This review is dark and full of spoilers.

Episode eighteen of Arrow was a hard one to take for everyone involved in the show, the episode captured the death of fan favourite Laurel Lance aka The Black Canary.

Episode nineteen is about Team Arrow coming to grips with her death and doing right by her legacy.

Lets take a look at a couple of my favourite moments from the episode.

Someone pretends to be The Black Canary:

Not long after the death of Laurel, someone is on the streets wearing The Black Canary’s clothes and using a device that is supposed to be only used by Laurel and only Laurel. This momentarily sends the team in to shock as some of them actually believe it is Laurel and she isn’t dead, of course it isn’t though (I mean, it’s not like these shows bring people back to life all the time or anything). In fact, someone is using The Black Canary’s image to try and get revenge on Damien Darke for killing her parents. It was really cool to see each member of the teams different perspective on it all; Oliver was sent in to his past to remember the best times he had with Laurel, Diggle was driven to fits of rage blaming himself and Felicity was doing all she could to not blame herself. As always, by the end Team Arrow work it all out and team up to take this copycat down and stop her hurting important people and consequently tarnishing Laurel’s memory as The Black Canary. In my opinion, this transition in to our new Black Canary, because that’s what she’ll become, was a little fast and maybe a little disrespectful to the actress that played Laurel (Katie Cassidy).However, overall I did think it was a nice send off for the character by the end of the episode, which leads me to my next point.

Laurel’s funeral:

Oliver gave a lovely speech dedicated to Laurel at her funeral, he was saying how she loved him and he loved her. However, she loved him in a much different way, Oliver just loved her as a friend. The most important part of this funeral scene was Oliver announcing to the world that Laurel Lance was actually The Black Canary as well as being District Attorney, this was crucial for Team Arrow because now no one can say a bad thing about The Black Canary, Laurel’s legacy will remain intact. After the emotion funeral, Oliver gets in a car with Felicity and she says “You need to kill this son of a bitch” and you know what, she’s right. As revenge for Laurel, by the end of this season Oliver needs to kill Damien Darke. Honestly, I cannot wait for that.

Other things:

  • It was really awesome to see parts of Tommy’s funeral after he tragically died at the end of Season one.
  • Seeing Diggle go off the rails was interesting, maybe it’s foreshadowing a darker side to Dig that we’ll see soon?

Overall, the episode was intriguing but kind of confusing in parts with all the flashbacks.

Episode rating: 7

Thanks for reading this shorter review today guys.




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