Earth Two because I really like them both, but I’m sure they’ll be back.
  • I guess I should mention that finale scene? Probably. BARRY GOES BACK IN TIME AND SAVES HIS MOTHER. WHAT. BARRY. DUDE. WHAT. ARE YOU DUMB? I really didn’t expect this to be the cliffhanger for this season and again it’s some great writing that’s done it. This opens up so many possibilities for Season three, I can’t begin to predict what the consequences of this act will be. BARRY YOU’RE MAD. HOW COULD THAT POSSIBLY END WELL? BRO.

The Flash Season Two Finale rating: 8.4

The Flash Season Two Finale Cliffhanger rating: 9.5

Zoom rating: 9

The Flash Season Two rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys! The Flash will be back in October, expect more Flash related stuff around then.


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Game of Thrones S6 Episode 5 review.

This review is Stark and full of spoilers (Okay, I’ll stop trying to make jokes)


This weeks episode ‘The Door’ is full of plot set ups and emotional scenes. Lets take a look at what some of the characters got up to.

Jon and Sansa leave Castle Black:

Last week it was decided that Jon and Sansa were going to try and rally the North to try and take down the Bolton’s that are occupying Winterfell. It was really cool to see lots of different northern houses mentioned that haven’t been in the show so far, however I do doubt that we will get to see all of them but it’s still a nice name drop. It’s a really interesting dynamic between Sansa and Jon because the latter will be leading the entire army and is the reason about two thousand of the troops are fighting but with his current name he can’t hold Winterfell. So basically, Jon is a soldier for Sansa right now until it is decided that he different heritage and can in fact claim Winterfell as his own. I’m not too happy with how little the show is giving Melisandre to say or do, I mean she just brought Jon back to life three episodes ago! She deserves more screen time! I genuinely think she is one of the most interesting characters on the show and I would love to see more of her. I’m going to guess that by episode eight the Battle of the Bastards will be ready to go and honestly I cannot wait to see another huge fight.


Although the Kingsmoot in the show was portrayed very differently to how it’s done in the books, I loved it and full credit to Pilou Asbæk as Euron Greyjoy because his performance in this scene was phenomenal. It’s one of those moments where you truly believe that the most well known people will succeed, in this case it’s Theon and Yara. However, Euron just comes on in humiliating Theon for his lack of penis and just speaking the truth, that there has never been a Queen of the Iron Islands. As good of an actor as Alfie Allen (Theon) is I just think that Euron really stole this scene. Even though in the books Euron sends his brother to go and tame the dragon Queen, in the show they are just simplifying it and giving all the storyline to Euron, which I’m not opposed to at all because I really like the actors portrayal of the character. Seeing Euron become king forces Theon and Yara to run away and I’m really interested to see where they run to, it’s not something that’s easy to predict because eventually by the end of this season everyone will be ready for the war against the White Walkers or they will be on there way for it.

Hold the door:

Without the permission of the Three-eyed Raven, Bran joins him in his vision and sees all of the White Walkers, and because Bran doesn’t know enough yet and isn’t patient, he gets grabbed by The Night’s King which leaves a mark on his body in real time, this allows the White Walkers to enter the cave and try and kill them. It’s not one hundred percent obvious why they would want to kill the Three-eyed Raven but maybe he was more of a threat than what we thought he was.

When the Night’s King and his followers are entering the cave Bran and his teacher are in the past, back in Winterfell. However, because in real time Meera is screaming for Bran to wake up and warg in to Hodor and Bran hears her from back in time. (It’s all very timey whimey and confusing here but bare with me) Bran successfully wargs in to Hodor whilst staying in the past and uses him to try and escape the thousands of Whites that are chasing them. They get out of the door and Meera screams “Hold the door” at Hodor and then the Hodor in the past goes in to fit shouting “Hold the door” over and over again which eventually moulds in to Hodor. This was so emotional because we were seeing the origin of Hodor whilst Hodor himself was actually dying and we see that it’s all Bran’s fault. I can honestly say that I have never cried watching Game of Thrones, not of sadness anyway. But watching this scene sent shivers up my spine and I couldn’t stop myself from crying, Hodor is the only genuine character on the show and his entire life has been the way it is because his best friend made a mistake. I hated watching Hodor die, I hate Game of Thrones. You would think that after all these shocks and hurtful moments that It would not bother me so much anymore but it did, it hurt like crazy.

