This review is dark and full of spoilers.


So, Sunday was the season six finale of The Walking Dead. I wasn’t a big fan of this season in general, I thought it was just full of fill episodes that meant nothing to anyone. All we care about now is Rick(Andrew Lincoln), let’s be honest here.Having half of the seasons episodes not even include him was kind of annoying. In my opinion the finale followed the same half pointless, half interesting path and the only exceptional part of this episode was the last ten minutes.

Carol and Morgan’s boring plot:

As we know (Well you should because you should have seen the episode before reading this!) in the penultimate episode Carol (Mellisa McBride) leaves Alexandria because she can no longer kill for people, which by the way is one of the most moronic things I’ve heard in a while seeing as Carol has been a killing machine since season three.Anyway, we find ourselves with Morgan (Lennie James) tracking down Carol to try to bring her home, he goes on some sort of magical journey and finds someone’s horse; he takes the horse and Morgan being Morgan tracks down the boring plot (I shall be referring to Carol as boring plot from now on because…..I can). So we see boring plot laying down dying on the floor and then she lets Morgan bandage her up only for him to turn his back for two seconds and then she runs again. Not only is this extremely tedious but surely, surely, she should know that Morgan is going to catch her again. She is injured and he has a god-damn horse! The next time we see either of them it’s more cut scenes of Morgan searching for boring plot; eventually in their last scene of the season he finds her but only to see her being killed by another man who has been tracking her for killing his friends (These men wont leave her be!). Finally, Morgan does the only thing he has done all season which is try to persuade a bad guy from doing a bad thing, clearly this doesn’t work as he just shoots the dude in the chest about six times! The guy who doesn’t kill unless he ‘has to’ kills a guy instead of, shooting him in the leg maybe? I don’t know but then this random ginger turns up and offers his help? I’m sorry but all of this is far to tedious and obvious and to finish it off more people turn up. (At this point it’s safe to say there are more people than walkers)

The rest of the crew being morons:

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is probably dying so most of the team jump in the R.V and try to get her to the doctor at The Hilltop. This is where this episode becomes absolutely moronic, Abraham (Michael Culditz) drives the rust bucket straight in to a group of Saviours, they have a small stand-off and then turn the truck around and find another route. Another road, another group of Saviours are in the middle of it. Guess what? They turn around and find another route. But wait, it happens again! However the next road is blocked by a few zombies tied together wearing items of the crews friends that were captured and then they get attacked by more Saviours but this time they drive straight through instead of going back. I’m not sure what really happens in the next five minutes but all I know is that it ends up with Eugene (Josh Mcdermitt) driving the R.V solo whilst the rest of the group try to carry Maggie through the woods the rest of the way. Is it just me or is it going through the woods in pitch black whist there are zombies and Saviours about is the dumbest thing ever? It’s just asking to be caught surely? Well, you’ll never see what happens next coming….some creepy saviours find and catch the group. (WOW. OH MY GOD I AM SHOCKED) This leads us in to the best part of the episode.

Going full Negan:

Negan (Jefferey Dean Morgan) finally introduces himself to the group, carrying one of the most badass weapons I’ve seen on a while; a baseball bat wrapped in metal wire. We don’t get very much of Negan but what we did get I liked, a lot. He gives Rick and the group a choice, they give the Saviours half their stuff and work for him or they die. (What a lovely choice. Thanks Negan you nice chap) For some reason that I still can’t grasp no one, not even Rick, says anything to him or even counter offers him. But there is another kink to this offer, Negan gets to kill a member of the group as revenge for all of his men they have killed and he makes up his mind on who he’ll kill in fantastic psycho fashion. The classic game of eeny meeny miny moe ( I genuinely had to Google how to spell that) is played by Negan and whoever is last will be clattered by that baseball bat. The camera pans over everyone’s faces and then goes black and all you hear is the sound of the bat smashing someone’s head to pieces and that’s it. Not only is this absolutely shocking but we have no idea who is killed and will have to wait until October to find out. I have my own personal theory, I believe that it’s Glenn that dies, Negan does kill Glenn in the comics and if you listen closely you can hear the faint cry of a woman. Maggie maybe?

Overall, the last ten minutes redeems this episode and I am extremely excited for season seven.

Negan rating: 10

Episode rating: 6.5

Season rating: 6


Thanks for reading my second official blog, I really enjoy writing these.



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