Arrow Season 4 Episode 19 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

Episode eighteen of Arrow was a hard one to take for everyone involved in the show, the episode captured the death of fan favourite Laurel Lance aka The Black Canary.

Episode nineteen is about Team Arrow coming to grips with her death and doing right by her legacy.

Lets take a look at a couple of my favourite moments from the episode.

Someone pretends to be The Black Canary:

Not long after the death of Laurel, someone is on the streets wearing The Black Canary’s clothes and using a device that is supposed to be only used by Laurel and only Laurel. This momentarily sends the team in to shock as some of them actually believe it is Laurel and she isn’t dead, of course it isn’t though (I mean, it’s not like these shows bring people back to life all the time or anything). In fact, someone is using The Black Canary’s image to try and get revenge on Damien Darke for killing her parents. It was really cool to see each member of the teams different perspective on it all; Oliver was sent in to his past to remember the best times he had with Laurel, Diggle was driven to fits of rage blaming himself and Felicity was doing all she could to not blame herself. As always, by the end Team Arrow work it all out and team up to take this copycat down and stop her hurting important people and consequently tarnishing Laurel’s memory as The Black Canary. In my opinion, this transition in to our new Black Canary, because that’s what she’ll become, was a little fast and maybe a little disrespectful to the actress that played Laurel (Katie Cassidy).However, overall I did think it was a nice send off for the character by the end of the episode, which leads me to my next point.

Laurel’s funeral:

Oliver gave a lovely speech dedicated to Laurel at her funeral, he was saying how she loved him and he loved her. However, she loved him in a much different way, Oliver just loved her as a friend. The most important part of this funeral scene was Oliver announcing to the world that Laurel Lance was actually The Black Canary as well as being District Attorney, this was crucial for Team Arrow because now no one can say a bad thing about The Black Canary, Laurel’s legacy will remain intact. After the emotion funeral, Oliver gets in a car with Felicity and she says “You need to kill this son of a bitch” and you know what, she’s right. As revenge for Laurel, by the end of this season Oliver needs to kill Damien Darke. Honestly, I cannot wait for that.

Other things:

  • It was really awesome to see parts of Tommy’s funeral after he tragically died at the end of Season one.
  • Seeing Diggle go off the rails was interesting, maybe it’s foreshadowing a darker side to Dig that we’ll see soon?

Overall, the episode was intriguing but kind of confusing in parts with all the flashbacks.

Episode rating: 7

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The Flash Episode 19 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

The Flash is back to normal, now he has to try and learn to be a hero without his speed. So, we’re going to take a look at some of my favourite moments from episode nineteen of The Flash.

Caitlin meets Killer Frost:

At the end of last weeks episode Zoom steals Caitlin Snow and takes her to Earth Two. In his psychotic mind, Zoom wants Caitlin to feel comfortable and he feels that eventually she will love him the way he says he loves her. Trying to look for a way to escape, Caitlin meets her Earth Two doppelgänger Killer Frost, was really cool to see these two finally meet. The two Caitlins make a deal that if Caitlin Snow breaks Killer Frost out then she will rescue her and help her get back to Earth One, obviously things don’t work out that way. When Killer Frost is released she attempts to kill Caitlin but Zoom comes in and saves her by murdering Killer Frost. Due to the fact that there are probably limitless amounts of Earths we will undoubtedly see Killer Frost again. I really enjoyed this part of the episode, it’s always cool and different seeing the same actor play two different roles at the same time on screen, I can’t wait to see it again.

Barry has to fight without speed:

Harrison Wells gets kidnapped by a new villain called Griffin Grey, he has the power of super strength but every time he uses his power he ages. He stole Wells to get him to cure him of his ‘disease’, but Harrison can’t do it because he doesn’t know how. Team Flash have to figure out a way to save him without Barry’s speed, Barry has to learn to fight evil without his superpower. As always, there is a loophole because the team work out that all they need to do is get Grey to use his powers a few times and he’ll die. Barry puts on his suit which has been upgraded so he can take at most one punch from Grey. Well, Grey gets off two punches and falls over and dies, Barry is somehow completely fine from the second punch but I won’t question it.The Villain was a bit disappointing this episode, I didn’t really care for him living or dying, he was fairly boring.

Other things:

  • Zoom reveals that he wants to conquer more Earths. This was really interesting because now the finale is set up, our team have to try and stop Zoom from creating a ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’.
  • Harrison wells tells Barry that he is going to get him his speed back. However, the way to do that is for Wells to create another Particle Accelerator explosion. This is a way of the show giving us more new villains for next season and for Barry to finally get his speed back.

