Game of Thrones Season 6 character predictions.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


So it’s getting to that time in the middle of April where everyone is screaming “OH MY GOD GAME OF THRONES IS ALMOST BACK!!” (or is it just me doing that?). It’s less than two weeks now and the theories are all in full force now,  will Jon Snow be resurrected? Will he come back to take the North? Will Daenerys lead the Dothraki and finally cross the narrow sea?

We’re going to take a look at some of my season six predictions and where a few of  the characters will end up and how they’ll get there.

Daenerys Targaryen :

We left Dany at the end of Season six being surrounded by the khalasar that left her back in Season two, so what happens next? Well the trailer seems to show that the Mother of Dragons is going to be a slave to the Dothraki. Once they work out who she is this could go one of two ways. One: they could use the Queen to get more power in Mereen or Yunkai, this could mean them trading her for resources and goods. Two: They could see how powerful Dany has become and follow her and her dragons to take over Westeros. This could happen by them threatening to murder Daenerys and Drogon comes in and saves her, just like at the end of Season five.

I believe that it is more likely going to happen the second way, she will add the Dothraki to her army of unsullied and sell-swords; this would give her one of the largest armies we would have seen so far on Game of Thrones. By the end of the upcoming Season I’m predicting that Dany will be ready to cross the narrow sea and take the Iron Throne.

Sansa Stark :

Last season the story of Sansa Stark ends with her and Reek aka Theon Greyjoy jumping off a wall to escape Winterfell and the Boltons. Sansa had a traumatic experience last season and I think that finally, after all this time, she will get her revenge on everyone that has done her wrong. The trailers don’t give away much of Sansa’s storyline but I was able to decipher one thing; in a small clip Tyrion says “You’re in the great game now” whilst the screen is showing a picture of Sansa. Again, this could mean a couple of different things. Firstly, this could mean that Sansa will travel the North and gather an army to go and take back Winterfell and Kill the Boltons, this says she is  no longer being this feeble, lonely child any more and becoming a leader of men, truly living up to her Stark name. Secondly, one could think that being part of ‘the great game’ could mean going on the run again. With the Boltons chasing her from one direction and the Lannisters the other. However, this is less likely seeing as I’m sure the Lannisters will be a bit preoccupied in Kings Landing this season.

I hope that Sansa will be the focal point of an uprising. Specifically, the North uprising and taking back Winterfell and perhaps either heading South to fight the Lannisters or North to fight the Whitewalkers.

Cersie and Jaime Lannister :

Cersie had an eye opening Season five, attempting to use the Faith Militant as her own personal army backfired and she ended up being shamed in front of the whole of Kings Landing. Clearly she will want her revenge. Jaime had an almost pointless year last time out, travelling to Dorne to save his daughter Myrcella  only to be halfway home with her and she dies due to poison. This will probably cause a war with Dorne at some point but for now he will be busy seeking his revenge for what has happened to his twin whilst he’s been away.

It’s safe to say that Jaime will go up against the Faith of the Seven.The trailers show him on a horse outside the High Septon’s chapel clearly ready to charge and kill them all. I don’t think it will go down this way, I’d it’s more likely that the Faith will use either Margery or Loras as a sign of what they are prepared to do. I predict that one of the Tyrell siblings will die this season, probably Loras.

I can’t see Cersie doing that much this year, obviously when she finds out her daughter is dead she is going to seek war against Dorne. Furthermore, I think she will somewhat blame Jaime for her death and use him to further her power. It will be a different kind of  Cersie this season, less politics and talking, more fighting.

By the end of Season six I think that the twins will be in different parts of Westeros. Cersie will be trying to fight too many people and losing and I actually believe the Queen Mother will die this season. As for Jaime, I think he will end up in a siege at River Run trying to find the Blackfish (Catelyn Stark’s Uncle) and putting to bed the end of Robb Stark’s rebellion. Furthermore, he will begin to learn that he is better off without Cersie and can focus on the things he really wants and find out who he truly is.