On the other hand, It’s really interesting to know that Bran can warg in to someone in real time whilst being in the past and he can still effect the past. He is truly the most powerful being on the show and now he has all the knowledge of the Three-eyed Raven.

Other important moments or moments I enjoyed:

  • Daenerys and the Khalasar are on there way back to Mereen. I can’t wait to see everyone’s faces when they see the Dothraki role up, it’s going to be awesome.
  • Tyrion recruiting a red priestess is really interesting because it now means that the two most notable characters on the show, Jon and Daenerys will both have The Red God by their side.
  • We got the origin of the Night’s King in the show, it turns out that the Children of the Forest created the White Walkers to help them with their fight against men and they lost control of them. It’s very poetic that the one thing that looks set to destroy mankind was created because mankind were destroying people.
  • I don’t know if I’m reading in to this too much but I have a theory that all the Gods are actually the same God. The way the new Red Woman was saying things that matched up with things Jaqen H’gar was saying to Arya about the Many Faced God. And the fact that it is named ‘The Many Faced God’ just makes me feel that it’s all the God’s combined, including the Red God. Maybe everything is coming in to one line and one moment, that battle against the White Walkers.
  • Speaking of Arya, she has been told to kill a women that is an actress who plays Cersie Lannister, could this mean that after she does this Jaqen will tell her to kill the Queen mother or that eventually Arya will cross her name off her list. I’m really excited for some epic face changing moments from Arya in the rest of this season, perhaps she will show up as a character, kill someone important and then take her face off, now that would be epic.

This was a fantastic episode. Can’t believe I cried at the episode and it shows that this show never really loses its quality, it’s amazing television. Can’t wait for next week as we move in to the last few episodes of the season!

Episode rating: 9

Thanks for reading guys.


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About me.

Hey guys, this one’s going to be a little different, I feel like I owe you as I haven’t been able to do a review in a week. So, I’m going to do a small thing about myself today and then back to normal with a Game of Thrones review tomorrow.


I’m really close with my home family, I live with my mother and two younger brothers, one aged eight and one that’s ten this coming Saturday. Me and my mum have a really close relationship, sometimes I feel like me and her are really just best friends, we hang out at home watching TV, we go to the cinema, we go for meals and many other things. As with any mother though, there is that boundary of things you can’t say to each other, but me and her manage to make a joke out of it and I like that.

My brothers are my world, literally, I can’t get rid of them. I’m kidding, I pick them up from school most days and we enjoy our thirty minute hike home and just make jokes and play silly Harry Potter games. Then when we are home I’ll either sit with Aidan (the soon to be ten year old) and help him play his guitar or I’ll play fight with Allister (the eight year old). I also have a third brother who is thirteen years old, me and him have a good relationship, however he lives with his father and I wish I could see him more.


I don’t really have any active hobbies such as sports but I really enjoy watching football, I’m a Chelsea supporter and it was a little difficult to support them this season. My main hobbies include reading, review writing, short stories, song writing and watching too many TV programmes.

Favourite book:

This is really difficult because it changes all the time. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a flawless read and concludes the series so well, It’s a book I feel like I could pick up and read at any time. However, as I’m getting older I find that my taste is changing and I’m starting to like darker, grittier and more intense books such as Game of Thrones. It’s hard to chose a favourite from the series but it would probably be A Feast for Crows because it’s so different in tone to the other books and I found it quite refreshing. In the summer time I do find myself loving some casual escapism such as Hunger Games, Divergent or City of Bones.

Favourite TV show:

Again, this is difficult because my favourite TV show right now is beyond different to my favourite show of all time.

The best show on television right now is Game of Thrones, hands down. I got so attached to the show so quickly because of the books and I loved it, the casting for the show is absolutely sensational and how far the show has come is mind blowing. It’s so different to everything else on TV and people are going to try and copy it for decades to come but nothing will come close, Game of Thrones is arguably the greatest show of all time and is definitely my favourite right now.

