This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Lets take a look at some of the best moments from the nineteenth episode of The Vampire Diaries season seven.

Bonnie doesn’t care for Damon :

So, Damon has come back and wants to help Enzo stop Bonnie from being captured by The Armoury. However, Bonnie isn’t to happy to see Damon seeing as he left her all alone without even a proper goodbye (Not a great move there bud) and she really doesn’t care for his help. Enzo sees that the pair could use Damon’s help and so they all team up to go on a killing spree for the huntress. It was a little forced seeing Bonnie hate Damon as much as she did but it was scripted nicely, I personally just don’t like to see these characters at odds, they should all go back to being friends like the good old days.

Caroline rejects Stefan :

Stefan has his life back and looks determined to go after the things he had before he was cursed to die by the huntress.Stefan wants to get his true love, Caroline, back but things don’t go his way. When he turns up at her’s and Alaric’s house at the end of the episode, they cross paths but she wants nothing to do with him. Caroline doesn’t even need to say anything to Stefan, she just says night to Alaric and walks off (a little harsh. right?). I look forward to the inevitable moment Caroline leaves Alaric and goes back to Stefan, can’t imagine anything but that happening really.

The season finale is set up :

We learn that the Armoury actually want to open up the vault to release someone they care about, not to let loose this evil that is inside. Clearly, everyone will be forced to team up and open this vault for Bonnie’s sake; the Armoury say they can help cure her if she does this for them. When this vault is opened, the big bad will be released and this will probably mean The Vampire Diaries team have to group up and take down this big evil thing. It’s interesting that we know nothing about what’s inside this vault but I’m actually quite excited the writers can come up with this time.

This was an okay episode, nothing to interesting but it was certainly watchable.

Episode rating : 6.5


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