Tyrion Lannister :

Tyrion has been left in control of Mereen with Lord Varys by his side. This is going to be a much more difficult task than it was when he was Hand of the King back in Season two, this time most of the city will be against him and the rest of the world will find out where he is. Since he’s been hiding from Cersie, this has all the bad vibes of an assassination attempt.Although the trailers don’t give any hint as to what travesties lay before Tyrion, there can be some predictions made. A few months ago a script was leaked and it contained a conversation between Tyrion, Varys and a Red Woman; this gives many hints to many different theories. This could back up the theory that Tyrion is a Targaryen, this new Red Woman could help Tyrion see his past and help him determine where his future lies. Also, this may suggest that Tyrion is finally going to release the Dragons and train them, use them and nurture them.

This season could be an important one for Tyrion, I think that he will meet this new Red Woman and she will guide him along his journey. I think he will train the Dragons and maybe eventually ride one. Maybe not this season but at some point soon, it will be revealed that Tyrion Lannister is the third Head of the Dragon and is in fact Tyrion Targaryen.

Brienne of Tarth :

Brienne didn’t really do a lot last season. However, that can be overlooked by the fact that at the very end she seems to kill Stannis Baratheon as revenge for Renly. The trailers don’t really tell us all that much about Brienne’s story this year but we can begin to see what she will be doing at least for the start; she seems to be killing Bolton men in the same exact setting in which Sansa and Theon are running. This shows that Brienne doesn’t let go of her oath to Catelyn Stark and looks to keep Sansa safe by tracking her down and killing all people in her way.

I can guess that Brienne will eventually find Sansa and help guide her around the North to gather an army to kill the Boltons. That way, Brienne would be keeping her oath and also doing Catelyn a justice by helping to kill the man that destroyed her family.

Bran Stark :

Well, Bran wasn’t in the fifth instalment of Game of Thrones but it seems like that could be for good reason. The trailer shows Bran standing before the  Nights King, this was a shock to everyone, including myself. Obviously, Bran being there is a vision, seeing as he is standing but the way the Nights King grabs Bran suggests that he can see him and could show that the Young Stark is becoming more powerful by the minute. The trailer also shows The Tower of Joy flashback scene, which most people believe to be where we learn Jon  Snow’s true heritage; I think that this is actually a vision of Brans. It’s the only thing that makes sense and would also tie Bran back to the story and give him reason to try and contact his family.

It’s hard to tell what Bran will physically be doing this upcoming season but mentally is a different question. I believe this year will be Bran’s ‘Jedi training’  and getting him to become more powerful than anything we’ve seen on Game of Thrones so far. This season we’ll see lots of different visions of Bran’s, almost like him watching the season with us but in more detail; with these visions I think that he will contact Jon and tell him of his true parentage and destiny.

Jon Snow:

Jon Snow is dead. After five seasons of vow breaking, loving, friendship, adventures and danger, Jon Snow is officially dead. Okay, let us talk honestly, there is no way that he is really gone for good; for now he may be a corpse but he will definitely come back. There are a couple ways I see this happening. Most people believe that Melisandre will be the one to bring Jon back through the powers of The Lord of Light. If we look back to Season three we saw Beric Dondarrion  brought back by Thoros of Myr, another priest to the Lord of Light. So, we know it’s possible, why not Jon? Well, it all depends on how much Melisandre believes in her God and herself. Another way Jon could be resurrected is by officially dying. (Don’t look so confused, I’ll explain)  The prophecy suggests that someone named Azor Ahai will die and be reborn in the flames to defeat the dark elements and do what is right for the world. This could actually happen if the Night’s Watch get their hands on Jon in season six and decide to burn him; if this were to happen it would parallel the first season when Daenerys walked in to the fire with three Dragon eggs and came out unhurt with three baby Dragons.

I think that it is one hundred percent guaranteed that Jon will be brought back, I’m guessing that this will happen before episode five. If I were to guess how, I’d say that the Night’s  Watch will get to Jon’s body and burn it and he will reborn as Azor Ahai. This would release him from his vow and maybe he could eventually go to war against the Boltons with the Wildlings by his side. More than anything, I hope that Jon kills Ramsay Bolton for what he did to Sansa last season. It will be known as the Battle of the Bastards and Jon Snow will prevail. But by this point, he will be Jon Targaryen.

Overall, if these things were to all take place then this could possibly be the best season of Game of Thrones so far and maybe it would produce the greatest T.V moments of all time. I am so excited for the next season and hope that the next book swiftly follows.


Thanks for reading guys.





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