My favourite TV show of all time simply has to be The Vampire Diaries. I had real dark period when I was about thirteen and Vampire Diaries kind of gave me something to hold on to, I bonded with the characters and just lost myself in this world. Sometimes it was surreal how much the situations on the show were similar to what I was facing in real life, obviously without the Vampires. I always saw myself as Damon Salvatore because when we first meet him he’s in such a dark place and finds it really difficult in succeeding to redeem himself and I could relate to that, all the bad things he did I could relate to and when he eventually became a better person I tried to do that to. In many ways I became fictional because I was leading the life of a fictional character, I was lonely and that show gave me something I never had before, it felt really close. Even if the show has lost some of it’s way I will watch it until it’s end because of how much it truly means to me.

There are many other TV shows I watch such as Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, The Originals, Vikings, anything Marvel on Netflix, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Suits and Pretty Little Liars. I’ve already finished some great shows like True Blood, Sons of Anarchy, Hemlock Grove, and White Collar.

At some point I’ll get round to reviewing them all, it’s a lot to review.

Favourite TV character:

We’re going to exclude Damon Salvatore from the list because that’s basically cheating.

I have lots of characters that I really love and connect to. I adore Castiel from Supernatural because he has grown so much over the years and has these moments of comedy that have me crying of laughter, he’s great. Jon Snow is another worthy candidate, he’s arguably the most important person in Game of Thrones and his storyline is a joy to read and watch, I really like him. Who else, ummmm, I really like Spencer Hastings from Pretty Little Liars, she’s a beautiful woman with some really dark moments which I always find entertaining, she is also too smart for her own good which makes her funny, she’s an amazing character.

Out of these three I’d probably pick Castiel because I’ve been watching him for the longest and he is just a marvellous character and all credit to the writers who have been developing his story arch over the years.

Favourite movie:

Picking a favourite film is always so difficult because there are so many good ones in the world!

I can’t pick one so here’s a few:

  • The Dark Knight is an almost perfect movie, the plot is pretty flawless and the characters are spot on. The late Heath Ledger will be sorely missed as his interpretation of the Joker is something to be seen, truly legendary.
  • I think Inception is a great movie because it is so different to anything I’ve ever seen, I had to watch it a few times just to understand what I just saw and the scale of the events that took place.
  • American Psycho is a fantastic movie, it’s so out there and weird that it’s truly fantastic. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to watch which makes it even better and one of my favourite things in a movie is a confusing ending and American Psycho certainly has one of those.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban will always be one of my favourite movies of all time because it’s my favourite Potter film and those films will always have a place in my heart. I was never much in to Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, I’m a Harry Potter kid.


I’m going to end it here otherwise I could be going on for a few more thousand words. I really enjoyed writing this today, It’s nice to put a bit of myself out there for all to see and now you know a bit more about the person who writes the reviews.

I may do another one like this in the not too distant future.

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed.


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Vampire Diaries Season 7 Finale review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

I’m going to take a look at a couple of the best moments from the finale itself and then I’ll give my opinion on the season as a whole.

Lets go.

Damon and Enzo make a sacrifice:

After last weeks reveal that Bonnie was going to try and kill all her friends, everyone tries to work out a way to try and save her from this death ridden mission. Enzo figures that if someone destroys the body of the last shaman around that had help in the spell that made Bonnie what she is, then the spell would be reversed. However, there’s a catch (There is always a catch) the coffin that is  holding the shaman is in the armoury, the same armoury that has been spelled shut by Bonnie because of the ‘evil’ that’s inside. Damon gets Caroline and Alaric to agree that the best way to help Bonnie is opening the armoury and in order to open it they need their children to syphon the spell. We get to see a glimpse of the girls powers as they successfully open the door and Damon and Stefan head inside.

Damon and Stefan have a nice moment here, it’s basically Damon telling his brother that this time he’s going to make a sacrifice for everyone else. He says he will go in to the vault alone. I really enjoyed this moment, I always like it when the brothers are on good terms, there the best part about this show.

Damon goes inside the vault and to his surprise it was easy to find the coffin and burn the shaman’s body. I found it kind of annoying that this worked and Bonnie is just fine, I was really looking forward to a really dark and broken version of Bonnie in season eight but just like most plots this season, it lasted a couple episodes.