This was a somewhat enjoyable episode but I think we’re all just waiting for the finale now.

Episode rating: 7

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Game of Thrones Season six Episode one review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.

It happened! Game of Thrones returned with all the nudity, cursing and gore that we all love. It’s safe to say the episode didn’t disappoint many, it was a gripping episode that brought us back in to the world of Thrones and gave us small hints about what’s to come this year.

Lets take a look at some of the best and most important moments for some of the characters from this episode.

Jon Snow is still dead:

Ever since the end of season five, Thrones fans have been asking ” Is Jon alive?” or “Will Jon be resurrected?”, well unfortunately none of our questions were answered in the first episode. To be perfectly honest, I didn’t expect them to do anything crazy with Jon for the first couple of episodes but we’ll see what they have planned for next week. Anyhow, season six takes off moments after the end of season five, Jon is dead in the snow; due to the sound of Ghost crying for Jon, Ser Davos finds Jon’s body and gets it inside. As an audience we notice that Jon only really had a handful of supporters at Castle Black, one of whom looks as if he is going to get help from the Wildlings as he says “I’m going to rally some people who owe their lives to Jon”. This small group of Night’s Watch members, Ser Davos and a Direwolf look to try and keep Jon’s body out of the clutches of Ser Alliser Thorne, who looks to have taken control of Castle Black. Other than that, we don’t really get to see a lot of the ongoings at the wall which probably means they are going to drag out Jon being dead for as long as they can. There is a pit in my stomach because I need to know that Jon Snow comes back to life, I need him to be what he is meant to be and kill some bastards (Not literally bastards like himself but you get my drift). But, what if….what if he’s gone? Imagine it, for a second, what if the biggest shock is that he is actually gone.

Sansa gets a new team member:

In Sansa and Theon’s case, season six picks up with them running from some of the best Bolton Soldiers and Hounds. Sansa really doesn’t look to be in the best of shape, she looks like she could literally drop dead any moment; it doesn’t really help that in order to escape the Bolton Soldiers they have to cross a half frozen lake (Think I’d pass on that). Inevitably the soldiers track them down and find them, leading to a sort of stand off as Theon tries to protect Sansa, it was really cool to see Theon step up tot the plate a bit here, hints towards a redemption story arch maybe? Just as the soldiers capture them, Brienne turns up and pretty much just slaughters everyone; it’s always great to see her just slice peoples throats, such fun! Anyway, we get some closure to the Brienne storyline as she finds Sansa and pledges her life and sword to her, this was really cool because Sansa says the Lords Oath to Brienne meaning that Sansa is sort of like the Lord of a house now. But in her case she would be Lady of the house, Lady Sansa of House Stark. Now that, has a great ring to it doesn’t it! I’m really excited to see Sansa go on a revenger mission this season and perhaps kill a lot of the people that have done her and her family wrong.

Tyrion and Varys in Meereen:

Tyrion is left to try and control The Great City of Meereen, but as we see in the first episode, many things are going to get in his way. It seems like Tyrion is going to try and be part of the city, leaving the safety of the pyramid and walking through the city streets, something Daenerys certainly never did. We see glimpses of someone watching Tyrion and Varys as they walk around, so clearly people know who’s in charge and that the Queen won’t be coming back any time soon. However, the fact the someone was watching them didn’t seem to go anywhere as the disgraced Lords were a bit distracted with the fact that the Harpies burned all of Daenerys’ ships! This was a big WTF because without her ships how is Dany supposed to cross the Narrow Sea and take the Iron Throne!? We’ll have to wait and see but I think it’ll be something to do with Euron Greyjoy coming to Meereen with a fleet and taking her to Westeros. I look forward to that!

Melisandre’s secret:

At the very end of the episode, we see Melisandre doing what she does best, taking off her clothes (Don’t you just love it). However, we got catfished, most people when seeing The Red Woman remove her clothes seem to pay a little more attention and as usual, everyone’s eyes were glued to the screen. BUT THEN! Melisandre takes off her necklace and is revealed to be god knows how old and ugly! I have never been less aroused in my entire life but it was very interesting. I don’t have a lot to say on this because I’m not sure of it’s significance but what it does show is that she has power. She may have seemingly lost her faith, but she has power. That sneaky little witch bitch.

I really enjoyed the first episode of season six, but it did seem to ask us more questions instead of giving us some concrete answers. Hopefully, we start to get some resolution next week with the return of Bran Stark.

Also, I know I skipped over the Daenerys storyline with Khalasar but nothing of great interest really happened; similarly to in King’s landing where nothing of note happened. I know that some shocks happened in Dorne that were completely off book, but no one cares about Dorne.

