What I want from the Deadpool sequel.

Deadpool was a massive success when it was released in February. It has the title of being the highest grossing R rated movie of all time, and rightly so, the film was exactly what the fans wanted. Certain scenes ripped exactly from the comics were a joy to see, finally a superhero movie that was honest to its source. 

Finally, as of a few days ago, Ryan Reynolds announced that he is officaly on board with the Deadpool sequel that is set to be released at some point next year. These are a few things that I want from the much anticipated sequel. 

Hugh Jackman Cameo :

Hugh Jackman, who plays Wolverine in the X-Men movies, was at the expense of many of the best jokes in Deadpool’s movie. The only thing the movie was actually missing was the man himself; either him cameoing as Wolverine or Hugh jackman, if he were to turn up it would be absolutely fantastic. Seeing Wolverine in a Deadpool movie would be particularly amazing because the relationship between the two in the comics is extremely entertaining. However, seeing Deadpool take the piss out of Hugh Jackman in person would be one of the best moments in Superhero movie history. 

More realistic Deadpool movement :

There were some moments in the first film, where Deadpool looks a bit like rubber when he was doing all he flips in fights. Sometimes I thought it was a bit unnecessary for him to be doing so many acrobatic movements during combat scenes; if they kept it more simplistic it could have been more realstic. There will definitely be a bigger budget for the next movie, hopefully this means that they can work on the look of Deadpool more. I look forward to seeing what they can do with all the money they made in February.    

Even better marketing scheme :

Deadpool probably had the best marketing scheme for a movie of all time. The marketing team was easily fifty percent of the reason the film made so much money, it grabbed everyones attention. The billboards and adverts set up the theme for the movie and were some of the funniest parts of the entire Deadpool build up. I’m not sure how they can improve there marketing but it has at least got to be as good as it was this year, if they fail to do this then I can’t see the movie doing as well as it did the first time round. Again, I really look forward to what the team can create and give us to excite everyone for the sequel. 
Thanks for reading this shorter piece today guys.


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