As Damon is about to leave the vault he hears Elena’s voice, she is talking to him, asking for his help. As anyone would, Damon follows the voice and the screen cuts to black. The next time we see Damon it’s because Enzo is sacrificing his sanity to save his best friend and the person that saved his girlfriend. Enzo secretly enters the vault and sees a very crazy looking Damon who manically laughs and tells Enzo that after a while it’s quite fun. Then suddenly some weird ass creature grabs Enzo’s head and drags him in to the dark. not only did this look amazing but it gives off the feel that the show is opening up doors to even more supernatural entity’s (Supernatural, Vampire Diaries crossover yeah!!).

The very last scene from the episode is Damon and Enzo cutting someone’s throat and hanging him up, then the camera pans out and it’s revealed that they are have been doing this to hundreds of people. I find this interesting because neither of them bit the person they killed and just murdered them and hung them up. Perhaps this is all food for the great evil from the vault? I’m genuinely excited to find out what that is.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Caroline and  Stefan finally shared there moment. Satisfying all Steroline fans out there.
  • Bonnie looks broken as the two people closest to her have been taken away from her and she has no magic to help find them.

Season 7 as a whole:

Honestly, this season has been rather disappointing. The first ten episodes are easily forgettable as it was just the Salvatore brothers trying to fight Julian and the heretics. I never enjoyed the heretics but at the same time they weren’t used in a good way at all, sometimes they were weak and others they were overpowered. After the three year flash forwards finally settled down, we actually got a little bit of continuity in the season and we understood what was going on.

Although we understood stuff, the show never felt like it had any purpose until the last few episodes. The armoury basically came out of nowhere and ended up having a vault full of evil, it’s so cliché and lazy!

Even when we got to the last few episodes it felt as if the writers didn’t really know how they wanted to end the season. Too many twists and turns that didn’t line up and just made the episodes boring. I could tell the actors weren’t invested in their roles this season, some of the acting was below par.

Overall, the only thing I can take from this season is that I’m excited for the next. That isn’t a good thing, I’m kind of glad the season is over and hopefully we can move on very quickly. I love this show and I would hate for it to end so poorly. The show really has lost some direction since Nina Dobrev left, I think maybe she regrets it to.

Vampire Diaries Season 7 finale rating: 6.8

Vampire Diaries Season 7 rating: 6

Please give us some good content next season!

Thanks for reading guys. I know I kind of roasted Vampire Diaries here but I had to give my honest opinion.


Arrow Episode 21 review.

This review is DARHK and full of spoilers. (Don’t read on if you don’t understand that) 


Arrow season four has been rather disappointing if I’m honest, however, last week I finally liked an episode.

Lets see if Arrow can keep up the momentum.

Here are some of the best moments.

Darhk absorbs thousands of souls:

So last week Damien Darhk got access to most of the worlds nuclear codes and intends to use them to blow basically everyone up, not only does this give Hive their ‘new beginning’ but it also gives Darhk billions of souls to absorb making him unstoppable. The goal for Hive this episode was just that, they tried setting off nuclear missiles and it was up to Felicity and her father to try and stop that from happening. However, it was extremely unlikely that they could stop them all and honestly I would have been a little disappointed if they had but unfortunately (I guess fortunately for my sick mind) they failed in their attempts to stop all the missiles. One warhead was deployed and headed towards Monument Point where millions of people would have died  but Felicity Felicity could only manage to reroute it towards the smaller town of Havenrock where tens of thousands of people were wiped from existence. It’s going to be really quite interesting to see how hard Felicity takes this, obviously she saved a lot of people but she couldn’t save everyone an I think this is really going to bother her.

Whilst Felicity was dealing with the missiles, Oliver and Diggle worked out where Darhk was hiding and also knew he would be in something called a ‘nexus chamber’. When they arrive at Darhk’s lair we see him absorbing the tens of thousands of souls that died due to the explosion and because Darhk’s power feeds off death it’s going to make him truly formidable.