Episode rating: 9 (100% never bias I promise)

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The Vampire Diaries episode 19 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Lets take a look at some of the best moments from the nineteenth episode of The Vampire Diaries season seven.

Bonnie doesn’t care for Damon :

So, Damon has come back and wants to help Enzo stop Bonnie from being captured by The Armoury. However, Bonnie isn’t to happy to see Damon seeing as he left her all alone without even a proper goodbye (Not a great move there bud) and she really doesn’t care for his help. Enzo sees that the pair could use Damon’s help and so they all team up to go on a killing spree for the huntress. It was a little forced seeing Bonnie hate Damon as much as she did but it was scripted nicely, I personally just don’t like to see these characters at odds, they should all go back to being friends like the good old days.

Caroline rejects Stefan :

Stefan has his life back and looks determined to go after the things he had before he was cursed to die by the huntress.Stefan wants to get his true love, Caroline, back but things don’t go his way. When he turns up at her’s and Alaric’s house at the end of the episode, they cross paths but she wants nothing to do with him. Caroline doesn’t even need to say anything to Stefan, she just says night to Alaric and walks off (a little harsh. right?). I look forward to the inevitable moment Caroline leaves Alaric and goes back to Stefan, can’t imagine anything but that happening really.

The season finale is set up :

We learn that the Armoury actually want to open up the vault to release someone they care about, not to let loose this evil that is inside. Clearly, everyone will be forced to team up and open this vault for Bonnie’s sake; the Armoury say they can help cure her if she does this for them. When this vault is opened, the big bad will be released and this will probably mean The Vampire Diaries team have to group up and take down this big evil thing. It’s interesting that we know nothing about what’s inside this vault but I’m actually quite excited the writers can come up with this time.

This was an okay episode, nothing to interesting but it was certainly watchable.

Episode rating : 6.5


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The Flash Episode 18 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


Things are really starting to speed up (I laughed writing that) in the second season of The Flash.

Here we take a look at a few of the best moments from episode eighteen, Versus Zoom.


Cisco opens a breach :

We’ve been waiting a while to see if we would get any more Cicso/Vibe based episodes. This week we start to see the extent of how powerful he can truly become, he manipulates the forces between universes to open up a breach to Earth Two. It was entertaining to see Cisco have his ‘Anakin Skywalker’ moment; thinking that eventually his powers would corrupt him and he would turn to the ‘Dark Side’. However, with the help of those super sexy goggles Cisco manages to create and open one of the breaches to Earth Two, whether this would be for good or bad we soon see. Also, we learn that Cisco can talk to specific Meta-Humans through alternate dimensions, hopefully we get to see a lot more of Cisco’s powers in the lead up to the season finale.

Barry is faster than Zoom :

With the assistance of Harrison Wells and his revamped Tachyon device, Barry becomes four times faster than he previously was. To quote Wells, he is now “faster than Zoom” and this could mean that Barry now has everything he needs to defeat him.To consolidate Barry’s belief that he can end Zoom, he learns about the villains true identity and his gruesome back story. So, Zoom’s real name is in fact Hunter Zolomon and when he was a child he saw his mother killed by his father; the young boy went in to foster care and after that became one of the most well known serial killers Earth Two has ever known. Whilst Zolomon was being tortured for his sins, Wells Partial Accelerator went off and turned in Hunter Zolomon in to the person we now know as Zoom. We see that Barry is now faster than Zoom when he gets him to try and catch him, earlier in the season this wouldn’t have been a fair race but now Barry seems to be actually faster by a fair bit. This could make for a big advantage come the season finale.

Barry gives up his speed to save Wally :

After their first confrontation, Zoom escapes from The Flash and heads back towards Earth Two; but not before he kidnaps Wally West and takes him with him. He leaves Barry with a decision written on the wall saying “Your speed for Wally”, meaning Barry would have to give up his superpower to save Wally. Accepting the offer, Barry gets Cisco to make the deal wit Zoom, surprisingly Zoom brings Wally back unharmed. It’s going to be interesting to hear all the questions Wally has about all he has just seen. Barry gets Wells to take his speed from him and without thinking, Zoom injects The Flash’s speed force in to himself and goes back to Earth Two. Leaving our superhero without his superpower and now no way of taking down Zoom. Obviously, he’ll get his speed back within a couple of episodes but I’m intrigued to see what Zoom gets up to now and what Team Flash try and do to get Barry’s speed back.

Episode rating: 8.5

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The Originals Episode 18 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


The Originals is really starting to heat up as we reach the end of Season three, it seems as if the creative team are focusing more on our much loved Mikaelson family of late.

