The Originals Episode 18 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


The Originals is really starting to heat up as we reach the end of Season three, it seems as if the creative team are focusing more on our much loved Mikaelson family of late.

We are going to take a look at a few of my favourite moments from this weeks episode.

Lucien fights Elijah :

Last week Lucien got given this immense power that we didn’t really know a lot about,  but this episode we get the joy of seeing his strength. Lucien confronts Elijah to get the Mikaelson brother to give him Aurora’s brother, Tristen. Elijah brings his witch sister, Freya, along with several powerful Vampires; obviously we’re supposed to think this will be to much for Lucien to handle but it’s not enough. Without breaking a sweat he beats down every one of them, including Elijah, and because Lucien is being helped by the Ancestors, magic doesn’t affect him so much. It was really interesting to see an Original so powerless against another Vampire and I’m quite excited to see where this all goes.

Kol can’t leave New Orleans :

Since being brought back from the dead, Kol Mikaelson has had a bit of a rough time. The power of the Ancestors is forcing him to have this insane need to kill and unquenchable thirst for blood. In this episode, Marcel being the good guy he is, breaks Kol’s neck (Yeah the good guys do that on this show) and gives him a choice to make. He either leaves town to keep everyone safe and get far enough away where the Ancestors can’t hurt him, or he stays and gets someone he loves or himself killed. Kol opts for the first option and as he leaves the town, he begins to desiccate and die. However, as soon as he gets back inside the towns boarders, he’s fine again but has his psychotic hunger. With us now knowing that Kol can’t leave New Orleans but may do terrible things if he stays, it’ll be very interesting to see what happens with him by the end of the season.

Lucien bites Cami :

After Lucien works out that Aurora doesn’t have any feelings for him, he seems to go in to a fit of rage. Realising that Cami was one of the people that helped free Klaus and is also Klaus’s lover, he decides to take his anger out on her. Killing the women who has to invite people in to Cami’s home, Lucien can freely walk inside; and with his insane strength he throws her across the room. To everyone’s surprise, he grabs her arm and bites her; we saw in episode seventeen that a bite from Lucien is seemingly incurable and is certain death. I hope that by the end of next weeks episode, Cami is fine and they find a way of taking this psycho down.

Episode rating: 7.5

Thanks for reading guys.



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