This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Things are really starting to speed up (I laughed writing that) in the second season of The Flash.

Here we take a look at a few of the best moments from episode eighteen, Versus Zoom.


Cisco opens a breach :

We’ve been waiting a while to see if we would get any more Cicso/Vibe based episodes. This week we start to see the extent of how powerful he can truly become, he manipulates the forces between universes to open up a breach to Earth Two. It was entertaining to see Cisco have his ‘Anakin Skywalker’ moment; thinking that eventually his powers would corrupt him and he would turn to the ‘Dark Side’. However, with the help of those super sexy goggles Cisco manages to create and open one of the breaches to Earth Two, whether this would be for good or bad we soon see. Also, we learn that Cisco can talk to specific Meta-Humans through alternate dimensions, hopefully we get to see a lot more of Cisco’s powers in the lead up to the season finale.

Barry is faster than Zoom :

With the assistance of Harrison Wells and his revamped Tachyon device, Barry becomes four times faster than he previously was. To quote Wells, he is now “faster than Zoom” and this could mean that Barry now has everything he needs to defeat him.To consolidate Barry’s belief that he can end Zoom, he learns about the villains true identity and his gruesome back story. So, Zoom’s real name is in fact Hunter Zolomon and when he was a child he saw his mother killed by his father; the young boy went in to foster care and after that became one of the most well known serial killers Earth Two has ever known. Whilst Zolomon was being tortured for his sins, Wells Partial Accelerator went off and turned in Hunter Zolomon in to the person we now know as Zoom. We see that Barry is now faster than Zoom when he gets him to try and catch him, earlier in the season this wouldn’t have been a fair race but now Barry seems to be actually faster by a fair bit. This could make for a big advantage come the season finale.

Barry gives up his speed to save Wally :

After their first confrontation, Zoom escapes from The Flash and heads back towards Earth Two; but not before he kidnaps Wally West and takes him with him. He leaves Barry with a decision written on the wall saying “Your speed for Wally”, meaning Barry would have to give up his superpower to save Wally. Accepting the offer, Barry gets Cisco to make the deal wit Zoom, surprisingly Zoom brings Wally back unharmed. It’s going to be interesting to hear all the questions Wally has about all he has just seen. Barry gets Wells to take his speed from him and without thinking, Zoom injects The Flash’s speed force in to himself and goes back to Earth Two. Leaving our superhero without his superpower and now no way of taking down Zoom. Obviously, he’ll get his speed back within a couple of episodes but I’m intrigued to see what Zoom gets up to now and what Team Flash try and do to get Barry’s speed back.

Episode rating: 8.5

Thanks for reading guys.






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