We are going to take a look at a few of my favourite moments from this weeks episode.

Lucien fights Elijah :

Last week Lucien got given this immense power that we didn’t really know a lot about,  but this episode we get the joy of seeing his strength. Lucien confronts Elijah to get the Mikaelson brother to give him Aurora’s brother, Tristen. Elijah brings his witch sister, Freya, along with several powerful Vampires; obviously we’re supposed to think this will be to much for Lucien to handle but it’s not enough. Without breaking a sweat he beats down every one of them, including Elijah, and because Lucien is being helped by the Ancestors, magic doesn’t affect him so much. It was really interesting to see an Original so powerless against another Vampire and I’m quite excited to see where this all goes.

Kol can’t leave New Orleans :

Since being brought back from the dead, Kol Mikaelson has had a bit of a rough time. The power of the Ancestors is forcing him to have this insane need to kill and unquenchable thirst for blood. In this episode, Marcel being the good guy he is, breaks Kol’s neck (Yeah the good guys do that on this show) and gives him a choice to make. He either leaves town to keep everyone safe and get far enough away where the Ancestors can’t hurt him, or he stays and gets someone he loves or himself killed. Kol opts for the first option and as he leaves the town, he begins to desiccate and die. However, as soon as he gets back inside the towns boarders, he’s fine again but has his psychotic hunger. With us now knowing that Kol can’t leave New Orleans but may do terrible things if he stays, it’ll be very interesting to see what happens with him by the end of the season.

Lucien bites Cami :

After Lucien works out that Aurora doesn’t have any feelings for him, he seems to go in to a fit of rage. Realising that Cami was one of the people that helped free Klaus and is also Klaus’s lover, he decides to take his anger out on her. Killing the women who has to invite people in to Cami’s home, Lucien can freely walk inside; and with his insane strength he throws her across the room. To everyone’s surprise, he grabs her arm and bites her; we saw in episode seventeen that a bite from Lucien is seemingly incurable and is certain death. I hope that by the end of next weeks episode, Cami is fine and they find a way of taking this psycho down.

Episode rating: 7.5

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The Vampire Diaries Episode 18 review.

This review is dark and full of spoilers.


The Vampire Diaries may have lost some of its quality over the past couple of years but that doesn’t make the characters any less interesting. This point seems to have been the focus over the course of the seventh season and continues in episode eighteen.

I take a look at a few of the more memorable moments of the episode.


Dalaric is back :

After a long wait, the bromance between Damon Salvatore and Alaric Saltzman makes a return. However, Ric doesn’t seem that invested in their friendship anymore, seeing as Damon just left him for three years without a proper fairwell (Can’t really blame the guy for being pissed off). Reminiscent to times in seasons two and three, the pair have to track down a vampire to help a friend in need; this time it’s Stefan that needs their help. A rouge vampire is in the young Salvatore’s body and Dalaric have to find him and put him in a state where Valerie can do some witch stuff to save him. More than anything else, it was nice to see Alaric and Damon have some screen time together again and I hope that at some point in the future they will reunite as the great drinking buddies we know them as.

The Armoury are after Bonnie :

The Armoury was introduced this year and so far we know them as a cult group that track down important artefacts and people of a supernatural nature. Although they are still a mystery to us, from this episode we now know they need to find our favourite witch Bonnie Bennett (Well I’m sure she’s someone’s favourite). We also learn that the reason they need Bonnie is to get her to open some sort of vault underneath The Armoury’s hideout, my guess is that this vault we reveal the new big bad of the show and possibly whatever it is could be the villain next season. The problem right now is that Bonnie is hiding herself with these magic reducing pills Enzo got from The Armoury when he was a member, only for him to work out that these pills are killing the Bennett witch and apparently there is no cure. This is The Vampire Diaries we are talking about here, there is always a way out for a character.

Stefan is put back in to his own body :

After a couple of episodes away, Stefan gets his soul put back in to his body by the magic of Valerie. However, in bringing him back Valerie gives the impression that it could brutally damage or kill her to do this sort of magic by herself but she promised Damon she could do it so she does. We are left to wonder whether or not it has hurt Valerie and if so, is there any way to help her? (Again, this is Vampire Diaries, of course there is) During the last acts of this episode Stefan admits that he wants to go back to Caroline, now he he has his life back, leaving Valerie alone without cause. It’s going to be interesting to see how all that plays out seeing as Caroline is married to Alaric now, and helping to look after his children.

Overall, a decent episode setting up the climax for the seventh season.

Episode rating: 7


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