For the first time this season, I’m really excited to see what happens next week on Arrow and I just hope we see more of Damien Darhk because truth be told he’s been the only good part of this season so far.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Thea has to fight Anarchy because he is after Damien Darhk to get revenge on him. I really liked seeing Anarchy again but in terms of Thea, I love her on screen relationship with Malcolm Merlin and I’ve been a little disappointed with the lack of it this season .
  • I enjoyed seeing the calculator again, he’s a cool character and it gives Felicity some depth which is always good.
  • Diggle really looks like he is about to go off the deep end sometimes, everyone goes dark (Not Darhk) on Arrow at some point so it might just be Diggle’s turn.
  • Can the writers please stop giving Quentin so much screen time with Donna because no one cares about their relationship. Donna is annoying dude. Just stop.

I actually enjoyed this episode of Arrow, they were still some dumb moments but that is to be expected really. Looking forward to the last two episodes.

Episode rating: 7

Thanks for reading guys.

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The Flash Episode 21 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Last week Barry dispersed in to what looked like pure energy, this week we get the continuation of that story along with some other cool stuff.

Lets take a look at some of the best moments.

Barry meets the speed force:

In the comics, the speed force is explained in a very complicated and convoluted manor; therefore it would be really difficult to do the explanation justice on the show. Consequently, the show went for a more mystical approach on the speed force and it was really cool. At first we see Barry in his house and he sees Joe West but this thing reveals that it isn’t actually Joe and is the speed force just talking to Barry as something they thought would make Barry more comfortable. I was thinking at the time ‘boy this is really trippy’ and then Barry himself said “this is really trippy ” which was fantastic but this speed force inside of Joe’s body said that in order for Barry to get back to his friends he needs to catch this shadow looking thing.

When we see Barry again, the speed force is using Iris to try and get to Barry and the speed force inside Iris reveals that they are doing this to Barry because he hasn’t accepted the death of his mother yet. We learn that he has never visited his mother’s grave which means at points Barry thinks he can just go back and save her, it must be tempting. ‘Iris’ gives Barry a choice, he can either go back to his friends without his powers or he can catch this shadow and return with his speed. I find it really cool that the speed force can just decide to give and take away Barry’s speed like this but it leads me to question, why haven’t they taken Zooms?

Towards the end of the episode the speed force takes up the form of Barry’s mother before she tragically died. There was some great acting from Grant Gustin here as you could see the pain it was putting Barry through but at the same time it was easy to tell how satisfying it was for Barry to see her again. It took his mum (Mom for you Americans, of course I acknowledge my audience. But please just say mum) reading his favourite childhood book for Barry to truly accept his mothers death and that there isn’t really anything he can do about it and after he accepts this it’s easy for him to catch this shadow. Predictably, the shadow was just the speed force version of Barry and all they needed to do was reconnect and  Barry would get his speed.

I really enjoyed how mystical this all was, I personally found it really cool that they didn’t explain much and just gave us these ‘beings’ as the speed force. I hope we get to see the speed force again at some point soon, maybe it could be a way for them to defeat Zoom? Maybe they could find a way to put Zoom in there?

Zoom’s army:

The very last seconds of the episode show Zoom giving a speech about how they can take this earth and control it to there will, but we didn’t see who ‘they’ were until his speech concluded. Then the camera pans out and we see about fifty different bad guys ready to help Zoom destroy everything, I’m assuming that all these aren’t just from Earth Two and in fact some villains from Earth One have also joined Zoom.

We also got a glimpse of Earth Two Black Canary which was awesome! Can’t wait to see how badass she’s going to be.

Obviously, there are going to be a lot of villains we haven’t met yet and the team won’t know what they can do, it’s going to be really interesting to see how they deal with all these bad guys at the same time.

Other moments I enjoyed:

  • Barry waking up Jesse with some of his lightning was very interesting, perhaps he was giving him some of his speed force momentarily like in the comics?
  • We see Cisco vibe in to a different dimension which was so cool, hopefully season three focuses a little more on Cisco and how powerful he can really be.
  • Barry and Iris finally show their feelings to one another. I’m not a fan of the relationship on the show but I’m glad it’s all out there now.
  • Henry Allen is going to stay in Central City. This is nice because Barry will have his father around but it does make me think, are they going to kill off Henry this finale? They couldn’t do that right? That would be cruel.

I really enjoyed this episode!

Episode rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys!