This review is dark and full of spoilers.


The Vampire Diaries may have lost some of its quality over the past couple of years but that doesn’t make the characters any less interesting. This point seems to have been the focus over the course of the seventh season and continues in episode eighteen.

I take a look at a few of the more memorable moments of the episode.


Dalaric is back :

After a long wait, the bromance between Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman makes a return. However, Ric doesn’t seem that invested in their friendship anymore, seeing as Damon just left him for three years without a proper fairwell (Can’t really blame the guy for being pissed off). Reminiscent to times in seasons two and three, the pair have to track down a vampire to help a friend in need; this time it’s Stefan that needs their help. A rouge vampire is in the young Salvatore’s body and Dalaric have to find him and put him in a state where Valerie can do some witch stuff to save him. More than anything else, it was nice to see Alaric and Damon have some screen time together again and I hope that at some point in the future they will reunite as the great drinking buddies we know them as.

The Armoury are after Bonnie :

The Armoury was introduced this year and so far we know them as a cult group that track down important artefacts and people of a supernatural nature. Although they are still a mystery to us, from this episode we now know they need to find our favourite witch Bonnie Bennett (Well I’m sure she’s someone’s favourite). We also learn that the reason they need Bonnie is to get her to open some sort of vault underneath The Armoury’s hideout, my guess is that this vault we reveal the new big bad of the show and possibly whatever it is could be the villain next season. The problem right now is that Bonnie is hiding herself with these magic reducing pills Enzo got from The Armoury when he was a member, only for him to work out that these pills are killing the Bennett witch and apparently there is no cure. This is The Vampire Diaries we are talking about here, there is always a way out for a character.

Stefan is put back in to his own body :

After a couple of episodes away, Stefan gets his soul put back in to his body by the magic of Valerie. However, in bringing him back Valerie gives the impression that it could brutally damage or kill her to do this sort of magic by herself but she promised Damon she could do it so she does. We are left to wonder whether or not it has hurt Valerie and if so, is there any way to help her? (Again, this is Vampire Diaries, of course there is) During the last acts of this episode Stefan admits that he wants to go back to Caroline, now he he has his life back, leaving Valerie alone without cause. It’s going to be interesting to see how all that plays out seeing as Caroline is married to Alaric now, and helping to look after his children.

Overall, a decent episode setting up the climax for the seventh season.

Episode rating: 7


Thanks for reading guys.






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